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De Mattei: The Secret Forces That Operate In History

 Roberto de Mattei

Corrispondenza Romana

November 18, 2020

Secret forces exist and operate in history. The simple dynamism of human passions and errors is not sufficient in fact to explain the revolutionary process that has been attacking for centuries the Church and the Christian civilization She created. This process is driven by agents – often hidden – but real.  Catholic thought of the 19th and 20th centuries has always investigated and documented rigorously the existence of this actuality, which can be defined as a “plot” or a “conspiracy”, if with these terms we mean the existence of forces that achieve their ends in secret and often by illicit and immoral methods.


Monsignor Henri Delassus (1836-1921), dedicated an important book to La conjuration antichrétienne: le temple maçonnique voulant s’élever sur les ruines de l’Eglise catholique (Paris 1910, 3 volume, with a preface written by Rafael Merry del Val). The secret societies that led the Revolution, explains Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, have as their aim, the establishing of a utopian “Universal Republic”, in which all legitimate differences among populations, families and social classes would be dissolved in an egalitarian, confused and bubbling amalgamation. (Rivoluzione e Contro-Rivoluzione, Sugarco, Milano 2009, p. 117).


The existence of this “plot” is confirmed in papal documents and especially in Leo XIII’s encyclical Humanum genus of April 20th 1884, wherein the Pope denounces the diabolical plot of Freemasonry, which has as “[its] ultimate purpose the utter overthrow of that whole religious and political order of the world which the Christian teaching has produced, and the substitution of a new state of things in accordance with their ideas, of which the foundations and laws shall be drawn from mere naturalism.” (Enc. Humanum genus del 20 aprile 1884, ASS, vol. 16 (1883-1884), pp. 417-48).

The identity of the conspirators can vary, but the permanent director of the revolutionary process is Satan, the fallen angel, eternally rebellious and eternally crushed. The Popes and the counter-revolutionaries do not fail to throw light on the satanic essence of the Revolution, which seemingly “builds “ but in reality destroys.  It aims at undoing the work of creation and Redemption, to build the social Reign of the demon, a hell on earth prefiguring that of eternity, just as the social Reign of Christ – Christian civilization – prefigures the heavenly Reign of Paradise. In this sense the Revolution has its essence in disorder, whereas Christian civilization is order par excellence.


Also the story of the Coronavirus should be analyzed in the perspective of the theology of history, but subject to following the lesson of the great masters of Catholic thought who never renounced the good use of reason. Thought has some fixed rules by a discipline known as logic. The object of logic is, as St. Thomas explains, the activity of reason (Commento agli analitici posteriori di Aristotele vol. I, I lect 1).  Logic is an analysis of the processes of thought in order to grasp its structure and laws at different times.


Nonetheless, it isn’t possible to maintain logic without the help of grace. There is then the need for divine grace which illuminates the intelligence of man and strengthens his will, whereby he, with the help of the supernatural, ultimately achieves what his nature is not capable of.   In fact, again Corrêa de Oliveira notes: “even if the intelligence is logical by nature, man can never be completely logical without the help of divine grace, For two reasons: in the first place, because human intelligence is not infallible, (…); in the second place, because man finds a thousand obstacles that oppose logic”. What are these interior obstacles? It often occurs that logic reveals uncomfortable truths, or arduous responsibilities, and in that case, the person seeks to avoid logic. There is nothing more natural in the world.  People try to escape and close their eyes when faced with logic”. (R. de Mattei, Plinio Correa de Oliveira, Apostolo di Fatima. Profeta del Regno di Maria, Fiducia, Roma 2017, pp. 30-31).


Renouncing the use of  logic brings about the atrophy of reason and the triumph of the imagination, a form of thought which doesn’t follow fixed rules nor logical connections, but is often determined by an emotional state. The imagination is an internal sense, the most noble of the internal senses, but also that which leads us more easily into error.


In order to understand fully an event as complex as the explosion of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is necessary to use attentively the instrument of logic, illuminated by the Faith. We need to be wary of false teachers, coming from the ranks of the Revolution, who claim to explain what is happening, without the light of faith, misusing reason.


In Italy, one of these bad teachers, is the aspiring philosopher, Diego Fusaro, who, from the very start, purported to explain the Coronavirus away as a Western plot against Communist China. On February 26, 2020, on RadioRadio, Fusaro stated that the hypothesis “presenting the most consistent points, is that, there is the longa manus of the United States in some way in all of this.  This hypothesis is based on the fact that the virus came from Chinese laboratories, but enables us to understand that this virus could have been leaked in various ways. But above all this scenario enables us to respond to a question which otherwise remains unanswered: who benefits from all of this? China, at present in the worst crisis, certainly doesn’t benefit, as it finds itself  on its knees while it had been triumphing on the economic level and even outpacing the U.S.A.”*


On March 8, on the same station, RadioRadio, Fusaro states that “Italy over the last two years has  been the country more than others that has moved closer to China on the economic level; keep in mind the Silk Route and Di Maio’s signature on that project. This aroused the wrath of Washington, which immediately expressed its dissatisfaction with Italy’s closeness to China. Lo and behold, what countries are the most hit? China, Iran and Italy. There’s no escaping the fact that these are countries not aligned with Washington, rather, for some time they have been in the cross hairs of the monarchy of the dollar.” **


Fusaro insinuates then that the United States created the pandemic to weaken China and the countries close to it like Italy and some in the Third World. This pseudo-logic is fallacious not only because it has been blatantly proven wrong by the facts, but because it has in itself the nature of sophism.


The facts are that the pandemic constituted one of the principal causes of Trump’s electoral defeat, and if today there are some countries on their knees after ten months of the Coronavirus, they are precisely the United States and Europe, while China seems to have emerged from the health crisis not only unscathed, but flourishing economically.


The sophism is in the substituting of the causal link which must characterize every operation of reason, with a link of a purely temporal nature, which is summed up in the well-known sophism Post hoc, ergo propter hoc (after this, therefore because of this). A sophism that substitutes the logical order with the chronological one,  presuming that if an event is followed by another, then the first must be the cause of the second. In reality, a temporal succession is necessary for there to be a relational cause, seeing that every effect must be preceded by a cause, but this temporal connection is not sufficient to demonstrate anything.


Fusaro, a disciple of Costanzo Preve (1943-2013), theorist of  the Rifondazione Communista, is a Neo-Communist and claims to leave behind the social-economic analysis of Marx, but doesn’t renounce his dialectic vision, founded on the denial of the principal of non-contradiction. What is worrying are not his weak theses, but the success they seem to be having in conservative and traditionalist circles, who, even without referring explicitly to him, mix in effect his anti-American theories with that anti-Catholic sect QAnon, which affirms the existence of a criminal plan, architected by a globalist elite, to subjugate the whole of mankind by way of a health dictatorship. The Coronavirus (according to them) is but a simple influenza and the measures recommended by the progressive or conservative  governments of the entire world, like the lockdown, the mask-wearing and social distancing would be instruments and symbols of this plot to annul individual freedom, and in the end exterminate all of humanity.


We must say firmly that these hypotheses have nothing at all to do with the great tradition of Catholic Thought, which, when it addresses the existence of an anti-Christian conspiracy, substantiates every affirmation with precise documentation and above all doesn’t ever substitute faith and reason with the imagination. The impression at times one has is that of being faced with the phenomenon of cognitive dissonance ***, where reality is deformed by an emotional condition or apofenia ****, a psychic state that that pushes to establish  significant connections between events devoid of any causal relationship.


Would we need to abolish every form of protection and social distancing to combat the “plot”? Gennaro Malgieri, who recorded a lucid, historical diary of the Coronavirus invasion, notes correctly: “those who contest the only protective system we have at our disposition are frankly ridiculous, but they avoid indicating an alternative” (Sotto il segno del pipistrello. Dentro la pandemia. Un diario, Fergen, Roma 2020, p. 14). The conservation of life is the founding principal of every community and those who have to safeguard this principle are the ones who decide the “state of exception”. Questioning this principle is all too easy; it opens up the path to social dissolution” and consigns us to “ permanent chaos, to the ferocious igniting of rejecting legality and legitimacy (ivi, pp. 147-148).


There is no doubt that secret forces acting and operating are seeking to exploit to their advantage the emergency situation  humanity finds itself in -  certainly willed by God -  as St. Alphonus de Liguori teaches: “all that happens, happens by the will of God” (Dell’uniformità alla volontà di Dio,[Uniformity with the Will of God] Roma 1874, p. 12). However, Divine Providence, ever guiding history, turns evil to good and today this particular emergency situation may favour the battle for the defenders of Christian order. Never has there been a more propitious moment to carry out a severe critique of the revolutionary process so as  to demonstrate there is no other solution possible but a return to the natural and Christian order. The eras of health quarantines, which humanity has experienced many times in history, are eras in which souls must not fall under the dominion of the imagination, but must affirm the primacy of reason and will, with their eyes raised to God, as St. Paul of the Cross teaches: “Be as solitary as you can even with your body, so that creatures do not rob you of your recollection” (Lettere, Roma 1924, vol. II, p. 509); “God wants you in the desert of the deepest solitude, to speak the words of life to you, and teach you the science of the saints.” (ivi, vol. III, p. 515).







Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana