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Jesuit Pope Downgrades Opus Dei

 It’s quite obvious that Opus Dei was founded as a 20th-Century revival of the Jesuits, also by a northern Spaniard. Which is one of the reasons Jesuits never really got over the establishment of Opus Dei as a “Personal Prelature” headed by a Prelate (of episcopal rank) by John Paul II.

Well, that has been “fixed” today by an Italian-language motu proprio, another piece of Francis’ legal mess, transferring the supervision of Opus Dei from the Congregation for Bishops to the Congregation for the Clergy, and making clear its “Prelate” will from now on be only a Monsignor (the current one was never made bishop by Francis, anyway).

Already some are trying to explain this in “good faith”: “you know, the position of Opus Dei and its prelate was always unclear…” 

Give us a break: this is revenge, Jesuit revenge, Peronist revenge. And this despite the fact that Opus Dei has been submissive to every whim of Francis from day one. Once again, with this thousandth motu proprio, the Jesuit coterie of perverts currently running the central offices of the Church want to make it clear to everyone: no matter how powerful and wealthy and sheepish and quiet you are, they are in charge. And they won’t leave you alone.