Rorate Caeli

New Decorative fabric covers for the Epistles and Gospels book

Our friends at Romanitas Press have just announced a new and exclusive offer of decorative fabric covers for the Canticum Clericorum Romanum(Epistles and Gospels book): 

 The rubrics of the Caeremoniale Episcoporum (I, xii, 15) prescribe the Epistles and Gospels book to be covered in the liturgical color of the Mass, thereby indicating the great dignity of the Word of God. This practice of veiling sacred books in the Roman Rite was exemplified at the Solemn Papal Masses.

 In many places the Canticum Clericorum Romanum (published by Biretta Books) is used for singing the Epistles and Gospels, either by the celebrant at High Mass, or the subdeacon and deacon at Solemn Mass. The advantage of this compiled work is that it provides the chant notation for the various tones of these readings, which the liturgical books omit (presuming these are already known). 

 In collaboration with The Hem of His Garment, Romanitas Press is now exclusively offering a matching-set of 5 covers for the Canticum of green, white, gold, red and violet (a rose cover for Gaudete and Laetare Sundays is also available separately). These fabric covers fit Volume I (Sundays and Holy Days) of the Canticum Clericorum Romanum exactly, measuring 11.25 in x 8.75 in (unfolded) with 2.50 in interior flaps to securely fit the book. As a decorative veil, these covers will not only add splendor to the ritual of the liturgy offered in your church, but also help protect the substantial investment of your book from the frequent handling it receives. The covers have been expertly sewn for superior durability with non-metallic liturgical brocade imported from Greece and gold bullion trim with metallic accents. Each cover features a simple, but elegant color fabric brocaded with a pattern of crosses and vines, while a wide gold trim decorates and reinforces the spine. The cover's interior and flaps are made from gold-toned premium lining material. 

 The set of high-quality Canticum covers have been economically priced at $545 (not including shipping). Romanitas Press is accepting orders for a limited number of these exclusive custom-sewn sets of 5 colors which will be available for shipment by the second week of March 2021. 

Romanitas Press is also offering a rose Canticum cover for use on Gaudete and Laetare Sundays when the Roman custom of wearing rose-colored vestments is employed to signify a sense of subdued joy that the penitential labors of Advent and Lent are nearly complete. The choice of the salmon shade of rose fabric is in conformity with the Roman Rose, which is more pastel, not pink. The cover features a repeating cross-emblem pattern, while a wide gold trim decorates and reinforces the spine.