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Traditionis Custodes in the world: OPTIME PRO in Poland.(At the Congregation for Divine Worship they admitted that it was “ A very harsh decision. Possibility of mitigation in Poland”).



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Cardinal Nycz comments on Traditionis Custodes: it was acknowledged in the Congregation that the issue was dealt with too harshly.  

Cardinal Kazimierz  Nycz’s statement on the discussions held  recently on “Traditionis Custodes”  at the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. The Metropolitan of Warsaw  said that “It was acknowledged in Congregation that the question had been dealt with too harshly and instead of serving unity, in individual cases, it may well make some leave the Church.”

Upon his return to Poland after the ad limina visit to the Vatican, Cardinal Nycz shared his observations about his Vatican sojourn in a interview with KAI (Polish Catholic News Agency). He also answered questions with regard to the procedure of the meetings, as well as to questions raised during many conversations with the functionaries of the Roman Curia and individual Congregations. The Primate admitted that during his visit, the Polish bishops also discussed Pope Francis’ Motu ProprioTraditionis Custodes” , which radically limited the possibility of celebrating Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form.

“There was a very interesting discussion in the Liturgical Congregation concerning the Tridentine Liturgy. The bishops asked questions, mainly in relation to parish  churches, where this liturgy could still be celebrated, in conformity with the Motu Proprio “Traditionis Custodes” if there was such a need in Poland in the future.”

The desire to interpret the Motu Proprio in the widest sense possible was expressed, more in spirit than in  the letter of the law issued. “We are awaiting the promised  guidelines on this matter” affirmed the Cardinal. The Metropolitan of Warsaw added that the general rule is that the priests, who, during the papacy of Benedict XVI “had permission to celebrate the Tridentine Liturgy” should still be able to celebrate the Mass in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.  “In any case, the new, young priests who want to celebrate this Liturgy will have to  contact the Holy See with a written request of bilateral consent”.



Translation: Contributor Francesca Romana