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Claudio Pierantoni on the parallels between the Arian crisis and the current controversy about Amoris Laetitia

AEMAET, an international journal for philosophy and theology, has published a notable article by Claudio Pierantoni on parallels between the Arian crisis, and the current controversies over Amoris Laetitia. The parallels that he draws are chilling. Here is one example:

In essence, in fact, the document, by its generic formulation, provides carte blanche to resolve the vast majority of real situations on the basis of a rather simple criterion and one in line with the predominant mentality of our civilisation… this brings rather vividly to mind the policy of the Emperor Constantius in seeking a sufficiently generic term with the intention of pleasing multiple different positions. The generic nature of the term “like to the Father according to the Scriptures” perfectly corresponds to the generic nature of the formula “in certain cases [. . . ] Sacraments may be given”, which we find in the current document. In theory, almost every position can here be recognised. In consequence, the situations are also analogous in terms of the practical result. Equally, almost the entirety of the Episcopate of the Empire signed the formula of Rimini / Constantinople in 359-60, and today also, the vast majority of the Episcopate has accepted the new document without comment, although aware that it in fact legitimates a series of positions which are mutually incompatible, and some manifestly heretical.