Rorate Caeli

Don Barsotti: The soul that leans on God alone, experiences a peace that transcends all suffering

“We have to remember that man lives in a triple dimension: physical, psychological and spiritual. The dimension of a purely physical life makes us slaves to nature and all its demands:  cold, heat, illness, instincts and death. The psychological dimension makes us subject to the highs and lows of feelings and sensations. We are never entirely free. Nevertheless, if we live in the spiritual dimension, the soul transcends itself and reaches God. This is the life of pure faith, which leans on nothing other than God Himself. It is the life of infallible hope, which seeks no other support than in Him.  It is a life of boundless charity, which doesn’t capitulate when faced with evil. In this dimension, no trial can disturb the soul and take away its innermost peace. It may be a “black” peace as the mystics call it, given that on the physical and psychological levels the soul may experience abandonment and trials, but it doesn’t capitulate. It experiences a peace that transcends all suffering”. 

- Don Divo Barsotti 

Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana