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Polish intellectuals sign "Tridentine" manifesto

Read the Polish original, also undersigned by several important Polish politicians, including the Speaker of the Lower House of the National Parliament, here (or here).
We are with you, Holy Father!

Declaration on the use of the Traditional Liturgy

In light of ever more frequent statements of close associates of the Holy Father, who confirm his intention of restoring the right and freedom of use of the traditional liturgy in the Latin rite, as faithful laymen of the Roman Catholic Church we wish to express our hope and gratitude.

We would also like to affirm our solidarity with the Pope, mindful that for many years prior to taking up his seat as the Apostolic Successor of Saint Peter, he took up efforts to ensure that reverent liturgical forms passed on in a long tradition and confirmed officially by Saint Pius [V] "according to the rites and customs of the Roman Church" (Apostolic Constitution Quo Primum, Pope St. Pius V, July 14th 1570) were preserved so as to "hand on this treasure for the Church of today and tomorrow" (Cardinal Ratzinger, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, addressing liturgical conference, held over 22 to 24 July 2001, convened under the patronage of the Abbey of Fontgombault).

We understand the expected promotion of the traditional liturgy, otherwise termed the classical Roman rite, to involve the affirmation of the principle which is mentioned in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, ratified by the Servant of God Pope John Paul II, which quotes the words of the Second Vatican Council: "that Holy Mother Church holds all lawfully recognized rites to be of equal right and dignity, and that she wishes to preserve them in the future and to foster them in every way." (CCC, 1203; Sacrosanctum Concilium, 4). The then-Cardinal Ratzinger also reminded us of this principle, stating that "the Council ordered a reform of the liturgical books, but it did not prohibit the former books." (Ten Years of the Motu Proprio Ecclesia Dei, by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger).

Everything indicates that today we are progressing towards solutions which will bring these words into full daylight.

3. We dearly thank the Holy Father for all his gestures of understanding, openness, and respect regarding "the feelings of all those who are attached to the Latin liturgical tradition".

These gestures underscore and continue the line of action of John Paul II, who appealed to the Bishops and those exercising a pastoral ministry in the Church twenty years ago for "measures to guarantee respect for [the] rightful aspirations" expressed by "all those Catholic faithful who feel attached to some previous liturgical and disciplinary forms of the Latin tradition" (John Paul II, motu proprio Ecclesia Dei, 5 c).

Mindful of all the difficulties and cares which are associated with the service of the shepherds of the Church, we expect that the regulations annouced by the Holy See will also serve to break the specific order of intolerance, which hinders the crucial internal unity in the Church. (See: Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, God and the World).

4. Moreover, we hope that the response to this endeavor by Benedict XVI in the current discourse within the Church will include "every effort to avoid expressions, judgments and actions which do not represent with truth and fairness" the condition of those Catholics who are tied to the traditional liturgy (Vatican Council II, Decree on Ecumenism, Unitatis Redintegratio, 4).

We also hope that the granting of full rights of the use of the liturgy of Saint Pius V will improve the prospects of healing the rift which also took place in this context in 1988 and which lasts until this day, and for which, perhaps, "men of both sides were to blame" (Vatican Council II, Decree on Ecumenism, Unitatis Redintegratio, 3), partly due to the marginalization, within the Church, of "certain truths and certain values of the Christian faith" which "are no longer lived and loved" (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Speaking as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, addressing the National Conference of Chilean Bishops in Santiago). Let us pray that this wound be healed and that all Catholics who are already united by faith in the same dogmas will henceforth be able to enjoy the visible communion of the life of the Church.

5. In these days of expectation we therefore wish to join those voices of support and gratitude, which are already being directed toward the Holy Father by public figures in the Christian community, and we willingly hereby declare our support and gratitude to the Holy Father Benedict XVI for his will to remove the practical discrimination of the traditional liturgy, which has served throughout the ages as a worthy instrument for the sanctification of many and as a great monument of our spiritual culture.

Przemysław Alexandrowicz, senator

Prof. Jacek Bartyzel, political scientist

Dr Sławomir Cenckiewicz, historian

Prof. Jan Dzięgielewski, historian

Marcin Gugulski, journalist

Lech Jęczmyk, translator

Marek Jurek, Marshall of the Sejm (Speaker of the Parliament)

Bogusław Kiernicki, president of the Fundacja Św. Benedykta (St. Benedict Foundation)

Wojciech Kilar, composer

Aleksander Kopiński, historian and literary critic, editor of "Fronda"

Dr Jacek Kowalski, art historian, singer

Prof. Grzegorz Kucharczyk, historian

Jan Filip Libicki, MP (Member of Parliament)

Marcin Libicki, MEP (Member of the European Parliament)

Paweł Lisicki, writer

Prof. Roman Michałowski, historian

Andrzej Mikosz, lawyer

Dr Paweł Milcarek, philosopher and journalist, editor in chief of "Christianitas"

Paweł Nowacki, deputy director of TVP1, author of documentaries

Dr Justyn Piskorski, university teacher

Ewa Polak-Pałkiewicz, journalist

Tomasz Raczkiewicz, artist of the Poznan Opera

Prof. Marcin Sompoliński, conductor, Akademia Muzyczna in Poznan

Dr Piotr Sosiński, lawyer

Konrad Szymański, MEP

Prof. Kazimierz Świrydowicz, mathematician

Dr Tomasz P. Terlikowski, philosopher, journalist at Polskapresse

Jacek Tomczak, MP

Prof. Piotr Tryjanowski, biologist

Artur Zawisza, MP
In other news, the "anti-Tridentine" manifesto set up by radical "Progressive" Genoese priest Paolo Farinella a couple of months ago has been a complete failure, according to the Italian news agency ANSA.

We thank our reader Filip Lajszczak, of, for the news from the very dear Catholic Poland, as well as for the translation he provided; and several readers for the news from ANSA.


  1. In other news, the "anti-Tridentine" manifesto set up by radical "Progressive" Genoese priest Paolo Farinella a couple of months ago has been a complete failure, according to the Italian news agency ANSA.

    The Google translation of the page is horrible, but does note that the "anti-Tridentine" manifesto has received 1,052 signatures (well short of the 10,000 desired), and also that some of the signatures are fake (one of them is "Marcel Lefebvre, Archbishop of Dakar"!!).

  2. Anonymous11:43 PM

    In light of this encouraging news from Poland, let's watch a video of a beautiful Missa Cantata which was filmed at a Roman Catholic priory in Warsaw, Poland:

    Traditional (Tridentine) Votive Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  3. Nothing less could be expected from the land of John Paul the Great. Thank you for posting this. AMDG.

  4. I remember the election of JPII, and that as of that day and moment when "polack" jokes - which were quite popular and acceptable at the time - died overnight.

    This courageous and timely act only confirms that jokes at the expense of the Poles will never be welcome again.

    AMDG indeed, and a big Thank You to the Polish intellectuals.

  5. Thanks is due more to Pope St Pius V for his Papal Bull and to traditionalists for standing up against despotic bishops and hare-brained non-Catholic progressivists, than to JP (RIP) II who fled in the face of Cardinal Lustiger and his rebellious french episcopate rather than enforce what was liturgically lawful already. Like his three encyclicals on the eucharist, he must have known his Apostolic Letter on "Indult" would have been either ignored or countered which it has been. The "Indult" is a mess and is routinely flouted or systematically overlooked.

    Let us give the praise where it is due: JP II never said a Latin Mass in his entire pontificate and he was responsible for most of the liturgical tripe and musical banality that we have witnessed in modern church. He wanted inculturation of the liturgy and he most likely did not care much for The Latin Mass on a personal level. But, of course, the hidden agenda is canonisation at any cost.

  6. I still love the presumption, it's such a rib-tickler.


    I am the eggman.

    Leave off the Theology of the Body (sure to outlast the sell-by date on my cheese sandwich, not) and try the Theology of the Mystical Body and get a clue.

    Pass the spliff.

  7. Thank you very much to the anonymous that posted the link to the "missa cantata". This is home to me. Indeed it is a glimce of heaven on earth. Thanks a lot. God bless you. Thank you to Archbishop Lefevbrev who had the courage to stand "alone" in defense of the Tridentine Mass. Someday he will be recognized on this earth by being elevated to the altars. When? Who knows. In 500 hundred years? Who cares. He is already in heaven enjoying the fruits of his sowing here on earth. How could we ever pay him? Thanks to the SSPX which continues the struggle of Archbishop Lefevbrev. No matter what the outcome at the Vatican is, the Tridentine Mass has been saved for ever. AMDG.

  8. Anonymous2:38 AM

    Even a casual perusal of the works of a modern Polish writer such as the late Czeslaw Milosz will convince one of the depth and complexity of the intellectual currents of that country. We here cannot hold a candle to it, and that includes our own Catholic traditionalist movement such as it is in the USA; we ought therfore be especially grateful and honored to have these people joining us in this cause.

    Nevertheless, this is no time for slouching. These manifestos need be circulated in many nations and gather as many signatories as possible. The hollow support for the anti-Tridentine crowd demonstrates the shallowness of "modern culture" that so much has been expended for by Catholics since the last council. "Modern man," really nothing more than the hollow parrot voice of mass media, however amplified, is here revealed to be a fake pretender to the antiChrist, to whom he slavishly bows but only prefigures. Sadly, only bishops and Church beaurocrats still seem not to get it, and to still quail in fear of this great and powerful Oz.

    So everybody keep busy until the holy father is buried in manifestos and signatures. We have been little heard since the last council, and beaurocrats, parish councils, etc have presumed to steal the true "voice of the faithful" for decades. Now is our moment, and no rest until Benedetto moves forward on this.

    maurus, osb

  9. "JP II never said a Latin Mass in his entire pontificate"

    Well, never said a Tridentine Latin Mass anyway.

    "This courageous and timely act only confirms that jokes at the expense of the Poles will never be welcome again."

    Amen. Long live the Polish people! With this manifesto, I've never been prouder to be an extreme remote descendant of the medieval Piast dynasty.

  10. I think the 1,000 or so signatures can be whittled down to something in the double digits, or perhaps in the low 100s, judging by the "signatures" of these people (see the original Italian version here:

    Kurt Cobain, Silvio Berlusconi, Charles Montgomery Burns, Rocco Siffredi, Marylin Manson, Saddam Hussein, Aleister Crowley, Magilla Gorilla, "Clowns Scismatici" "Grain winnowers of zizzania" Giuseppe Garibaldi "Hatu Nonusay, Japanese whore Kioto," "Willy Coyote, Hunter, Hollywood," "Giuda Iscariota, Cattocomunista Apostle, Karioth," "George Malizia Possessed person," "Herry Theeight, King" Britney Spears, Singer NY", and last but not least, "PAOLO VI MONTINI HERETICAL DEMOLISHER 6° DANTESQUE GIRONE (Rome)"

    Oh, yeah, they're believeable.

  11. I burst out laughing at the "Kurt Cobain" signature. His profession? "Cantante (grunge)"!

  12. God have mercy on his soul, but Cobain could well be continuing his profession in the nether regions.

  13. That so called "cleric", Paolo Farinella is emblematic of how destructive a catholic cleric can be. There is nothing more dangerous than a catholic Ayatollah and people dumb enough to follow him. But I am sure that he must have wealthy patrons behind him, in the Vatican, in Italy and around the world. He clearly wanted to destroy the Catholic Church. AMDG.

  14. I just fail to see how the "Farinella Petition" is a flop. Has the Motu Proprio come out yet?

  15. I think it is fair to think that the so called "cleric" Paolo Farinella, is an agent of Italian interests that would to have Vatican City annexed to Italy. I am sure of this. A real Judas in the Mystical Body of Christ. This is the sort of people that must be expelled from priesthood. It is not charity to tolerate this people in the Mystical Body of Christ, but to work in favor of the Devil. AMDG.

  16. I think it is fair to think that the so called "cleric" Paolo Farinella, is an agent of Italian interests that wish to have Vatican City annexed to Italy. I am sure of this. A real Judas in the Mystical Body of Christ. This is the sort of people that must be expelled from priesthood. It is not charity to tolerate this people in the Mystical Body of Christ, but to work in favor of the Devil. AMDG.

  17. "JP II never said a Latin Mass in his entire pontificate."

    Actually, if I remember right, I do recall reading somewhere that he did say one or two Tridentine Masses in his private chapel (or whatever it is called) during his pontificate.

  18. Cassianus:

    Una Voce were the first to publicize (in English that is) JP II's offering of the Pian Rite:

    The Pope, the Mass
    and the Society of St. Pius X

    Father Pierre Blet, SJ, Professor of Church History at the Gregorian University, celebrated for his defence of Pope Pius XII against the charge of anti-semitism, has given an interview in which he made some interesting comments apropos relations between Rome and the Society of Saint Pius X and the attitude of Rome to the Traditional Mass. This interview was published in the July-August 2002 issue of the journal of Una Voce France. Father Blet considers that there are at present indications that an entente may be reached. Father Blet noted that members of the Society had been very warmly received during the Holy Year, but that things have slowed down a little since then due principally to the question of accepting Vatican II. He added that "this was not an impediment given that the Council had not promulgated any binding dogmatic definition. Everyone therefore has the right to examine what he feels able to accept..."

    Where the problem of the Mass is concerned, certain cardinals of the Curia, and not the least among them, would be willing to accept the Mass of St. Pius V. Some of them have celebrated it publicly. Father Blet then made public some information that has remain confidential until now: "The Pope himself celebrated this Mass during his recent vacation." He also reported the suggestion of a cardinal who remarked that in a town in the Middle-East where he had been a missionary the Mass is celebrated in a dozen different rites. "Under these circumstances, he asked, why could there not be two rites in the West?" Father Blet added: "The Curia is ready to make concessions in this matter."

  19. Anonymous9:39 PM

    The International Federation Una Voce appreciates this particular initive by the Polish group, like the French and Italian already did.
    This Federation of lay Catholics attached to the traditional Roman/Latin Rite considers these initiatives as a support of its activities already reported on our website [enter]


  20. I just viewed some pictures on the fssp website [
    Look for scrolling text on right, 27.XII.2006 Krakow, and click]of Bishop Joseph Nathaniel Perry of Chicago [ /]

    Anyone know what this was about?

  21. Anonymous2:50 AM

    given me a good idea... There are nearly a half dozen Trad Catholic MPs here in Australia... and a huge number of prominent intellectuals...

  22. Anonymous3:35 AM

    Bishop perry is a frequent celebrant of the Classical rite of Mass at St. John Cantius, the parish of the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius (, an active proponent of liturgical restoration, and heir apparent of Cdl. George in Chicago.

  23. I have heard that JPII celebrated mass according to the 62 missal on occasion at Castelgandolpho.I was also told by an eyewitness that he once celebrated the TLM at the tomb of either Pius XII or Blessed John XXIII.Why not publicly?Because he feared that it would have a negative reaction and be divisive.His approach (which you may not agree with ,I don't)is that one has to have a greater consensus before you would so act.Of course he violated that when he issued the first indult after determining that 90% of the worlds bishops did not want the TLM.That is why it was so restrictive.The Econe consecrations gave him the chance to make the indult much wider but the episcopal response was far from enthusiastic.He figured the liturgical mess would not be cleaned up in a few years bacause any move to do so would be portrayed as a rejection of VII,which of course it would not.The renewal of the liturgy was not at the top of his agenda.I recently heard from someone who should know that JP wanted to allow the TLM in Rome way before he did.He had the naive idea that it should be a collegial decision .Therefore he would ask the Vicar of Rome,Cardinal Poletti and then Archbishop Noe (in charge of St.Peters.They met and Cardinal Poletti was enthusiastic but Noe protested strongly and refused to budge.So the Holy Father decreed it could be celebratedin Rome but not in the Vatican.

  24. Anonymous8:26 PM

    As one who has always been attached to the Latin Tridentine Rite, as it is commonly known, I could never understand why an Indult was needed. As a member of the Commission of Cardinals reporting to Pope John Paul II on the Old Rite, both he and Pope Benedict XVI were aware of the conclusions that no permission was needed by a Priest from his Bishop to use this rite. Consequently, surely a directive to the Bishops from the Pope making it compulsory that they facilitate the use of this rite and give it equal status with the Novus Ordo Missae would be more in line. After all he is the Pope and any Bishop who would oppose this would betray his disobedience. Just a thought

  25. The point is therefore well made - the previous pontiff never clearly celebrated The Latin Mass in a manner which was distinguishably and publicly approving. He perhaps, according to suggestion or rumour, said one or two in his private chapel. This is the same place he gave holy communion to the non-catholic prime minister of UK, is it not? To try to attribute the restoration of right to celebrate the Traditional liturgy to any modernist pope is a denial of the reality. Pope St Pius V, Pope St Pius X, Archbishop Lefebvre and others deserve public mention of merit in this regard. But a phenomenologist, liturgical inculturationist, surely not.

  26. Anonymous5:53 AM

    Since VAT II it would appear, with the hopeful, prayerful exception of Benedict XVI, that popes seem unaware of their title of "Supreme Pontiff" and have behaved in fear of their Curia. The Church needs popes with courage and bravery, not Curia-pleasers.

  27. Didn't JPII celebrated the Tridentine Mass during the mass he celebrated with the cardinal electors, right after his election? I have seen pictures of him facing "Ad Orientum" at the altar of the Sistine Chapel.

  28. Anonymous3:21 PM

    Poland is one of the last truly Catholid realms left. If the Tridentine Mass is restored, then what is left of Christendom (Poland, Austria, Roma) can be saved.

  29. So those of you who are 'with the holy father' do you know how many tridentine, more correctly, traditional masses that B XVI himself has offered? Can he put his money where his mouth is?

  30. CSI

    This topic has surfaced before - I have said that he could overcome all the nonsense about the liturgy if he celebrated publicly to a global audience, one proper traditional Latin Mass. Where is the true Catholic sense of leadership in all of this? It has been diluted into that toxic conciliarite notion of collegiality. Thus, he won't do this in order not to upset the progressivist wing which is, alas, where his clerical past belongs.

    Rather, the modern church swims in a circus of rumours and a media-driven semblance of reliable information. We also witness overexaggerated claims that the previous pontiff has saved the traditional church "in some manner" by his less than courageous "Indult" Apostolic Letter which most bishops have treated with contempt anyway.

    The simple act of saying the Mass which is truly Roman Catholic and truly universal has become impossible for any pope now.

  31. "The simple act of saying the Mass which is truly Roman Catholic and truly universal has become impossible for any pope now."

    This is not true. As Pope he is above everybody. He just doesnt' want to. Benedict XVI is a conciliar pope. AMDG.

  32. Indeed quite so .... impossible for any modern pope.

  33. mack, for a modern pope, yes, impossible because it would go against his nature.

  34. humbolt

    When I write about these fellows I have their 'nature' very much in mind. When a holy father can simultaneously talk about reestablishing traditional liturgical rights, pray in mosques facing Mecca with muftis, advocate rapid canonisation procedures for an oft times un-Catholic predecessor and place St Paul's teachings on a public pedastal while ignoring the proper Catholic decorum in public worship, St Paul wrote about, then you have to look to his 'nature' to make any sense of it at all.

    Ultimately, it is, therefore, beyond his psychological scope to do the very thing that would forestall all the liturgical disobedience and tomfoolery we witness on a daily basis in NO church: a minute but representative sample of which has been put up on this site.


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