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Mother knows best! Support the seminarians of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest

The following letter was given to us by this mother of a seminarian of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (ICR). When we ask you to consider giving money to causes, you should know we almost always have done so ourselves. We support an ICR seminarian on a weekly basis. We ask you to as well, even in very small dollar amounts, if at all possible. You can click here to do so now, by scrolling down to "International Seminary":  

 Letter from the Mother of a Seminarian: 

The late Father John Hardon, of happy memory, once said, "The proof of love is pain." We see this truth in all it's paradoxical beauty when we gaze upon our crucified King on the Cross. 

We have begun a new liturgical year with the start of Advent; that time of joyful waiting for the birth of our Precious Lord. We will prepare for this great feast with special prayers, adornments for our souls and for our homes, and works of mercy, to name a few. We will relish our Advent traditions. We will spend the next four weeks contemplating what we are about to celebrate; the dawn of our Redemption.

On the other side of the world, nestled  in the beautiful hills of Tuscany is a seminary which currently educates about 90 young men;  over 30 of whom are from the United States and Canada. The men who will receive the ordination to the priesthood will have spent at least seven years in preparation for the same. They will undergo many moments of self-denial; many interior struggles; countless hours of prayer and study; all in preparation for the final ordination which will make them alter Christus; another Christ. These generous souls who sacrifice so many natural goods - that they might receive supernatural Goods - not to selfishly hold them do they receive them, but rather they receive them in order to distribute to you and to me; the sacraments, and from the very altar, the Fruit of Mary's Womb. 

These men rely on the prayers of the faithful to strengthen them, sustain them, and encourage them in this journey. They also depend upon the generous financial support of donors; people like you and I. One year's tuition is approximately $12,000 per seminarian. Perhaps you have little means. Perhaps you are wealthy. God has asked these men for generosity, and they have said yes. They will to give Him all. If they give all so that we might have Everything, then we must give what we can, so that they may complete their studies and arrive at ordination. For when they bring their five loaves and two fish to the King, He will bless what they bring to Him, and they will distribute to all of us. We benefit as He brings this increase. A priest is not a priest for himself. He is ordained for you and for me. How could we fail to respond to such generosity?

On December 17 there will be a benefit concert "Voices for Vocations" and silent auction at the Shrine of Christ the King Sovereign Priest in Chicago to benefit the American seminarians.

"The proof of love is pain."

As these seminarians prepare to shoulder the cross for you and for me, won't you sponsor them through your prayers and financial contributions? 

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity. May this season of Advent culminate with the joy of Christmas at the crib of the Newborn King, where we contemplate the first proof of His love for us. I wish you all a very blessed Advent!

In Christ our King,

The Mother of a Seminarian

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