Rorate Caeli

Another great 2020 liturgical calendar: Angelus Press

As we continue highlighting traditional Catholic calendars that are sent to us, we are always excited to open our mail and find one of our favorites each year, the Angelus Press liturgical calendar. The 2020 theme for their calendar is The Life of the Holy Family. 

What we always love about the Angelus Press calendar is that it's large -- not too large to hang on a fridge, but not too small to be impactful. You can see it across the room and it simply adds to the Catholicity of the home. Once again, it's well made, and strong. Don't be worried about the kids thumbing through it. 

The fast and abstinence laws are clearly laid out and for multiple English-speaking countries. And don't worry: Unlike some 'traditional' calendars, Angelus Press isn't afraid to add the 'full fish' denoting mandating abstinence every Friday of the year. While we don't want to necessarily help their competition, they should take a hint from Angelus Press: Don't call your calendar traditional then have it model the Novus Ordo!

And for just $12.95, this large, beautiful calendar is a steal. So order one today and help you and your family better learn and love the life of the Holy Family every day of the new year.