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A Communist Regime Arrests a Cardinal Again -- Please, Pray for Cardinal Zen! (Updated: released from custody for now)

The news shocked the whole Catholic world today -- decades after the arrests of Cardinals by Communist regimes, a situation all thought would remain in the past, the 90-year-old Cardinal Joseph Zen, Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong and a huge friend of the Traditional Mass, was arrested today by the Communists currently yielding power in the former British colony. We tweeted it as soon as it became public, about 4 hours ago:

The excuse was some ridiculous accusation regarding a foundation, the "612 Humanitarian Relief Fund", established basically to pay legal fees of protesters detained by the Xi Jinping regime in protests for freedom in the city.

So far, unsurprisingly, the Vatican has said nothing. As usual, Francis is strong with the weak, and weak with the strong. 

Please, keep this nonagenarian holy man in your prayers!


[Update] Cardinal Zen was released from custody for the moment, before midnight local time: