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Cardinal Castrillón's response to Una Voce

This is not exactly breaking news, but we publish it here also for the record.

Following the very public statements of the bishops of eastern France in October and the comments of certain German bishops after their ad limina visits to Rome in November it appeared imperative that the FIUV made its voice heard in Rome to speak on behalf of the laity and those many faithful parish priests who wished to celebrate the traditional Mass with greater freedom.

On November 24th, the President, Jack Oostveen, Secretary Leo Darroch, and Treasurer Mrs Monika Rheinschmitt visited Rome and had meetings in the Congregation for the Clergy, The Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei, the Congregation for Divine Worship, and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In order to restore the balance of the inaccurate picture presented in Rome by various prelates, the FIUV delegates presented a dossier of the reality of life in many countries under the restrictions on the celebration of the traditional Mass imposed by the bishops’ conferences. The dossier included initial comments and then individual reports from many countries. In addition to copies of the dossier being presented in those congregations visited, a copy was also sent to Cardinal Bertone at the Secretariat of State. [...]

An encouraging response to this dossier was received from Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos. On the first of December, the FIUV President, Jack Oostveen, received a letter from his Eminence in which he said:

“Thank you for the documentation regarding the situation of the Mass celebrated according to the 1962 missal in several countries, produced by you. I assure you, the Holy See is labouring with regards to the priests and faithful to find a solution that will do justice to all who it concerns.

“Therefore several options are being examined in view of the good of the whole Church.”

The leadership of the Una Voce Federation will continue at every opportunity to represent the views of its members with the appropriate authorities in Rome.

Jack P. Oostveen – President.
Leo Darroch – Acting Secretary.
Mrs Monika Rheinschmitt – Treasurer. [Edited]
Website of the International Federation Una Voce:


  1. This is very positive. Justice is the least that can be asked from the Holy See. If the Holy See acts with justice, everything will be fine and this embarrasing chapter in the life of the Church will finally begin to close, because as of today this chapter is completely open. They have to get it right. To act in justice is to act according to God's will. Love and Justice are synomous qualities of God. AMDG.

  2. I should rephrase my qualification of this chapter. It is not embarrasing, it is scandalous. AMDG:

  3. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Here Here!

  4. I hope that you are right. I will believe it when I see it. We must continue to pray for a happy conclusion. The opposition is working very hard to stifle things. Truth, beauty and the good are connected. Let us pray for the full restoration anf full liberation of the Traditional Rite. Father B

  5. "I assure you, the Holy See is labouring with regards to the priests and faithful to find a solution that will do justice to all who it concerns."

    “Therefore several options are being examined in view of the good of the whole Church.”

    "Labouring" - trying to overcome the stiff & unremitting opposition to any moves to reestablish the clear & unambiguous right all Catholics have to The Latin Mass of All Times.

    "Several options" - this is where the "spirit of the councils" and post-conciliar speak reveal characteristic equivocation. Is this where the "strings" will be attached? Is this where the episcopal hand will be permitted to undermine any genuine advance?

    From this statement it is evident that battle lines have been drawn.
    Where "justice" is concerned is the modern church really capable of this in such bizarre times?

  6. Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos said: “Therefore several options are being examined in view of the good of the whole Church.”

    I cannot exactly point out the reason, but this phrase to me is like saying they want to give the local bishops' conferences something, some power, too, while pacifying and confirming all "new initiatitves and orientations" within the Roman Catholic Church (including many deviant), and only in such circumstances - which will propably shortcut any universal celebration of the Traditional Roman Mass around the world - allow a "more widely available" indult.

    These words sound, like it will not be an universal indult at all, nor will it place the cause of traditionalist Roman Catholics in safe hands.

    For the "good of the whole Church" sounds like the Traditional Latin Liturgy does nót pertain to the whole Church, but to some groups within it, while others have to be reassured (e.g. that the "Council will not be betrayed to the Lefebvrists").

    I am not as positive as you all are.

    Nevertheless: God's bless you all in this New Year 2007 AD, one year closer to the Final Judgement and our own, personal date of death. Memento mori.

  7. God bless you in this New Year


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