Rorate Caeli

Enroll Those Most in Need for 40 Masses and 40 Days of Prayer and Penance by the Carmelite Hermits

Rorate has received this announcement from the Hermits of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (whom we announced in 2018).
In the face of the crisis in the world today, the Hermits of Our Lady of Mount Carmel will be offering 40 Masses and 40 days of prayers, vigils, fasting, and penances for all those enrolled during the sacred season of Lent. All are invited to enroll those most in need of the graces from these many Masses, prayers and sacrifices, including family, friends, clergy, and those in positions of leadership.

“Here in Carmel, there is nothing, nothing but God. He is all, He suffices, and one lives for Him alone and for His glory... in this life of prayer and contemplation, interceding always for His people before the Face of God.” - St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

Enroll yourself or your loved ones at:

“The sight of the world in which we live, the need and misery, and an abyss of human malice, again and again dampen jubilation over the victory of light. The world is still deluged by mire, and still but a small flock has escaped from it to the highest mountain peaks. The battle between Christ and the powers of darkness is not yet over. The followers of Christ have their place in this battle, and their chief weapon is the cross.” - St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross