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[Chávez] described the arrival of [Bishop] Lugo at the Presidency of the Paraguayan nation as "an extraordinary triumph which fills us with optimism."
"We have Fidel [Castro, of Cuba], a guerrilla; myself, a soldier from the barracks; [Rafael] Correa [of Ecuador], a Harvard economist; Evo [Morales, of Bolivia], an Indian; Lula [da Silva, of Brazil], a worker; Cristina [Kirchner, of Argentina],a nationalist, patriotic woman; a physician, Tabaré [Vázquez, of Uruguay]. A priest was missing," he underlined.


  1. There can be no compromise with the world. The Church has to resume customary militancy and soon. The post-conciliar pastoral experiment has been an unmitigated disaster and it has to be admitted. The doctrinal ambiguites and the liturgical abominations have invited the consequences of idolatry with the character of desolation. The Chosen People knew it on several occasions even to the destruction of the Temple.

    It is time to re-enthrone Our Blessed Lord and to obey the admonitions of His Blessed Mother. In addition, there has to be an end to hierarchical disobedience and a summons to prayer, penance and sacrifice. There must be due respect for St Paul's clear and precise teachings on decorum in public worship. Current ecumenism is tantamount to denial of the primacy of The Roman Catholic Faith; the policy of religious liberty based on the preeminence of conscience is a virtual validation of false religion and collegiality contradicts a vital principle Our Blessed Saviour's instituted form of ecclesiastical government.

    There is only one Roman Rite and it has only one "non-vernacular" form - this is the hour of the divine wrath amply demonstrated by Pope St Pius V in "Quo Primum". Until the Roman Catholic liturgy is fully reinstated there will be no restoration of all things in Christ. This is the only liturgy of the western church that guarantees The Roman Catholic Faith.

  2. Anonymous11:25 AM


    I could not agree more!
    God bless you.

    Dan Hunter.

  3. Anonymous12:03 PM


    Well said!

    ~ Belloc

  4. Anonymous12:56 PM

    A good summary of the fight, leong! Oremus!

  5. Leong,

    Should it LOUD, Brother!


  6. Sorry for the multiple posts...I did not see that you are now moderating...which is a good thing given Anonymous.

    God your blog.

  7. Anonymous3:20 PM

    At the risk of sounding contrarian, I think leong is really off-base on a lot of his criticisms.

    Current ecumenism (as His Holiness and THE CHURCH'S ORDINARY MAGISTERIUM would say) is NOT religious indifferentism; that is something that must always be avoided, and His Holiness has done an excellent job of that (read Dominus Iesus). Freedom of conscience does NOT mean (as Dignitatis Humanae itself made clear by stating that older teaching was not changed by it) that we have the right to choose error, it just means other people don't have the right to coerce you into believing one thing or another. No Pope since Vatican II has ever taught that having the bishops cooperate with the Pope in greater collegiality means that the Pope loses his universal jurisdiction--that's why the decrees of bishops' conferences have no binding legal authority unless approved by the Pope, or unless the Pope gives them the authority to make such a decision. St. Pius V had no power to bind his successor, Paul VI, against reforming the Mass; if the "wrath of Sts. Peter and Paul" were to come down on Popes who alter the Mass, then every Pope who approved changes to the Mass between 1570 and 1962 would be in deep trouble (such as Pius XII, who reformed Holy Week). Further, if you mean by your last sentence that the Novus Ordo is heretical (I'm not sure that that's exactly what you mean; maybe you mean that it is ambiguous in such a fashion as to give rise to faulty interpretations, which I would agree with, particularly with our bad English translations), then you deny the Church's indefectibility. If she can go astray in such a fashion as to teach error through her very liturgy, the gates of hell have prevailed.

    I love the Old Mass too, but I love truth more.

  8. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Great summary, Leong.

    Has anyone seen the news article posted on the Remnant web page regarding Putin's crackdown on "religious liberty"?

    One could either cry or laugh at the irony of it.

  9. A priest is still missing.

  10. Johnny Domer,

    While I can't speak for LeonG, ecumenism as practiced over the last forty years and as it is embodied sometimes in the Novus Ordo is indifferent to Tradition and is a rupture and is imbued with relativism. The fundamental fixing necessary in the Novus Ordo is a reduction of the options, which would mean, IMHO, mandatory use of the Propers including the Offertorio, the Confiteor/Kyrie, the restoration of the old Offertory and the elimination of all or most of the Eucharistic Prayers other of course than EP1 which is identical in Latin, the Roman Canon, (except for the Mysterium Fidei and many of the gestures and genuflections). The Novus Ordo IS the Mass but it is often illicit and even invalid. These two are part of the "rupture" with Tradition.

    The Novus Ordo was a "fabrication" as has often been stated; it was not organic growth as done previously.

    Do I assist at the Novus Ordo? Yes, more than once a week. But I am very selective about where I attend, I walk out when it becomes so bad as to be illicit/invalid and on Sundays I attend an Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

    We must end one-at-a-time if necessary communion in the hand and then Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. We must return to kneeling for Communion as the norm.

    Fundamentally, LeonG is right on. The Eucharist is the "Source and Summit" and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass by its nature is synonymous with that great statement. Therefore, we must get back in either form, to the Holy Sacrifice. I don't believe that can ever truly be realized fully in the Novus Ordo until it is reformed as above.

  11. Anonymous10:53 PM

    am I being blocked? You never posted my prior comment. - Jerry,SFO

  12. The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass is the prime source of nourishment for The Faith. Pope Saint Pius V & the Trent fathers understood this exceedingly well as did almost all holy fathers until the 1960s. This is one reason why they acted positively to neutralise the protestant menace through the Holy Mass. Since 1965, the modernism that has beset the church has given protestantism full reign. This can be witnessed no more evidently than in the Bugnini Sunday and weekday services. This is why the modern "faith" of NO catholics is corroded and disorientated. There is abundant evidence to illustrate this objectively but until people see through the phenomenological mist of post-conciliar neo-modernism they will never comprehend the extent to which the human institution has defected from orthodoxy. This is superabundantly demonstrated in the encyclicals and other written works of the popes - compare them. Since the 1960s they have become nearly indecipherable and laden with ambiguities. In addition,there is frequently a very marked distance between what they tell the faithful to do and their public behaviour.

    As I have said before, it is time to wake from sleep. The liturgy reflects the paradigm shift from the stable rock of orthodoxy to the shifting sands of the neomodernist NO.

  13. I don't think so, Jerry.

  14. Anonymous12:43 PM


    Thank you for your posts.

    I hear your plea for the faithful to offer sacrifices to God, to do penances, fast and pray very much as of old. Heaven asks us to do these things. We can not only bemoan the present time of disorientation. It has been said that we get the vocations we deserve because the faithful have not committed to prayer et al.

    I have a hard time reading and understanding V2 documents; they are not an easy read and require an interpreter. But can you trust the interpreter? I remember reading BXVI own writings where he states in either “Christianity and Crisis of Cultures’ or “Central Works” that the Israelites did not really commit idolatry in the desert episode with the golden calf worship.

    “Pray much for the Pope” – Our Lady of Fatima
    “Do penance or perish” – St. Padre Pio and the Doctors of the Church

    I find safe haven in the truth of all time. Let us hold on to the truth and persevere to the end.

    Jerry, SFO


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