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A Vatican II Moment
brought to you by the Archdiocese of Westminster

Christ, becoming obedient even unto death and because of this exalted by the Father, entered into the glory of His kingdom. To Him all things are made subject until He subjects Himself and all created things to the Father that God may be all in all. Now Christ has communicated this royal power to His disciples that they might be constituted in royal freedom and that by true penance and a holy life they might conquer the reign of sin in themselves.
Lumen Gentium, 36

Or, as The Sunday Telegraph reports, they may celebrate "the reign of sin in themselves" through the Most Holy Sacrament -- why not? The Sunday Telegraph adds that these "Gays' Masses", now fully authorised by His Eminence Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor, supposedly with the authorisation of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, are under the responsibility of a "Catholic" group called "Soho Masses Pastoral Council". Since today is the third Sunday in February, we assume their public "bidding prayers" for Civil Unions will be used in their group's new Mass, which we publish here just in case they are deleted in the future:

These bidding prayers are among those used at Masses on the 3rd Sunday of each month


Let us pray to our loving God who, in Christ, did not disdain to be born of humankind, but gloriously raised our flesh to be an instrument of grace. May our sisters and brothers … NN … who have registered their partnership(s) in the past month be graced by your presence, that they may be strengthened through faith, and by the love of the Holy Spirit. Supported by your martyrs and saints, Sergius and Bacchus, Felicity and Perpetua, renowned for their one for another, may they abide in the same love all the days of their life.

God, in your mercy: Hear our prayer.


Let us pray to God who creates us all in the same image and likeness, as Christ our beloved Redeemer, for our sisters and brothers who have registered their partnership(s) in the past month: … NN … Through the intercession of your martyrs and saints, Sergius and Bacchus, Felicity and Perpetua, renowned for their love, one for another, along with (other saints’ names could be added …) grant them love without enmity and without stumbling, all the days of their life. God, in your mercy: Hear our prayer.


Let us pray to our loving God who wills that no person should be alone, but rejoice in love, and has destined people one for another. We pray for … NN … who have registered their partnership(s) during this past month. May their love be like strong trees bearing good fruit; their homes as places of openness and hospitality, especially to anyone in need; their lives like a course over which refreshing waters stream, where fatigue is eased and well-being celebrated. Let their work be creative, their silence speak powerfully, and their words spread goodness, until they come to rest in the sleep of peace.


May the faithfulness of God confirm you in friendship; the love of Jesus, our companion on the way, accompany you on life’s journey; the fire of the Spirit enliven your faith and commitment now and all the days to come.

4) - Before the blessing & Dismissal at the end of Mass:

We celebrate the friendship and mutual commitment of … NN … who have registered their partnership(s) in this past month. May they be sources of healing for themselves and the wider community, prophets of a vision of reconciled relationships, pointing to a new heaven and a new earth. Let us now recommit ourselves to act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with our God.


We commit ourselves to celebrate and value the bonds of friendship as gifts of God; to hold a concern not for ourselves only, but for those most in need, the powerless and voiceless; to welcome our diversity as sisters and brothers, each gifted with unique dignity in a rainbow creation; to witness to a new humanity, the reign of God’s justice and love, through the integrity of our words and deeds, now and for all days to come.

No wonder the majority of the British political Establishment completely ignored the ridiculous position of the British Catholic hierarchy on adoption by homosexual "couples". If same-sex "partnerships" are celebrated in Catholic "Eucharistic celebrations", why should Catholic adoption agencies be exempted from any law which recognizes them? Are same-sex "partnerships" right or wrong after all?

Congratulations to the "Soho Masses Pastoral Council": as we all know, it is the Traditional Latin Mass which causes disunity among the Catholic faithful.


  1. Anonymous3:27 PM

    What a disaster. If the CDF really has approved this sacrilege, one can hardly fail to note who the current head of the CDF is, where he was formerly bishop, and what his policies toward homosexuality were as bishop.

    I guess the best we can hope for now is that the homosexuals won't be allowed to offer pseudomatrimonial Black Masses, which is pretty much what they'd be doing if they use those prayers that drag the memories of the saints through the filth by holding them up as models of homosexual perversion.

    It's all I can do not to weep now for these continuing scandals and assaults on the faith.

  2. Evil comes in many disguises, the wolf, so to speak, garbed as the sheep and, in some cases, the shepherd. In these cases, it is disordered thinking that allows for this kind of dementia at mass. It helps to recall that England is pretty much of a socialist country with an eroding structure. It is showong now its mid stages of decay.

    Pray, however, for England. And for the United States, which, in many places, is not that far behind.

    --John Hetman
    Niles, IL

  3. Cardinal Schonborns twin? From east to west a homosexual sacrifice...

    Who is intrinsically disordered again?

    It is so appropriate Soho is in this somewhere.

  4. Anonymous4:04 PM


  5. Yes, they are... As Sts. Sergius and Bacchus...

  6. The archdiocese apparently also think that homosexual inclinations
    are not morally disordered:

    "That teaching has been laid out in successive Church documents including the recent document of the Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales, Cherishing Life,which states that in so far as a homosexual inclination “can lead to sexual activity which excludes openness to the generation of new human life and the essential sexual complementarity of man and woman, it is, in this particular and precise sense only, objectively disordered.” (Cherishing Life par 111)"

    On the contrary, evil is a good that is properly missing to the nature of the person; thus for a man his sexual inclination would be towards a woman, and a woman to a man (c.f. St. Thomas - I,Q. xiv, a. 10; Q. xlix, a. 3). Hence, it is a disorder, an evil, to be inclined to that which one may not be inclined to.

    Showing how far these poor, deluded bishops have departed from the Faith, I reference you to what the Archdiocese has hidden from the
    Here is the full statement that faithful:

    "At the present time there are those who, basing themselves on observations in the psychological order, have begun to judge indulgently, and even to excuse completely, homosexual relations between certain people. This they do in opposition to the constant teaching of the Magisterium and to the moral sense of the Christian people.

    A distinction is drawn, and it seems with some reason, between homosexuals whose tendency comes from a false education, from a lack of normal sexual development, from habit, from bad example, or from other similar causes, and is transitory or at least not incurable; and homosexuals who are definitively such because of some kind of innate instinct or a pathological constitution judged to be incurable.

    In regard to this second category of subjects, some people conclude that their tendency is so natural that it justifies in their case homosexual relations within a sincere communion of life and love analogous to marriage, in so far as such homosexuals feel incapable of enduring a solitary life.

    In the pastoral field, these homosexuals must certainly be treated with understanding and sustained in the hope of overcoming their personal difficulties and their inability to fit into society. Their culpability will be judged with prudence. But no pastoral method can be employed which would give moral justification to these acts on the grounds that they would be consonant with the condition of such people. For according to the objective moral order, homosexual relations are acts which lack an essential and indispensable finality. In Sacred Scripture they are condemned as a serious depravity and even presented as the sad consequence of rejecting God. This judgment of Scripture does not of course permit us to conclude that all those who suffer from this anomaly are personally responsible for it, but it does attest to the fact that homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered and can in no case be approved of".( CDF, 1975; "Declaration on Certain Questions Concerning Sexual Ethics")

  7. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Those Bishops are sick, mad, isane! It´s their fault, their fault: the difficulties in Evangelization, the empty Churches, the damage to the souls, everything!

    This is subliminar heterodoxy. HETERODOXY. WE HAVE HETERODOX BISHOPS! There! I´ve said it. It is true: only a heterodox bishop would allow for a prayer like that to be approved for use in a Cathedral, or in any church for that matter.

  8. William Cardinal Levada:

    Archbishop of Haight-Ashbury, I mean San Francisco, CA, USA;

    Home of Flaming Liberalism in more ways than one;

    What more can one say about this abomination?

  9. Anonymous9:48 PM

    That's what you get when you allow homosexuals to become clergy. They don't think there's anything wrong with it.

  10. I have read quotes from Pope Pius XII in which he compared in an unfavorable sense the depravity of the modern world (in 1940's) to that of the days of Noah. That was before abortion-on-demand; birth control pills; television; the internet; the rise of aggressive homosexual rights groups; the Church-inspired death of so-called Catholic states; the modern persecution of traditional Catholics; the rise to episcopal thrones of the likes of Mahony, Martini, Murphy-O'Connor, Levada, et al; ecumania; the Abomination of Assisi in 1986; the Pontifical Quran Kiss; the sacerdotal buggery crisis; the loss of Western Europe to the Faith; the adoption of a Protestant-inspired liturgy by the Church in the West.... Anyone care to add to the list? But, of course, "Santo Subito" John Paul II said we are living in the Springtime and not the dead of winter. And, since he was the pope, we are expected to believe it.

    I tell you what I believe - Fatima and Akita.

    The Roman Catholic Church is the Mystical Body of Christ. It has lived, in a mystical sense, the life of Christ and it is apparent to this observer that She is now being crucified with the assistance of the high priests (I mean clergy) that should defend Her. She will eventually succumb and appear as dead to all the world. But, of course, we all know the real end of this story! And that end is the only good thing I have to say about the Church today.

  11. Anonymous11:33 PM

    'Cardinal Schonborns twin?'

    Yes, speaking of Cardinal Schonborn, can someone please explain what is going on with him? He is, after all, the principal author of the Catechism and, I had believed, an impeccably orthodox theologian. Have I slept through something? What gives?

  12. Anonymous11:42 PM

    "Those Bishops are sick, mad, insane! It´s their fault, their fault: the difficulties in Evangelization, the empty Churches, the damage to the souls, everything!".

    That certainly seems to be the reality as far as many bishops in E and W are concerned. Two of them planned to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the previous Director of CAFOD (the Bishops Fund-raising agency) and his gay partner a couple of years back - but, after a stink was created once their cover was blown, contented themselves with being in the congregation while the celebration 'Mass' was conducted by a seminary rector (now no longer in that position - Deo gratias!)instead.

    The bishops of E and W are the best example of cloning we have in the West - what one says and does the rest say and do.

    They get away with their hypocritical heterodoxy because of the succession of compliant Nuncios and the fact that, by and large, we English will always do what the bishops say - the bishops can't be wrong, can they?. Unfortunately, most people forget that 500 years ago most of the bishops were wrong - and they think the same thing can't happen again. Regretably, it is happening again and we lack a St John Fisher.

    When will Rome and the rest of the world wake up to this scandal?
    I work for the Church, so I can't sign my real name - much as I would like to.

  13. Anonymous12:44 AM

    Where are the tools to defend the Church that Christ Himself used to drive Satan from His very midst i.e. Judas Iscariot? The tools used by all popes to defend Holy Mother Church from such heretical scurrility for centuries and centuries until the end of Vatican Council II, when it suddenly stopped: anathema and excommunication.

    Recall when the innocent John the Apostle asked Our Divine Master who is it that will betray You? Our Lord answered: "He it is to whom I shall reach bread dipped. And when He had dipped the bread, He gave it to Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon. And after the morsel, Satan entered into him. And then Jesus said to Judas: "That which thou dost, do quickly." (John 13: 26-27).

    Jesus' reflection on this betrayal were His most powerful words: "The Son of man indeed goeth, as it is written of Him: but woe to that man by whom the Son of man shall be betrayed: it were better for him, if that man had not been born." (Matt 26:24)

    We see our Divine Teacher showing us how to deal with such Judases in our midst by dismissing them from the altar of His Eucharist-- firmly yet charitably--in hopes they will repent (excommunication) and also cursing such betrayal with the clear implication of eternal damnation and Divine Wrath for such a one born (anathema).

    Now if Our Divine Teacher and Lord shows us the way of excommunication and anathema in His very Presence for such pertinacious and public sinners as Judas Iscariot, we wonder when the same will occur to these depraved British churchmen who countenance the "abomination and desolation in the House of God" predicted by Daniel the Prophet so long ago. How desperately the flock needs protection now from these hirelings!

    Benedict XVI's patience may be running very, very thin! "Viva le Papa!"

    j hughes dunphy

  14. Queer Nation has taken the CDF.

  15. anon:
    where did you *ever* get the idea that cardinal schonborn is orthodox?
    Pius X has something to say about how certain men operate...the play games.

    Principal author of the catechism? He was 'general editor'...You ought to read the Abbe de Nantes critque of the CCC, and his analysis of BXVIs is his "two authors" hypothesis of the CCC that stands out, where one author is accused of heresy, heresies that strangely disappear in the new Compendium.

    However, go to Cath Con,

    and read everyting there under the labels Austria, Linz, Schonborn, Carnival, etc. and then say he is orthodox, or go to my blog and link to the latest from Cath Con on Schonborn. Austria is a nightmare.

    Leave a comment for Mr. Gillibrand at Cath Con, tell him your opinion and see how he responds.

  16. So sorry...mixed two issues. Schonborn was general editor and coauthored introduction...perhaps he even read the CCC? Who knows. Ignore remarks about Abbe de nnates and Compendium. Didn't mean to pull a progressive trick by mentioning something only to turn right around and tell you to drop it.


  17. Anonymous2:04 AM

    UNBELIEVABLE. I thought the heirarchy were stronger and more discerning when it comes to this stuff.

  18. The stench stops at Peter's Throne (I mean "chair", one wouldn't want to sound retro and monarchist). This stuff does not go on in spite of the popes. It goes on BECAUSE of them. When will people get it? If an absolute, divinely- sanctioned monarch really and truly with his whole mind and will opposes something, barring the threat of military force, his will will be done. The recent popes are gelded by their own principles. They have accepted at core the thinking that inevitably, that is, INELUCTABLY, leads to this and all the other abominations. It's time for everybody who cares to say a loud: "NO"! Only at the threat of massive schism and STOPPAGE OF MONEY will they even pretend to act as Catholics.

    Note to Jordan Potter: Who in the world put Levada at CDF? Obviously Levada was the man, not Burke, not Castrion, not Olmsted...Levada. I guess we should be 'grateful' B16 didn't put Mahoney there, although, what's the difference, really?

  19. Anonymous8:09 AM

    "Two of them planned to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the previous Director of CAFOD (the Bishops Fund-raising agency) and his gay partner a couple of years back..."

    In fact it was in 2000, the rest of the heirarchy were at the Episcopal Ordination of Mgr Kieron Conry, one of his two priestly "supporters" at his ordination has been in an openly gay relationship for years. If it were not for this event, presumably, more of the heirarchy wopuld have attended this Anniversary.
    There is something very rotten about the English Church.

  20. These Masses have been going on for years. In some ways this represents an improvement, although - to say the least - there remains cause for concern. See my blog here..

  21. Anonymous12:36 PM

    The liturgical nightmare in Austria speaks more to Schonborn's orthodoxy (or lack of it) than any of his books published by the neo-conservative Ignatius Press.

  22. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Here's what Ignatius Press says about Cardinal Schonborn:

    'Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, O.P., (born 1945) the Archbishop of Vienna, Austria, is a highly regarded author, teacher, and theologian.

    'He was a student of Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) and with him was co-editor of the monumental Catechism of the Catholic Church. He studied theology and philosophy in Bornheim-Walberberg, Vienna, and Paris. He was ordained a Dominican priest by Cardinal Franz König in December 1970 in Vienna, and later studied in Regensburg. From 1975 he was professor at Freiburg im Uechtland.

    'In 1980, he became a member of the international theological commission of the Holy See, and in 1987 he became editorial secretary for the Catechism. He speaks six languages and has written numerous books.'

    No mention of the liturgical abominations and homosexual blessings in Austria. Apparently the folks at Ignatius Press don't frequent Cathcon, or perhaps they are in denial.

  23. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Disgusting !! This liturgical abuse shouldnot be permitted. I hope this outrageous new "Liturgy" gets the eye of the Vatican and both the new liturgy for Gays, and the Cardinal are given the boot!

  24. Anonymous1:04 PM

    On second thought, better yet...if the Prefect of the CDF, Cardinal William Levada (known as sympathetic to homosexuals) approved this, I hope that He is fired by Benedict XVI. UNless Benedict XVI is sympathetic to this garbage as well. Then the Church is in worse shape than we thought.

  25. Thanks for the link Catholic Action UK.

  26. Anonymous2:50 PM

    "He who is a hireling and not a shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees; and the wolf snatches them and scatters them. He flees because he is a hireling and cares nothing for the sheep." (Jn 10:12-13)

    Our Lord was perhaps speaking with foreknowledge of this:

    and this:

  27. New Catholic says...

    " If same-sex "partnerships" are celebrated in Catholic "Eucharistic celebrations", why should Catholic adoption agencies be exempted from any law which recognizes them? Are same-sex "partnerships" right or wrong after all?"

    SoHo Masses say...

    "the Soho Masses, welcoming lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered Catholics, parents, families and friends, will be celebrated at the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption & St Gregory, Warwick Street, London W1B 5NB, at 17.00 on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month"

    "on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month"

    Sounds like some of the Indult Masses that the American Bishops so "generously" allow.

    Perhaps those so blind might now see why the Bishops of the SSPX Order do not say "well as long as we have our Tridentine Mass, it's okay" as many conservative Catholics say, No! The SSPX Order's Bishops are True Shepherds wanting to take care of the WHOLE flock, not just have theirs! The hierarchy wants the SSPX to agree with such heresy like "SoHo Mass Groups"! So Vile!

    Christ did not leave us orphans! Vive Cristo Rey!


    They worry
    About the Latin,
    They worry
    About the old.
    They worry
    About tradition
    But not about
    The fold.
    They worry
    About the doctrines,
    All truth’s met
    With aversion.
    But “let the little
    Children come”
    To death-dens
    Of perversion.
    They worry
    About THAT Bishop,
    Been dead
    Some 16 years.
    They worry
    About the orthodox,
    Those priests,
    His spiritual peers,
    Who still confect
    The Sacrifice
    Like Jesus
    Did entail,
    And fight against
    Such lies as “nice”…
    Hell’s gays
    Will not prevail!

  28. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Hora novissima, tempora pessima sunt — vigilemus.
    Ecce minaciter imminet arbiter ille supremus.
    Imminet imminet ut mala terminet, aequa coronet,
    Recta remuneret, anxia liberet, aethera donet.
    Auferat aspera duraque pondera mentis onustae,
    Sobria muniat, improba puniat, utraque iuste.


  29. Yes, speaking of Cardinal Schonborn, can someone please explain what is going on with him? He is, after all, the principal author of the Catechism and, I had believed, an impeccably orthodox theologian. Have I slept through something? What gives?

    I met Schönborn 6 years ago or so. It was right around the time he wrote to the Vatican asking for an explanation about the New GIRM concerning Mass ad orientem. I was studying at his institute there in Austria.
    Now at the same time a fire storm erupted in the Austrian Press because the good cardinal said some insensitive words about those who support abortion. As the media began to attack him and people said he was "intolerant" he came on tv and apologized, and said that isn't what he meant, and tried to clear it all up and he sounded a lot worse. I could see it in his personality, he doesn't like the idea that he hurt anyone personally, so he watches all his statements to make sure he is just talking about ideas, and if he has offended someone he wants to take away the offense, he doesn't realize that it is the perennial teaching of the Church which causes the offense!
    The man really needs prayers, because for that reason he generally lets all his underlings do what he wants. A man after JPII's heart.

  30. oops, that should have been do what they want.

  31. The key part of this story is confirming the extent of CDF involvement. You know under Levada in San Francisco a similar parish existed.

  32. Anonymous5:20 PM

    I suppose you mean that its after after JPII's heart to bless homosexual unions in Stehphansdom as he permitted his archpriest to do last year in Wien? Wake up folks! If we can bear liturgical outrages can we bear this? Remember how God condemned not only Sodom and Gomarah but also the qedeshoth, the male temple prostitutes that were tolerated in the Temple precincts. These people were devotees to Astarte, the fertility goddess, who believe that males copulating by reason of sympathetic magic had an even greater effect upon agricultural production than normal sex. In ancient times was widely believed that the male was solely responsible for fertilzation.
    A Prayer:
    "O God to whom all vengeance belongeth, show Thyself!" Strike down those who make a mockery of all that is sacred by virtue of being pleasing to Thee! Rid your Church of these wolves who clothe themselves as shepherds and punish them that their names may be a byword in every land as workers of iniquity! Amen

  33. Hmmmmm, is this priest on point? [ignore comments about SSPX schism]

    or tiny url

  34. Anonymous9:05 PM

    I think that he is off point, here:

    'Those who reject the liturgical changes of the council and maintain a rigid adherence to the Tridentine Missal of Pope Pius V need to understand that the Missal of Pope Paul VI is not a divergence from liturgical tradition.'

    The quoted GIRM is off point, here:

    'Furthermore, if the inner elements of this tradition are reflected upon, it also becomes clear how outstandingly and felicitously the older Roman Missal is brought to fulfillment in the new' (General Instruction on the Roman Missal, #6).

    The above are unexamined assertions, and to call them into question does not constitute a schmismatic act.

    While he makes a strong case against the progressivists, his case against the traditionalists is not so firmly grounded.

  35. Hmmmmm, is this priest on point?

    I'm debunking this now and I'll have a bit on my blog in a day or so concerning this. (Incidentally I used to teach at the school in Danbury which the priest mentioned, and it is still worse than the public schools). The main thing is he commits a giant non sequitur. The Mass of Paul VI is an organic development because the GIRM says so, which was written for the Pauline Mass. Yet it doesn't follow, because the GIRM is neither invested with infallible status, nor does its saying so make it accurate. The question of continuity is bound up with the rites in question, not because no. 5 of the GIRM says there is a link. By the same logic we might judge the position that the new Mass is in continuity with the old as schismatic simply because the current Pope called the new liturgy a "banal on the spot product". The fact remains that the major figures who wrote the Novus Ordo said it was a break from Tradition. Paul VI admitted as much in the Constitution Missale Romanum, and when the entire lectionary, 80% of your collects, and 90% of your ceremonies are thrown out the window, how is it that you have an organic development? Because the Gloria is the same? Good grief.

  36. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Athanasius' commentary is to be applauded for its sagacity on why the 'new mass' is not an organic development from the Tridentine Latin Mass of the Ages. In fact, it is an abrupt severing from this most perfect prayer of all time: a deep-seated organic alteration!

    Why? Consider only for a moment what has happened to the very nature of the prayer in this organic parting of the ways between the "Novus Ordo Missae" and the "Missa Latina Tridentina":

    And if the holy sacrifice of the Mass does not likewise express vociferously, vigorously, and vehemently this same sacrificial nature of immolating ourselves for our sins with the priest, then the Mass becomes only a meal, a social gathering, or an ‘impetratory’ feasting on demands and supplications before God.

    Do we really know the difference in these two masses and realize what has happened in these fundamental changes or are our desires for the Tridentine Latin Mass nothing more than a nostalgic return to pre-Vatican II reminiscences?

    Truly the Tridentine Latin Mass of the ages is an orthodox Roman catholic prayer!

  37. Well, If I had any trad credibility it is gone now! I have got to be more precise. Yes, his argument from GIRM cuts no mustard and so forth. Yes, the, er, fabricators, of the Novus Ordo could not agree with his characterization and remain consitent.

    What I was really driving at, was his comments about disorder and so forth. I wondered what everyone's take was on that, that is, how it would be received in Novus Ordo land.

    Every Catholic should get a t-shirt printed with the following:

    On the front:

    "The New Mass, (don't say Novus Ordo) is banal and prefabricated"

    On the back:

    Picture of BXVI above
    "That's MY OPINION"
    signed Benedict XVI.

    Everytime I tell someone the Novus Ordo is banal and prefabricated their face goes a sweet crimson, then I proceed to put them out of their misery -- or do I mean increase it? -- by saying "but, that's not my opinion, thats what the POPE says."

    Goldfish impression follows...

    Someone should collect *every single criticism* of the Novus ordo by the Pope, collate them, then make them available for general distribution.

    We could have some serious fun making headway...simply hand them out to Novus Ordo Catholics and let them "do a Nomad" viz. Star Trek series, episode 32, "The Changeling".

    "Kirk tells Nomad that Nomad itself has made a mistake, something only an imperfect being can do. He tells Nomad that he is not Jackson Roykirk [Nomads creator], and that Nomad is in error. Realizing his own imperfections, Nomad is caught in a logic loop, and begins to execute its primary function [to destroy imperfect lifeforms] on itself. The machine begins self-destruction..."

  38. I have finished my response to Fr. Farfaglia for those who are interested, which can be viewed in the link. It is lengthy due to my extensive quoting.

  39. Simon-Peter,

    If only Pope Benedict was more speedy in doing something about what he said as a Cardinal!

  40. Anonymous5:25 AM

    Lest there be any doubt that the architects of the New Mass intended the destruction of Roman Catholicism:

    'The relatively new Catholic sensation, Life Teen ™, has brought a contemporary musical experience of the mass to youth and old alike. However, some Catholics still have not felt the spirit move through the praise & worship music that most Non-denominational Christians have enjoyed for years.'

    Well, there you have it. Can it be any more clear?

    Truly, an enemy hath done this.

  41. Anonymous5:39 AM

    'The Mass of Pope Paul VI is valid and contains no heresy, but the suppression of prayers which had given liturgical expression to the doctrine behind the rite is more than sufficient to give cause for concern to all those faith­ful who, like the martyrs of Devon and Cornwall, possess a true sensus Catholicus.' (Michael Davies)

    It is precisely the 'suppression of prayers which had given liturgical expression to the doctrine behind the rite' that makes the New Mass, albeit "valid", a wax nose that can be shaped into whatever form that is pleasing to the liturgical wreckovators.

  42. I know...Life Teen...

    maybe I'll post some animated gifs on my blog soon...

    sweet thangs.

  43. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Superb analysis, Athanasius.

    The address by Paul VI that is quoted in your post is absolutely shocking. I had never read it. It makes me shake. It sickens me.

    Paul VI asserts:

    'It is Christ's will, it is the breath of the Holy Spirit which calls the Church to make this change.'

    Christ's will? No, it cannot be. Again, witness the fruits of this change:

    How can one view the endless gallery of liturgical horrors posted at Cathcon and possibly conclude that the post-Vatican II liturgical reform was the will of our Lord Jesus Christ and the breath of the Holy Spirit? This is impossible. Is the Holy Spirit still at work in the Church, even in the New Mass? Of course! Yet that is NOT the same as to say that the Holy Spirit inspired the liturgical reform.

    My view of Pope Paul VI, which until now has wavered between sympathetic and ambivalent, has changed forever. God forgive me if I am wrong, yet I cannot help but now see him as a very, very bad pope.

    Simon-Peter, yes, some animated gifs would be a most welcome relief! I need a good laugh, to keep from crying.