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Rome, September 1st, Islamic gathering at the Colosseum: “We want it as a place to pray”

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August 25, 2017

Disturbing image of the October 2016 Muslim gathering

The appointment is for September 1st. On that day Muslims will invade the Colosseum  transforming it into an open-air mosque. “Il Tempo” reports that the Islamic community of Rome will gather under the Flavian Amphitheatre, as they did last October. For the Muslims the occasion is a prime feast: 'Eid Al Adha, the  Sacrifice of Abraham.  The  Bengalese Association Dhuumcatu  organizing it, has decided to transform Via San Gregorio, under the Arch of Constantine, into a mosque, “On this special occasion Muslims commemorate the Sacrifice of the Prophet Abraham”  [the Association] posted on their Facebook “ peace be upon him, and it will also be the occasion to express once again our indignation at the terrorist attacks in Barcelona some days ago, when 15 people lost their lives, including 3 Italians.” The Association continues: “these criminals have to know that those who are a danger to others, also with their words, can never consider themselves Muslims.” 
The  Association  is waiting for the Roman Police to authorize the event. Last October more than 500 Muslims gathered under the Arch of Constantine for prayer and to ask ‘Campidoglio’ to include Islamic places of worship in their city planning.  “The closing of a prayer place is an act against the faith” they had shouted. Adding the obvious: “‘Allah Akbar’ means God is great, and this isn’t terrorism.” 

Nonetheless we are left with more than a symbolic image: the Colosseum in the hands of Islam.

[H/T Chiesa e Post Concilio]

Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana