Rorate Caeli

The Francis Vatican Is Providing Cover for Biden

Main excerpt of George Neumayr's insightful appraisal of the present moment for the American Spectator:

In 2020, the Vatican is once again running interference for a pro-abortion Democrat. Joe Biden fashions himself as a Pope Francis Catholic. He brags about his cozy relationship with Pope Francis. In 2016, the Vatican invited Joe Biden to a conference about medicine, a scandalous invite given that Biden supports making scientific use of aborted embryos. Biden gushed about the anti-capitalism of Pope Francis: “We need to create a culture which, as Pope Francis reminds us, cannot just be based on the worship of money. We cannot accept a nation in which billionaires compete as to size of their super-yachts.”

So it is no surprise that such Vatican officials as Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia are helping Biden by downplaying his abortion stance. Last week Paglia served up some mush about the dangers of abortion politics, according to Crux: “As US presidential elections heat up and ‘life issues’ are expected to figure prominently in the campaign, the Vatican’s top official in the area has cautioned against turning the pro-life cause into an ideological weapon, saying making the protection of life a political football risks doing ‘great harm.’”

Besides Paglia, Neumayr provides numerous other examples of our rotten clergymen in charge of things in the current Catholic positions of power providing cover to the most radically pro-abortion and pro-Marxist ticket in US presidential history. 

To put it in one word: they are disgusting.