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A Light in the Darkness - A NEW ITALIAN SITE - Fede Viva


For future reference, I’d like to present to our readers a new Italian site which exclusively addresses matters directly related to the reason for our existence –  our eternal salvation i.e. complete happiness with Our Lord in Heaven.

By way of introduction, I translated  the short  presentation on the site.



A light in the darkness



This site, Fede Viva, which is directed by a priest, offers the public a clear and systematic exposition of the one true faith and how to live it, so that we all might reach Heaven.


It does this through the following sections: Spirituality, Catechism, Liturgy, Patristics and Modernism, all according to the perennial and immutable teaching of  Holy Mother Church.


Also included  is a section on the Second Vatican Council, to warn listeners and readers of the heterodoxy which has infiltrated the official teaching of the clergy in recent times and which represents a danger to their immortal souls.


A video on the site to commemorate Holy Week.