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Wit alert

Ha! The "Pennsylvania Papal Blogger" is so witty! Read the caption he made regarding this shot from Pope Benedict's visit to Auschwitz:

Given two elements in this shot, it's an easy caption. Four words will suffice: "BAD DAY FOR SSPX."
Wow, that IS hilarious! First element: Marini, the god of proper liturgy. Second element: one of the buildings of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp and extermination complex.

This is the logical sequence: SSPX = Anti-Semites = Holocaust Deniers = Nazis. Got it?


It would be even more hilarious if, not very far from Cracow, in the Polish town of Słonsk, near the German border, there had not been a small concentration camp and prison. In the Sonnenburg prison, a brave Catholic Frenchman died after years of torture and suffering in the hands of the Nazis.

His name was René Lefebvre (senior), loving father of the founder of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX/SSPX).

Is this sophisticated humor or what?

Ut cuncto populo christiano pacem et unitatem largiri digneris, te rogamus, audi nos.


  1. Mr René Lefebvre Sr., a good Roman Catholic French industrial, was caught by the German Military secret Police (Gestapo) while working for the French Résistance against the Nazis facilitating the flight of Allied soldiers.

    To bad some people really are indoctrinated by socialists and communists. It is a bad lie, that to be a conservative Catholic means to collaborate or even be a Nazi. A vile lie. Fr. Maksymilian Maria Kolbe is the best example of a Catholic who was accused of being "anti-semitic" before WWII and at the same time hid Jews during the War and died with them at Auschwitz.

    The brave story of Mr René Lefebvre you can find here:

    He died in a Gestapo prison of a concentration/working camp for resistance activists and anti-Nazi politicians in the then Eastern German city of Sonnenburg, now in the far west of the modern territory of the Polish Republic. Now it is known as Slonsk (after the war the German inhabitants were violently expelled).

    Well, the case is still, that the SSPX knows how to be truly Roman Catholic. It indeed has had one or two persons involved in the reactionary German-tolerated Pétain Vichy régime. But then again Vichy-France proved to be a temporary safe haven for Jews fleeing to - again: "Fascist" - Spain of Franco to safety from National Socialist brutality. This of course is unknown, and the new pagans and atheists accuse Roman Catholics of being those other neopagans and atheists (National socialists/Nazis).

    It's the lack of knowledge of real historical facts which is alarming. People in the 1950s and early 1960s still had testimonies and knew how brave clergymen resisted the Nazis, even though sympathetic to combat against Stalin' Sovjet Union. But by now, after more than 60 years, it seems finally the Radio Pravda (Moscow) Soviet propaganda seems to revive again, claiming the Catholics are to be blamed for everything.

    A vile lie.

    The acts of Benedict XVI in Poland are a bit ambiguous, especially the mixed prayer services, but his pronouncement, that religious liberty is not a moral right but merely a practical opportunity and solution, gives a little bit of hope.

  2. What I wanted to say: the SSPX has both Vichy guys as well as Jewish converts among its faithful. It proves, that Christianity in all its veritable severity and clarity on paganism, Judaism and Islamism, still is the moral solution for peace.

    It's mission to convert all people to Christ, to restore all things in Him, to Roman Catholicism, is truly universal and justified.

    But they accused Our Lord of being against humanity too. The scribes and high priests that is. And of being a drunkard and of dining with prostitutes. Abp. Lefebvre received every penitent too. In His imitation.

  3. I am sorry for Rocco Palmo's comments. He's an idiot. He should stick with fashion and refrain from important issues.

  4. Calling Jack Chick and Alberto Rivera:

    Come in Jack & Al.

    Come in Jack and Al.


    Perhaps Mr. Palmolive has been reading too much "Smokescreens" and "The Secret History of the Jesuits". What's next, Hislop's "The Two Babylon's"???

  5. To tar the entire SSPX with the brush of anti-Semitism is unfair indeed. The term is overused and, what is more, used as a weapon to silence people with legitimate questions and complaints. I have frequently defended those accused of "anti-Semitism" in public comments.

    But there is a crankish and vicious thing that can accurately be called "anti-Semitism" and it does make itself known. I would be glad to be corrected, but it does appear that Bishop Williamson has engaged in this sort of thing, defending the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, etc. And I have read even present-day associates of the SSPX complaining about anti-Semitism among some of its priests.

    If those charges are true, then there is some excuse (please note the words "some" and "excuse", which do not amount to "complete justification") for those who associate anti-Semitic views with the Society.

  6. I think Bishop Williamson just fizzled out like someone had thrown water on him.

    Such Wit such Wit such Wit - I'm laughing so hard I can't write anymore


    P.S. (In the words of WFB: nnnngawd!)

  7. Well, the New Liturgical Movement is reporting, anyway, that Martini may be on his way out--to the Fabric of St. Peter.

    Good news, I suppose, but doesn't that bring a red hat with it, usually? And I guess you can always jackhammer away at this or that "useless" side altar in the Basilica... Fr. Zuhlsdorf has a sad story about one such occurrence.

  8. handgrenade time

    almost all "jews" aren't even semites, they're fakers from Sythia.


    Anti Talmudic-pharisee?

    Yep, that's me.

  9. I'm having a crisis, I wondered why I kept thinking about this, I keep diong this, and there I go agian! My classics teachers would be sore upset with me :-).


    Anyway, I wonder what Mr. Palmolive's take is on KGB-homo infiltration of the Holy See? Does he have one?

  10. Simon-Peter:

    I always remember how to spell "Scythia" by thinking of "scythe"--you know, that curved blade with a handle you use to cut the stalks of wheat during harvest time.

  11. I tried to use one of them thar implements a couple of years ago. Near took my foot off, absolutely lethal. I'll stick to my weedeater.

  12. Jeff and Simon Peter:

    This is how old I am.

    On a farm, I once mowed a whole field of grain with a scythe.

    I still have nearly all my toes.

    We won't mention fingers. One eye. Three nostrils.

    Now I have to tell the truth. It was actually a machine called a combine, but the results were nearly as traumatic. I caught my toe in it.

    My grandpa was just too dumb to use a scythe, and this is where I came in so I'll take the rest of my popcorn and eat it in the buggy.

    One question unrelated to the above: if this is Martini of Milan, he's already a cardinal. Somebody else somewhere referred to Marini. Of whom do we speak?

  13. Samizdat:

    Thanks for the catch! It was indeed "Marini"--not "Martini"--to whom I meant to refer.

    I think I'll take a scythe over a combine most days, Sam. Sorry, for your troubles indeed; but at least you're better off than the Pobble.

    A scythe or a sickle, they're not worth a nickel,
    Where harvesting toes is concerned;
    But for lopping off wheat,
    The combine's a treat,
    And for slicing a toe or a pickle.

  14. Thanks for this post. When I read Rocco I couldn't understand the references - they crossed my mind, but I excluded them on the grounds that this would be a too appalling thing for him to have written. I suppose you are right, though. I'd still prefer to believe he had too much vino at lunch and wasn't making any sense.

    I also agree with Jeff, I have encountered the odd passage of "anti-semitism" in SSPX circles, but it is very limited and should not be used as excuse to tar the whole organisation. God knows what weird notions you would find in a Novus Ordo Parish if you looked hard enough.

    The walking mad are with us always.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Jeff & Ephraem:

    Regarding the toe in the combine, thank heavens the shock was worse than the bite.

    Superb doggerel.

    Speaking of shocking, I grew up on a farm in Idaho and shocked wheat and oats by hand. Very nasty for a tyke with asthma. I also knew a worker who got his foot cut off by a hay mower. In those days they were pulled by horses. Now THAT'S shocking!

    Also, thanks for the correction. But it would have been nice to have seen Martini of Milan de-promoted. No such luck.

    " God knows what weird notions you would find in a Novus Ordo Parish if you looked hard enough. "

    Moral: just leap, don't look.

    These guys don't have to have vino to make them mad. In fact, it would be better if they were blotto on Buena Vista's best inasmuch as in vino veritas.

    As for anti-Semitism, it depends on whether you want to blast Sobran or Buchanan as to how it is defined. But I'll tell you something as true as it is funny and ironic: for twenty years I subscribed to editor Norman Podhoretz Commentary magazine, published under the auspices of the American Jewish Community. The real anti-Semitic vituperation regularly appearing in the Letters to the Editor was nearly as shocking as that experience referred to above.

  17. Rocco is out of line with his insinuation that the SSPX is anti-Semitic. It is not institutionally and I know many people in the SSPX (I was once a supporter) who would be deeply offended by any hint of it.

    That said there are bigots in the SSPX. And some of them wear cassocks. I can state this from personal knowledge as well. I knew Bp. +Williamson before his consecration and heard enough from him with my own ears to be very disturbed when he was given a miter. I hope that Rome makes serious efforts to bring the SSPX back into the fold. But I also think Rome aught to be careful about this subject. Some people in the SSPX should be required to specifically abjure holocaust denial and belief in the hereditary guilt of the Jews for the death of Christ (a heresy IMO) as a condition to being normalized in their relationship with Rome. If Rome brings in a bishop with Williamson’s rather outspoken views there will be the devil to pay.

  18. Rocco Palmo is certainly not above the occasional cheap shot, but this wasn't it. That Bishop Williamson denies the reality of the Holocaust and has expressed sympathy for the virulently anti-Catholic Nazi state is not open to question; Williamson is not some bit player in the story but for a generation was charged with forming SSPX priests in North America as seminary rector.

    This sad fact is made sadder by the fact that Archbishop Lefebvre's father was imprisoned by the Nazis, but the latter does not wipe out the former.

  19. It was a cheap shot. It is his job.

  20. I am either confused or ignorant and doubtless both.

    Uh, who is Rocco Palmo. From what S-P says, he's beens smoking "Smokescreens", not reading it.

    S-P, you'll stick to the weed eater? Isn't that rather hard on the molars, not to mention the knees?

    And NC, whose job is it to deliver cheap shots? Are you, as it appears, defending Bishop Williamson?

    For the record, I do defend him. I have listened to all of the tapes of his yearly conferences and while he may be a tad off base re the Holocaust, he is absolutely right-on regarding the Church.

    This will probably get me branded as anti-Semitic, but I resent that leading spokesmen for the Jews have taken it upon themselves to co-opt the term "Holocaust", and in addition speak as though they were the only ones to suffer. It's idiotic because, among other things, more Jews died in the GULAG and Stalin purges than under the Hitler regime, and more of other nationalities, combined, died under Hitler than Jews. It's this "we've suffered" so we're better than all mankind and you must recognize that and genuflect attitude that makes me angry.

    As far as I'm concerned, Bishop Williamson's remarks amount to mere peccadillos, and, as William Buckley once stated, one must forgive the "birds of paradise" such.

  21. I am not defending anyone.

  22. Okay, NC, I'll take your word for it.

    But as the man who really shot Liberty Valance would have said: You coulda fooled me, pilgrim!"

  23. Wit, in relation to Rocco??

    Wouldn't half-wit, nit-wit, or even f***wit be more accurate?

  24. Shame on you folks for taking advantage of somebody who doesn't surf the Web enough.

    I had to go to Google to find out who Rocco Palmo might be.

    Ye gods and little fishes! The Tablet! No wonder you think he's a nitwit twit and twitterpated nut.

    I shall steadfastly eschew his contributions.

  25. I have a question. Is Rocco Palmo for real? I mean, is he really a man or at least is he really a person or just a character that some joker made up? Many of the things he says on his blog are just so over the top that when I read his it I keep thinking that he must mean the whole thing to be a parody.

  26. I've never been to Rocco Palmo's Blog site and never intend to go.

    But I'm put in mind of an observation Evelyn Waugh made a long time ago (I think it was in relation to criticism of his novel, Black Mischief). Waugh said that satire is no longer possible because modernity has reached such a state that it has become self-parody.

    When the attempt is made, the result is often just filth.

    The usual George Carlin is an example.

    Ergo, the probability is that El Palmo is an actual somebody - one that apparently nobody should care about.

  27. Anonymous12:08 AM

    Unfortunately many of those people in the SSPX won't even discuss the issue, o(f some of their priests holding these extreme views) It is a small minority that have sympathy with the Nazi cause, but a well placed minority who are not called to task over it. A recent comment on the AngelQueen forum got the poster banned for saying much the same as Jeff has above but without naming names.

    Naturally a forum where the three monkeys are in charge is not likely to ever understand error in its midst.

    An undeniable fact is that the SSPX has haemorraged many good Catholics over the last few years and the largest reason is down to poor leadership and cronyism. Father Morgan (UK Superior) last week lamented the Mass attendance in a regional mass centre, oblivious to the fact that those people have not lapsed and lost their faith, but instead are going to SSPV, CRMI and other Traditional masses.

    Just like with the Novus Ordo establishment, nobody ever sees themselves as part of the problem.


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