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Italian Interior Minister: “Enough now with this ‘parent 1 and 2.' I have restored mother and father”

Claudio Cartaldo
"Il Giornale"
August 10, 2018

Salvini’s blitz on forms for identity cards - it’s back to the past and “No to the horror of 'surrogate motherhood' ”.  Gone ‘parent n.1’ and ‘parent n.2’.  Back to what is natural: mother and father. Matteo Salvini launches the revolution also in the area of the family and gives the go ahead to re-examine the forms for identity cards. 


In an interview to La Bussola Quotidiano, the Interior Minister takes the side in defense of the natural family.
The leader of La Lega explains: “We are working on it. I asked advice from the Attorney General and gave instructions for the prefects to have recourse to.
[…] Last week for example  I was told that on the site of the Ministry for the Interior, on the form to apply for an electronic identity card, there were ‘parent 1’ and ‘parent 2’. I had the site modified immediately restoring the  definition ‘mother’ and ‘father’. It’s a small thing, a small sign; however  it is certain that I will do the utmost possible as Interior Minister [to modify this]. Anyway it’s provided for in the Constitution.”  
The Minister then reaffirmed his categorical ‘no’ regarding “surrogate motherhood and similar horrors.”  The new Ministry for the Family, headed by Lorenzo Fontana, will need to have the necessary resources to fulfill what was promised during the election campaign.  “The goal that I have set from now until the end of this government – the Secretary of La Lega specifies – is to introduce the concept of family rates, in order to reward natality and [thus] our stake in the future.” […]
Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana