Rorate Caeli

Benedict XVI, the new Nehemiah, who rekindled the hidden fire

On the 10th anniversary of the entry into force of the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, we praise the heritage of Pope Benedict XVI, who recognized the grievous injustice of the attempted and impossible abolition of the Apostolic Mass of the Latin Church and freed it from the shackles of lies and of deception.

Ad multos annos, Papa Ratzinger!

From the Second Book of the Maccabees, chapter 1:

Blessed be God in all things, who hath delivered up the wicked.

Therefore whereas we purpose to keep the purification of the temple on the five and twentieth day of the month of Casleu, we thought it necessary to signify it to you: that you also may keep the day of Scenopegia, and the day of the fire, that was given when Nehemiah offered sacrifice, after the temple and the altar was built. For when our fathers were led into [Babylon], the priests that then were worshippers of God took privately the fire from the altar, and hid it in a valley where there was a deep pit without water, and there they kept it safe, so that the place was unknown to all men. But when many years had passed, and it pleased God that Nehemiah should be sent by the king of Persia, he sent some of the posterity of those priests that had hid it, to seek for the fire: and as they told us, they found no fire, but thick water.

Then he bade them draw it up, and bring it to him: and the priest Nehemiah commanded the sacrifices that were laid on, to be sprinkled with the same water, both the wood, and the things that were laid upon it. And when this was done, and the time came that the sun shone out, which before was in a cloud, there was a great fire kindled, so that all wondered. And all the priests made prayer, while the sacrifice was consuming, Jonathan beginning, and the rest answering.
And the prayer of Nehemiah was after this manner:

O Lord God,
Creator of all things,
dreadful and strong,
just and merciful, who alone art the good king,
Who alone art gracious, who alone art just, and almighty, and eternal,
Who deliverest Israel from all evil, who didst choose the fathers and didst sanctify them:
Receive the sacrifice for all thy people Israel,
and preserve thy own portion, and sanctify it.
Gather together our scattered people,
deliver them that are slaves to the Gentiles,
and look upon them that are despised and abhorred:
that the Gentiles may know that thou art our God.
Punish them that oppress us, and that treat us injuriously with pride.
Establish thy people in thy holy place, as Moses hath spoken.

And the priests sung hymns till the sacrifice was consumed.