Rorate Caeli

"It is the Italians themselves who want the invasion"

Magdi Cristiano Allam
Il Giornale
June 12, 2016

We must face up to the reality that every day thousands of illegal immigrants are landing on our shores on rubber dinghies seeing as it is only in this way they are sure of being accommodated, without having to show any documents or even identifying themselves, in the absolute certainty that they can live for years at our expense, with the guarantee of board and lodgings, cigarettes, cell-phone recharges and 2.50 euros per day for small personal needs. All of it completely free, all of it now codified as an inalienable right, without any counterpart in terms of duties, rules and responsibilities but not even the minimum of respect and gratitude that we would expect from those who are benefiting from a generosity that has no equal in the entire world.

Let’s say it out loud: Italy, more than any other country in the world, has legitimized illegal immigration and assigns vast national resources to finance the “auto-invasion” of illegal immigrants.

Above all, we must finally be clear that this is neither about an epochal exodus of desperate people, as a result of sudden contingency, since wars and poverty have always existed in Africa, the Middle East and Asia; nor is it an invasion autonomously promoted by the illegal immigrants themselves of which we are forced to suffer. What we have here instead, is a deliberate strategy of “auto-invasion”; it is Italians themselves that want it, it is Italians themselves that run to rescue the illegal immigrants off the Libyan coast, connecting with smugglers of illegal immigrants and proudly bringing them back home like longed-for trophies; it is Italians themselves that guarantee a far too generous welcome by giving them what 12 million poor Italians don’t have at their disposition.

This strategy of “auto-invasion”, wanted, planned, and auto-financed, is an irresistible offer to millions of young Africans, Middle-Easterners and Asiatics (apart from those truly escaping from wars, poverty and harsh climatic conditions). It has thus been translated into the most profitable illegal activity in the world, for organised crime, which runs the traffic of illegal immigrants from their respective countries to Italy and its territories. Ultimately, it is historically, a golden opportunity for Islamic terrorism and for the “moderate” States dedicated to the Islamization of mankind, to infiltrate “dormant cells” and set roots with progressively more consistent “Islamic communities” in our country.

We already have the results. Even in limiting ourselves to the officially declared entries of 2014 and 2015, there are around 240 thousand illegal immigrants in Italy who have vanished into thin air. We know literally nothing of them as they weren’t identified. Nevertheless, we have the certainty that they are young males between the age of 20 and 30 years old, they are Muslim and they come from the Libyan coasts controlled by bands of Islamic terrorists. It is not surprising then that some of them had travelled through Italy and blew themselves up in Paris on November 13th 2015 and in Brussels on March 22 of this year.

Further, it is precisely for the reason that Italy has lent itself as the free port to this “auto-invasion” of illegal immigrants, this infiltration of “dormant cells” of Islamic terrorism and this strategy of the demographic Islamization of Europe, that until now there hasn’t been any attack in our homeland. For in reality - it is becoming less and less our home and more and more a land of Islamic conquest. We had better wake up!

[Translation: Francesca Romana]