Rorate Caeli

Meditations for Septuagesima


'Exodus 90' is a very rigorous programme of fasting and prayer some people have adopted; here is something a bit different based on the Church's penitential season.


Heard Of Exodus90? Here is Septuagesima70!

Septuagesima70 is a way to live the Church’s penitential season in preparation for the greatest feast of the year.

Communication is found on the Telegram channel:

Every day we will post meditations, and the Roman martyrology of the day, together with occasional exhortations and messages.

It’s totally free, and it’s totally flexible. Ideally you might sign up for all of it, and all the practices. The practices, the theory, the spirit of it is explained in the very first post on the Telegram channel above. Go and have a look. If you find it too much, then use whatever you can, to help you get the most out of this wonderful season that the Church proposes to us yearly.

Everything starts this Sunday coming, Septuagesima Sunday in the older liturgical calendar, the start of what was known as pre-Lent. So there is still time to invite your friends, spread the word, bring souls to deepen their relationship with the Lord and his Church in this important liturgical season. Anyone is welcome.

May God who has begun the good work in you, bring it to fulfilment.

A blessed Septuagesima and Lent to all!

Fr. M Withoos,
Australia, 2022.