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Help the Norcia Monks - an appeal

We have all read about and seen pictures of the devastation caused by the recent earthquake in central Italy.  Although the damage was not as severe as in Amatrice and other hamlets, the town of Norcia suffered in a real way from the earthquake.  What most saddened me was the damage suffered by the Basilica of S. Benedetto and the adjoining monastery.  Readers of this blog know of my great love for the Benedictine monks in Norcia.  What they have done there in the past decade is quite remarkable. They brought back a living monastery to the birthplace of Saint Benedict and Saint Scholastica.  And they have been among the leaders in the monastic world of the return to and the promulgation of the Traditional Latin Mass.  To see the Mass celebrated there each day with such simple beauty is to look into the future.

The Norcia monks are in great need at this time.  They are living in tents outside the retreat house and chapel “fuori le mura” that they had begun to restore on a hill overlooking the town.  Much has to be done in repair and restoration of the basilica and monastery in town.  This is an opportunity for the lovers of Catholic Tradition throughout the world to rally to this cause and support these men who are living as monks within the Tradition that we all love so much.  The Traditional movement is all too often splintered and unfocussed. Let us all show support for the Monastery of S. Benedetto by donating generously to them so they can once again be a light on the hill in a world that is increasingly dark.

To give to the monastery earthquake relief fund:

Father Richard G. Cipolla