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Rorate readers: Special Discount for New Romanitas Press Books about Mary and Sacramentals

Romanitas Press has just republished two classics of the 1950s from the late American-priest, Fr. Arthur Tonne: Feasts of Our Lady (1951) and Talks on the Sacramentals (1950).

In celebration of this publishing event, Romanitas Press is offering exclusively to Rorate Caeli readers a special discount price ($2 off) for each book until midnight of August 31, 2019.

Fr. Tonne tended to be homiletic aids for priests. His writing-style is both engaging and instructive, ingeniously employing short stories to prove a spiritual point.

In Feasts of Our Lady, Father (later Msgr.) Tonne addresses 50 Marian feasts from the traditional Roman Missal, some of which are particular to a local or religious calender (e.g., the Franciscan Order), and 2 talks for Mother's Day. The importance of being acquainted with the feasts of the Blessed Mother is explained thus by the author:

"When we realize how good Mary has been to us and to the world, when we realize that she is a merciful, powerful and effective Advocate at the throne of God, we will pledge anew our loyalty to her."

This 162-page book can be yours for $11.50 (plus tax & shipping)BUY HERE.

Talks on the Sacramentals explains 59 sacramentals of the Roman Catholic Church, from the Sign of the Cross, to Holy Water, to even obscure ones such as the Blessing of Silkworms!

Catholics often overlook the important role that the Church's sacramentals play in their sanctification, but as Fr. Tonne stresses:

"Do we have to use sacramentals? Does a Catholic have to wear a scapular, or use holy water, or pray the Rosary? Strictly speaking, no. The sacraments are necessary for salvation; the sacramentals are not necessary. Nevertheless, the prayers, pious objects, sacred signs and ceremonies of Mother Church are means to salvation."

This incredible 194-page resource on Catholic sacramentals can be yours for $12.50 (plus tax & shipping). BUY HERE