Rorate Caeli

Straight talk from the traditional Martyrology

Today's entry for the Roman Martyrology includes:

At Scythopolis in Palestine, St Severian, Bishop and Martyr, who was slain by the Monophysites because he opposed them so zealously.

and ...

At Damascus, St Peter Mavimenus, who said to certain Arabs who came to him in his sickness: "Every man who does not embrace the Catholic Christian faith is damned as Mohammed, your false prophet, was" and was slain by them.

Not surprisingly, these saints are absent in the new Martyrology that appeared in 2004 from the Vatican Press -- one of the last liturgical books to be "reformed."

 And just at a time when we could use a few more shepherds who zealously oppose heresy, and a few more courageous men who speak the truth about Islam.