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Freedom for the Traditional Latin Mass

The rumors regarding this have been steadily growing all week. Since Sunday, we have increasingly heard that something was imminent. Yesterday, ACIPrensa published in Spanish that the Holy Father would grant freedom to the Traditional Latin Mass. And today, our dear friends at the extremely trustworthy Archivum have published that His Holiness actually signed yesterday the papal act granting (or recognizing) this freedom (Archivum reminds its readers that this has always been one of the negotiating conditions for the Society of Saint Pius X).

We had been shy to report this (which is why we suggested the "grain of salt") because some extremely important details, regarding the exact nature of the act itself and of the amplitude given (or recognized) to priests, are still missing. When we have the details (and when we can confirm the date of signing), we will post them as soon as possible.

P.S. We are still somewhat doubtful -- not because we do not trust these sources, but because this optimism seems familiar to us and may lead to disappointment. We really need to see this published... Let us pray, let us pray!


  1. If this is true, please forgive me for making this reference, This could be the beginning of the much hoped for "New Springtime of the Church".

  2. dfive:

    The New Springtime has been proceeding apace for years and--they'll choke on this, but it's true nevertheless--"Traditionalists" have been and will be a big part of it. Just read the interviews below with Frs. Schmitz and Gaber and you'll get a whiff of it.

  3. New Catholic:

    Thanks for this! I think the difference in the rumors is that we now have a Pope who REALLY, REALLY is making this his top priority and is DETERMINED to find a solution on all levels.

    That gives the rumors a sort of general credence that they wouldn't have had otherwise. What exactly is coming no one knows, but it's going to be good things and big things and in not too long. I would bank on THAT.

    And I'm STILL expecting the lifting of the excommunications without quid pro quo before the end of the year... But freedom for the old Mass is in many ways even better!

  4. Perhaps there is a parallel. Moses and his followers spent 40 years in the desert searching for the promise land. Could it be that the Church -- throughout the 40 years after Vatican II -- has been searching too for the "promise land?" Could it be that this "promise land" is a reawakening of the beautiful Traditions of the Church? I pray and hope so!

    Mary, Help of All Christians, ora pro nobis!

  5. Word is spreading fast. There have been so many hits on Archivium that the site is shut down!! I do hope all of this is true.....

  6. I hate to break in on all this euphoria, but I was converted to Catholicism by reading the works of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and about thirty others who underwent the Gulag experience.

    The weenie Montini made a secret compact with the perpetrators of 100 million deaths. Pius XII, when he found out, "exiled" Montini to Milan. Oh what an exile was there, my countrymen; when comes such another.

    When the diabolical Council convened it refused to mention, even politely, that slaughter.

    This, as it turned out, was the least of the depredations the minions of Hell had in mind.

    The SSPX has one obligation, ultimately, and one only. It absolutely must hold out for the repudiation of that Council. All the rest is gravy.

    For the record: Bishop Fellay, in so many words has maintained the same thing.

    If the SSPX caves in on that one point, the sine qua non, then the villains shall have won. What matters a few more Masses or other gestures of such like? They'll ride over such comparatively minor matters as they have in the past with regard to other things of seeming importance.

    The Second Vatican Council turns out to have been, indeed, about Dogma. The "freedom" of the old Mass, as nice as that would be, stands in relation to doctrine as a wart to the Matterhorn.

    It really is that simple, and that important.

  7. I shall not believe until I have placed my fingers in His side and hands.

  8. Mr Heiner, I share your "Thomas" doubtfulness... which is why I said we have to see this published...

    But I would add that the men responsible for the Archivum (Liturgicum) Blog have the best possible Roman sources and are extremely careful -- they would NEVER have published this, with a specific date, if they had not been very certain of what they were saying.

    Let me add that, despite the many rumors during the Wojtyla pontificate, there was never the rumor that he had signed anything to this effect. Moreover, we must admit that there has been a coherent growth of information regarding this for many weeks.

    Let us pray...

  9. If it has occured, the litmus test will be to see if it gets covered in L'Oservatore Romano!

  10. Remember, however, that important texts take weeks, even months to be published in the AAS...

  11. Here is a conundrum I have been pondering, and you may have to be a canon lawyer to figure it out. What if, as reported, a universal indult is granted by the Holy Father so that any priest, anywhere, anytime can say the TLM without prior approval from the local bishop. Then, an anti-TLM bishop orders that his priests not say the TLM as a matter of discipline and obedience due to him, their bishop. What wins, the right of the priest created in the indult, or the obedience the priests owe to their bishop/superior?

  12. Good question, Mr. Fitzpatrick.

    I believe, if this news is true, that the amplitude given (or recognized) to Latin priests will be of such kind as to avoid such conflicts (I cannot be specific now). We will have to wait and see...

  13. In fact what is needed is not only an universal indult but also an apostolic administration for the traditional Roman Rite with its own bishop.

  14. I notice that the rumor is even being whispered in the loggia.

    I presume the indult will apply only to the private celebration of Mass, which no bishop or superior will be able to forbid. Public celebrations will continue to require the ordinary's permission. 'Private' in Latin is 'sine populo', and that could be the key term. A strict interpretation would be: just one server. A broader view: a non-scheduled Mass, with a small congregation. In any case, a gigantic signal will have been sent out. I know one parish where a side altar will once again be adorned with altar cards!

  15. Ecclesiastes

    I am probably ignorant, but I am not clear how what you describe would be so very different from the current situation.

    Ie - I know an indult priest, who can celebrate the Latin Mass in private whenever he wants.

    The TRAGEDY is he is barred from so many non-private situations.

    Also want to say I am deeply, deeply, deeply grateful for this work of this website.

    God bless you ...

  16. The permission for the Mass sine populo is actually a broad one. I have a letter from the PCED saying, in part, that "the unsollicited presence of the faithful at a private mass does not thereby make it public". The current Codex does nopt use the term "private Mass" - in fact it says that every liturgy is a public action of the Church.The Canon law is quite clear on the matter. The mean interpretation of the law also conflicts with the canonical principle that "odiosa sunt restrigenda" - the law is to be interpreted to give the broadest application of peoiples rights.

  17. I talk as a stranger in a strange land.

    None of you is taking the long view (nothing has been the same since the War - which War? - the Peloponnesian War!).

    If it's true, it doesn't matter!

    Benedict VI will look good.

    Collegiality will "force" his hand. He'll "reluctantly" give in.

    I mean, can you imagine His Eminence Mahoney (all hundreds of him) agreeing; allowing all priests in his diocese to say the "Old Mass?"

    The real Mass was never abrogated. All the priests are free now. They KNOW that. They don't WANT it! Their investment in balloons alone would bankrupt the parish. They'd lose time for stroking boys having to learn Latin. They've all come out of Novus Ordo's Lavender Seminary, you realize.

    So if the reports are on-the-nose accurate - what does that mean for the SSPX?

    I'll tell you.

    Absolutely NOTHING!

  18. So Ecclesia Dei said they can say the TLM; JP II said so; now Ratz says so. The question is will the worlds apostate Bishops say so? Or will the priests who have been given the universal permisson do so? What's the problem? Better still, who;s the problem?

  19. I think there is a schism coming... I almost look forward to it, the liberals can get the heck out and make there own Church instead of spoiling ours.

  20. True enough that the liberals should get out; unfortunately they control the church from the very top. So who are we really telling to go? What a predicament. No pope, no cardinals and just about a dozen traditional bishops and that's it. Unless of course the rest of the liberals convert back to "Roman Catholicism".

  21. The real test is to see how many true priests are left to even say the traditional mass.

    With the novus ordo rites of ordinations being invalid the majority if not all novus ordo priest cannot validly say mass.

    So we are still left with finding those few priests that have been traditionally ordained.

    So I see this move as the antichrist playing his hand to fool what remaining true Catholics there are left.


  22. Let's begin with a simple socratic exercise:

    Premise 1. Christ(God) promised to protect the Church, led by Peter - the gates of hell passage.

    Premise 2. God is perfection. deception is a negation of the truth - an imperfection. Therefore God does not deceive.

    IF God has promised to protect His Church, and yet the Roman Church has fallen into apostasy, and allowed its sacraments and apostolic seccession to become invalid than premise 1 is deceptive. From Premise 2, it follows that Christ cannot possible be God, since God cannot decieve. Therefore, Christanity is a sham.

    I would propose, however, that Tradgrind is completely wrong. God Can make anything his tool. Someone once asked me how the sacraments of a priest who had raped a 3yr old girl could possible be valid. I responded that at ordination, a priest becomes like a straw, through which the grace of the Holy Spirit blows. Even if the straw is stuck through a steaming pile of shit, the grace of the Holy Spirit blows undefiled nonetheless. The same is true with the new rites, which are , in my opinion a steaming pile of shit. As long as there is no explicit contrary intention on the part of the priest, and he follows the matter and form of the sacraments, they are effective, not matter how undignified and unworthy they may appear. A great medieval mystic said that in his infinite love for us, Christ has made himself a lonely prisioner of the tabernacle, so that we may visit with him. If he can do this, SURELY he can overcome the pathetic mediocrity of the new rites.
    I will not attend novus ordo rites, not because they are invalid, but because they are undignified and unworthy of the grace that they convey. The guilt for this lies at the foot of the popes who promulgated them and who lacked the courage to admit the mistakes that followed the council and failed to supress these bastard rites.
    BUT we must not limit God! His ability to draw good from even the mose vile of things is unlimited.Returning to my arguments above, I refuse to accept that Christianity is a sam, therefore I must accept that God is using the present situation, for a purpose and manner known only to Him. We faithful must continue our fight for tradition, but cum petro et sub petro. If we presume to judge that the Holy See has been forsaken, we might as well abandon Christianity, and enjoy a steak dinner on Good Friday.

  23. Universal indults, reform of the reform- we delude ourselves to think Rome will ever be the font of tradition again. A Universal indult would only open the doors to corruptions of the traditional rite- how could it be monitored? So any priest any where can just say it? The thought that the US Bishops will allow it is absurd.

    As a Catholic I should have hope but tradition will not come from Rome or with Rome. The best you might get are a few churches in Europe or the US that are allowed to use good music and an occasional Traditional Mass. Why does not his Holiness offer the Sacred Mass at the Vatican? Think that will happen- better chance they will allow American Idol stars to perform at St. Peter’s then the Holy Father offering the beautiful mass of Catholic tradition.
    God Helps us..


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