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A surprise: end of SSPX Bishops' excommunications
Four Updates
Scheduled for this weekend

The extremely well-informed Spanish blogger Francisco José Fernández de la Cigoña (whose blog La Cigüeña de la Torre was, for instance, one of the first to predict the nomination of Cardinal Cañizares Llovera as Prefect of CDW) had hinted on the nature of the "explosive news" since last week - and since November, in fact.

Today, he confirms that his sources report "explosive news" related to the "Lefebvrists" [sic] - probably the removal or withdrawal of the excommunications of the four Bishops of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX), consecrated by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and co-consecrated by Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer in Ecône, Switzerland, on June 30, 1988. Fernández de la Cigoña predicts the Papal act for "tomorrow" (though it is unclear how long it will take for the act to be made public).

The other signs that things are on the move were reported here yesterday.

UPDATE (2248 GMT). Italian religious journalist Andrea Tornielli has just confirmed in his blog the increasing reports: the Pope has already signed the withdrawal of excommunications, and his act will be made public in the next few days.

Tornielli's post:

The decree in which Benedict XVI decided to cancel the excommunication of the four new Bishops consecrated by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1988 will be made public in the next few days. Now, other than the four (Bernard Fellay, Alfonso de Gallareta [sic - Galarreta], [Bernard] Tissier de Mallerais, and Richard Williamson), Lefebvre himself and the Brazilian Bishop [Antonio] de Castro Mayer who participateed at the ceremony, had been excommunicated.

In that occasion, after having been near reconciling with the Holy See (and after having dealt with then-Cardinal Ratzinger and having signed a protocol of intentions), Archbishop Lefebvre abruptly decided for the rupture and, by consecrating four of his young priests Bishops, accomplished a schismatic act [sic], justified by him due to the necessity of allowing his Fraternity of Saint Pius X to survive. Now, with a truly magnanimous gesture, receiving the request proposed by Fellay, Benedict XVI has decided to remove the excommunication. An excommunication which, it should be noticed, has always and exclusively applied only to the consecrating Bishops (Lefebvre and de Castro Mayer, both deceased for a long time) and the four consecrated Bishops, but not the Lefebvrist [sic] priests or the faithful.
Rorate note: Did Lefebvre accomplish a schismatic act, as Tornielli states in his note? Maybe, but, at this moment, whether it really was a schismatic act or an act with the mere appearance of schism (but not actually schismatic, due to mitigating circumstances of a subjective nature) will be made clear by the precise wording of the papal decree.

UPDATE 2 (Jan. 22, 0730 GMT): Paolo Luigi Rodari also confirms the news in his report for Il Riformista this morning, adding the information that:
"It [the decree] will come out in the next few days, probably by Sunday. The President of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts, Archbishop Francesco Coccopalmerio wrote and signed it [the decree], by the Pope's will."

UPDATE 3 (Jan. 22, 1700 GMT) Interesting excerpts of the article posted today by the ultra-"Progressive" French religious website Golias, with confirmation of informations already known and some new data.

On the eve of the fiftieth anniversary of the convocation of Vatican II (January 25, 1969)
According to our information, the decree regarding this decision has already been signed. ...

According to our sources, Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos and Mgr. Perl [Vice-Presidentof the commission], Luxembourger prelate who will very soon replace him at the top of the "Ecclesia Dei" Commission, were the ones who wrote, together with an Italian prelate, Mgr Mario Marini [Secretary of the Commission], a text of reconciliation in the sense of a removal of the excommunications of the four Lefebvrist Bishops.

Also according to our information, it would not be a full and complete recognition of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X, but a simple removal of the sanction of excommunication; a way to recognize the good faith and ecclesial sense of the "schismatics", while full agreement on the future juridical status of the Fraternity Saint Pius X is not yet complete. Some believe that the Fraternity of Saint Pius X could be erected as a personal prelature of the Pope, similar to that of the Opus Dei. However, those responsible for the latter view with some concern this prospect, which would remove [the exclusivity of] their exceptional status, which has been theirs since 1983, following the decision by Pope John Paul II.

For the time being,as has been his practice, Pope Benedict XVI advances little by little, and the question of the future statute of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X will come on its time... The essential [aspect] for him today is to treat the Lefebvrist bishops as if they had not been excommunicated, which is a completely Roman way of at least "relativizing", without, however, contradicting oneself completely!

It is clear, lastly, that this decision of Pope Benedict XVI, probably made official next January 24, will make a number of Catholic communities react in a critical manner, particularly in France and Switzerland.

UPDATE 4 (Jan. 22, 2000 GMT): From Italian news agency ASCA, the prudent position of the SSPX, while it awaits an official publication:


(ASCA) - Roma, 22 Jan - "In the absence of an official declaration by the Holy See, the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius [X] does not discuss the rumors on a possible withdrawal of the excommunication. There will not be any communication before the publication of a text by the Vatican": it is the response of Father Alan Lorans, director of the information services of the schismatic [sic] Fraternity founded by Archbishop Lefebvre ... .


  1. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!
    Let us pray that this wonderful news becomes true as soon as possible. This could be the beginning of a new breakthrough of Tradition within the Church!

  2. Anonymous9:14 PM

    If this is true, right about now, the body of Annibale Bugnini is spinning in his tomb fast enough to power a small city.

  3. Very positive, very hopeful news. Keep praying. . . .

  4. This will outrage some, but in all truth, the broader Church has acted in such bad faith and with such abusive disregard towards its traditional faithful, justice - Divine and human - will be served should this prove true. The church will only be correcting a situation that it itself and the trecherous times in which we live brought about. IMHO.

    Ad multos annos, Benedictum XVI.

  5. Anonymous9:51 PM


    Let me set my chair upright.


    Let us watch and pray. Never say never, they say. I'll be thrilled to be proven wrong on this one.

  6. Anonymous9:52 PM


  7. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Will this remove the irregular status of the SSPX?

  8. White smoke from Tornielli:

  9. I'm praying for this news to be true. This is wonderful! May God protect our Holy Father, so that he takes every measure necessary to heal the Catholic liturgy, irrespective of the many wolves around him.

    May St Sebastian, a heroe of the Faith, whose feast day we celebrated yesterday, intercede for us!

  10. Anonymous10:47 PM

    If the excommunications were invalidated, this would be the second time Pope Benedict XVI has declared John Paul II was wrong with respect to traditionalist issues, the first being the motu proprio declaring the traditional Mass was never abbrogated (thus an "indult" to say it assumed the Mass was indeed abbrogated).

  11. if with the removal of the "Excommunications" takes care of their irregular status I will drive to the SSPX HQ (bout 20min away) and pray a Te Deum with my brothers!

  12. Anonymous11:17 PM


    Pope John Paul II did not excommunicate the Bishop Lefebvre. After the consecrations he incurred an automatic excommunication because there was no papal approval for the consecrateions.

  13. Anonymous11:19 PM


    you have no reason not to drive there next Sunday for Mass. The SSPX priests are not excommunicated. In fact they have never been. It is only the four bishops who are excommunicated.

  14. They are, however, suspended, which can be a pretty good reason to hesitate about assisting at an SSPX Mass.

    That being said, it is the hope of our kind host the blog owner that commenters will avoid rehashing once again all the well-known and well-worn divisive arguments and debates regarding the SSPX. Momentous things are apparently imminent, and things are at a delicate pass. Let us all pray for reconciliation, regularisation, and a revoking or invalidation of the excommunications, and let us be charitable and circumspect in our words.

  15. Anonymous11:35 PM

    How can we show our gratitude to our Holy Father and to God when this happens?

    This is big news! Our outpouring of gratitude must match the greatness of this climatic event!

    Our Lady must be preparing her children for one huge battle. The conditions of the world are of such evil, that only a united front can gain us the victory, that victory which will culminate in the final defeat of Satan, just as Sr. Lucia stated.

  16. I suspect this will be announced on the eighth day of the Octave of the Chair of Unity because the eighth day is the one reserved for internal unity matters. In any case my prayers, as well as those of many others, appear to have been answered and I hope that the SSPX will be able to be the right hand to Pope Benedict XVI in restoring true fidelity to Catholic principles throughout the world. Ad multos annos, Papa Benedict, and gratias Mater Dei.

  17. Anonymous12:06 AM

    Some priest who was in Rome last week, told me that the decree was already signed by the pope and dated 21-jan-09

  18. Anonymous12:25 AM

    I'm crying tears of joy right now -

    please let this be true, please let this be true, please let this be true, please let this be true, Mary, Queen of Heaven, please let this be true...

  19. Jordanes, relative to Christopher's question and your answer,

    Will the lifting of the excommunications necessarily have the effect of ending the suspension of the priests, or will it depend on the wording of the decree?

    And I am familiar with the letter of Msgr. Perl regarding the liceity of attending Mass at an SSPX chapel, but the suspension issue will hold great weight with many. So, is it any "more" licit to attend an SSPX Mass if the excommunications are lifted but nothing is said pro or con on the suspensions?

    Any enlightenment you can shed would be appreciated.

  20. Anonymous12:56 AM

    As long as they demonstrate obedience to the Church it will be a good thing.

    Raises alot of interesting speculation though for dioceses where they have both SSPX and FSSP - worth thinking about.

  21. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Is the blog title 'La Cigüeña de la Torre' a play on the title of the poem by Federico García Lorca, 'A las cinco de la tarde' ? (I know that la cigüeña is 'stork'.)

  22. Will the lifting of the excommunications necessarily have the effect of ending the suspension of the priests, or will it depend on the wording of the decree?

    It would depend on the wording of the decree. There's just no way to tell right now what exactly the Pope has decided to do. If he has only lifted the excommunications, that would leave the status of the SSPX and its priests unchanged: regularisation and lifting the suspensions would be yet to come in that scenario. Hopefully we will receive clarification on that point as soon as possible.

    Of course it is licit for a Catholic to receive sacraments from a suspended priest: and so a Catholic may assist at an SSPX Mass. But the Church up till now has strongly discouraged it, in part, I think, because the SSPX priests should only be celebrating sacraments on a case by case emergency basis, and the Church doesn't desire priests to flout their suspensions.

    But all that would only apply to things as they stand at this moment -- things look to be about to change in a big way, and after all this particular question is a tangent from the topic at hand.

  23. Why is it that most Catholics still consider the consecration of 1988 a "schismatic" act?

    We should remember that Msgr Lefebvre had to do what a Catholic Bishop has to do in this grave crisis!

    Please read this one.. until the end, and see why he has to do what he has done!

    Some powerful quotes:

    The Church itself has asked the states to not be Catholic states any more, to suppress the first articles of their constitutions, which say: "The Catholic religion is the only religion recognized by the State." It is the Holy See itself which has asked this of the different states and it is because of this that there are no more Catholic states. That is finished. Because the Holy See desires that all religions be recognized equally in all the states, that all religions be equal. This is a completely new orientation for the Church. Never has the Church accepted, never has the Church taken this stand. The Church has never accepted that Our Lord Jesus Christ be put on an equal footing with Buddha, Luther and all those founders of false religions.

    Merci Msgr Lefebvre!

  24. Anonymous1:45 AM

    Raises alot of interesting speculation though for dioceses where they have both SSPX and FSSP - worth thinking about.

    I live in such a diocese. I can not foresee any problems whatsoever. If Catholics feel free to go to a nearby SSPX chapel instead of driving 30 minutes more to an FSSP chapel, or vice-versa, so much for the better.

  25. Anonymous3:17 AM

    "Raises a lot of interesting speculation though for dioceses where they have both SSPX and FSSP - worth thinking about."

    The local Bishop may have to finally let the FSSP have their own Church instead of sharing with the incompatible NO.

    What if the FSSP and SSPX are asked to share a Church together?

    I hope and pray the trads stand together whether being dealt with charitably or uncharitably.

    Our Lady is a Great Warrior on behalf of her Son. May the excommunications be lifted.

  26. Anonymous4:48 AM

    I was thinking something along the same lines "Anon" - a difficult bishop could argue that his diocese doesn't need both a FSSP and SSPX EF and try to combine them - which could lead to some very interesting situations.

    Similarly, the issue of convenience could effectively strip some parishes, most likely FSSP ones, if SSPX adherents don't attend the FSSP parishes (assuming that FSSP adherents attend precisely because they wouldn't attend SSPX).

    I'm also sceptical of how well received the SSPX would be by the regular clergy and parishioners in dioceses.

  27. Anonymous7:41 AM

    In the Scottish capital, Edinburgh, the FSSP share a church with the local Novus Ordo parish while the SSPX have a large church in the city centre. The FSSP have a small, mainly elderly congregation while the SSPX have a much larger, younger congregation with lots of children.
    I have been told that many of the N.O. clergy have been seen attending Mass at the SSPX in mufty and I know for a fact that when people ask the local clergy about Tridentine Masses they almost always tell them about the SSPX church and never the FSSP one. I think that shows where their sympathies lie.

  28. Obama election's is really changing the world!

  29. Anonymous10:42 AM

    I'm sure the SSPX will have a separate structure and therefore operate without the interference of the local bishop. I don't foresee any competition with the FSSP. They will get along fine and in many places already do, sometimes in secret.

    The problem on the horizon is outright schism of the Novus Ordo element, including bishops. A California bishop has let it be known that he does not want diocesan priests offering the Traditional Mass. So guess what? No one does out of fear of punishment.


  30. Anonymous10:57 AM

    here is the dispatch of AFP (Agence France Presse) published by Le Figaro today :

    "Le pape a annulé les excommunications
    22/01/2009 | Mise à jour : 11:01 |
    Le pape Benoît XVI a décidé d'annuler l'excommunication prononcée en 1988 par Jean Paul II contre les évêques intégristes adeptes de Mgr Marcel Lefebvre, affirme aujourd'hui le quotidien italien Il Giornale.

    Le décret déjà signé par le pape, qui lève l'excommunication des quatre évêques ordonnés par Mgr Lefebvre dont celle de son successeur Mgr Bernard Fellay, doit être rendu public d'ici la fin de la semaine, selon le vaticaniste d'Il Giornale Andrea Tornielli, généralement bien informé.

    Cette mesure de Benoît XVI fait suite à de précédents gestes du pape allemand pour mettre fin au schisme intégriste, avec notamment la réhabilitation en juillet 2007 de la "messe tridentine" en latin abandonnée après le concile Vatican II (1962-65).

    En juin 2008, le Vatican a aussi renoncé à exiger explicitement des adeptes de Mgr Lefebvre, regroupés dans la Fraternité sacerdotale Saint-Pie X (FSSPX) dirigée par Mgr Fellay, la reconnaissance du concile Vatican II (liberté religieuse et ouverture à la société)."

    I was recently suggesting the false "scoop" that Abp Lefebvre signed all Vatican II documents (which is true but not a discovery) could be a hint for this big issue, or the contrary. It seems it was the positive option that was true.


  31. I too live in a diocese wherein the FSSP and SSPX operate, and I don't foresee any significant changes, at least in my immediate area. The SSPX churches are not staffed by full-time priests, and those who prefer to attend SSPX Masses over FSSP probably will not switch.

    I doubt, though, the regularization of the SSPX priests in this diocese will come quickly on the heels of a withdraw of the excommunications. Issuing of celebrits, etc., I suspect will be up to individual bishops, and there is a lot of bad blood between my bishop and the SSPX priests and faithful who attend the SSPX Masses. I doubt that reconciliation on the part of either side will come quickly or smoothly.

    At any rate, even if a regularization of the SSPX should occur, and our FSSP Masses go down in numbers as a result, I would still give my left leg for the regularization of the SSPX. Any drops in numbers of diocesan TLM communities would be temporary at worst. The number of traditional Catholics will only increase the more the Church moves out of the shadow of the tyranny of modernism, and regularizing the SSPX can only be seen as just that.

  32. Anonymous1:40 PM

    We should remember that Msgr Lefebvre had to do what a Catholic Bishop has to do in this grave crisis!

    I think it would be better to say that he did what he believed he had to do (one should be able to agree with that whether one believes he was objectively right or not), and if the excommunications are lifted, this is why.

  33. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Another Point of view, I applaud and have looked forward to this day for a very long time. One thing is the contentious relationship between the 'indult' community and SSPX. In a lot of ways this will prove the SSPX position as the one which many may call the correct, although I do not think this reconciliation would not have happened without the FSSP influence within the formal structure. Now to the 'indult' faithful, I do not see a lot of them now going to the SSPX Churches due to the hard feelings of when many left. Lets face it there was/is a lack of charity on both sides in regards to when people left the SSPX masses to attend the indults. In my opinion, I do not see a lot of these people coming back due to these hard feelings and baggage of long ago sermons...a perfect example is person from Chicago that runs a very anti-SSPX website with the last name starting with G.
    I for one will welcome any and do my best to bite my tongue....
    I believe we should all offer our next Holy Communion and Nine Days of Rosaries in thanks for this initial step for the true reformation of the Church!

  34. Anonymous4:02 PM

    Also Le Figaro wrote about it now.

    God Bless!
    Pax et bonum

  35. Anonymous4:30 PM

    Great, and these great men are owed an engraved apology. I attribute the MP primarily to SSPX, Deo gratias. Now we just need to fix or eradicate Vatican II...

  36. Anonymous5:08 PM

    The earlier comment on the FSSP and SSPX Masses in Edinburgh is untrue to the point of being laughable. Having been to both I can assure you that the SSPX mass not only has a smaller congregation, they have Sunday Mass at the ridiculous time of 1pm while the FSSP have a sung Mass for all Sundays and Holy Days at the far more sensible time of 11:30am. Furthermore, the FSSP Mass not only has young children it also has a large contingent of students form the university.

    Regarding the local clergy I can assure you for one that the clergy of Edinburgh diocese are amongst to most modernist in all Scotland. I know many NO clergy favourable to tradition and, since the Scots Church is small, they would know if any priest shared their views. None of these priests, NONE are in favour of the SSPX. One or two take a small interest in the FSSP Mass.

  37. Anonymous5:53 PM

    The only "Catholic communities" in France or Switzerland that will react critically are the bishops of those countries. Out of the few Catholics who actually practice the faith in either of those countries, they probably would be delighted if they understand all of the dynamics of this or, as is typical with most Catholics, they probably couldn't even care less.

  38. Anonymous6:08 PM

    God bless Benedict XVI!!!

  39. This proves that you should never underestimate the power of the Holy Rosary!

  40. With respect to the differing reports on whose signature will be on the "document" is it possible that there may be two documents involved. One would be an opinion rendered by the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts and signed by Archbishop Francesco Coccopalmerio which says the SSPX is not in schism and why. The other would be a papal decree declaring the excommunications null and void and signed by Pope Benedict XVI and even perhaps stipulating how the SSPX will be re-integrated into the life of the church. We'll just have to wait and see what is released by the Holy See.

  41. Anonymous6:57 PM

    or even underestimate Benedict XVI. Look at what he has achieved!

  42. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Blogger Jim said...

    "This proves that you should never underestimate the power of the Holy Rosary!"

    Sr. Lucia said that our Lady had granted a special efficacy to the rosary so that NOTHING for which one asks by this means, will be refused!

    How about the consecration of Russia next???


  43. Anonymous7:47 PM

    I hope that the Holy Father knows that the SSPX has supporters in Novus Ordo land who do not attend SSPX chapels, yet who see the Bishops, priests, and faithful of the Society as essential players in the restoration of Tradition. They might not agree with the likes of me who attend the Novus Ordo Mass (with teeth grit every Sunday), yet I welcome them with open arms.

  44. Anonymous9:58 PM

    We'd do well to consider two things.

    One is that the SSPX and its bishops and priests have no canonical status, and a lifting of the excommunications, if it comes, will have no effect on that. Furthermore, it's just not feasible for the Pope to impose a canonical status on the SSPX. Even a Vatican pronouncment revoking the suppression of the Society -- the chances of which happening are, I would guess, something less than zero -- wouldn't even begin to deal with the status issue. Any regularization will have to be something that's acceptable to the SSPX and the hierarchy, and crafting it would be a protracted and likely contentious process.

    Then there is the view of the SSPX, an issue which notably and characteristically absent from most of the previous comments. Bishop Fellay has now said publicly at least a dozens times that the Society has no interest in a regularization that does not involve a doctrinal regularization. The next step from the Society's point of view is doctrinal and not canonical discusssions; and to make any progress on these will require a level of intercession by the Blessed Mother that will make her intercession regarding the Mass and (God willing) the excommunications seem small potatoes by comparison. The Pope probably never believed either that the traditional Mass had been suppressed or that the excommunications were valid. But he certainly believes that the deficient and adulterated conciliar magisterium is valid, since he has been one of its principal architects and functionaries. What this will require, to put it bluntly, is the conversion of the conciliar establishment, starting with the Pope, to the faith of all times.

    So don't misplace your beads. The job has only begun.

  45. Anonymous10:34 PM

    We got Summorum Ponticicum and now the excommunications are lifted, what will be the next thing to look for?

  46. Anonymous11:12 PM

    Praying that this is true as we await our liberation in the Rockville Centre gulag.

    Josef Cardinal Slipyi, pray for us!

  47. The SSPX will be absolutely necessary in the fight for true FREEDOM once the Freedom of Choice Act is passed. They will be the Catholicism's staunchest defenders when the lib-nazis begin their blitzkrieg. Either get up into the high mountains, or strap on the Breast-plate of St. Patrick, because battle is upon us. That is why they are being brought back, and the liturgical liberals know now that the SSPX is their only defence, for the new church is now too weak to defend itself. IMHO.

    "I summon today all these powers between me and those evils,
    Against every cruel merciless power that may oppose my body and soul,
    Against incantations of false prophets,
    Against black laws of pagandom
    Against false laws of heretics,
    Against craft of idolatry,
    Against spells of witches and smiths and wizards,
    Against every knowledge that corrupts man's body and soul.

    Christ to shield me today..."

    Ad multos annos, Benedictum XVI

  48. There is no such phenomenon as a "Lefebvrist" - this is a figment in the minds of those who fear a group of committed traditional Roman Catholics who obey Our Blessed Lord's mandate to go out and convert the unbeliever which is the mission that has been all but abandoned by the post-conciliar church. They have thrust compromise & friendship with the world aside to propagate The Faith. Without the SSPX, traditional Catholicism is going nowhere. The FSSP and Institut while being most welcome have done comparatively precious little in 20 years when one considers that they have the wholehearted approval of The Vatican. Most NO bishops and prebyters do not want them because they have become ignorant about the Roman Catholic Faith themselves. Even more so, they are afraid of the SSPX and once they are in full communion with Rome they will witness a further demise of their own enfeebled & dying "pastoral units" as they will no longer be able to spread the perennial lie that SSPX is schismatic and that the Holy Mass with them is invalid. This deceit is a characteristic of such men who have lost their way.

    The only problem with the SSPX is the paranoia and serious neuroses that have spawned in the imaginations of neomodernist compromisers. For "Lefebvrist" read Roman Catholic.

  49. Anonymous3:34 AM

    It's interesting that the SSPX have refused to comment, when they said this was coming all the way back in November. Methinks this is another sign that it has actually happened. Never before has the SSPX been silent on the issue of Rome allowing them back in

  50. Anonymous3:38 AM

    On John MacFarland's comments:

    Everything said here about regularisation is correct.

    However, the Pope does not need to regularise them in order to solve the problem.

    Msgr. Perl has already admitted that their Masses fulfil the Sunday obligation. The Pope could admit this publicly, thereby removing all doubt. This is really the major question.

    The Pope could, if need be, extend his universal jurisdiction to them to grant them faculties and even to sanate their past Sacraments, and he could do this on a temporary basis, until a regularisation is effected.

    So watch carefully what the wording will be. Mr. MacFarland is right, though, that a lifting of penalties in itself will have little legal effect, although it may have a huge psychological effect.


  51. Anonymous3:59 AM


    Benedict has not declared that John Paul was wrong on Traditionalist issues. This is one of the problems in the Church: people can make a decree say anything they wish rather than to adhering to the traditional way of reading ecclesiastical documents.

  52. Anonymous4:05 AM

    It's time for a Million+ Rosary crusade for the consecration of Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart and the declaration of Mary as Co-Redemptrix and Mediatrix of all graces as dogma!

  53. Anonymous5:45 AM

    "Some believe that the Fraternity of Saint Pius X could be erected as a personal prelature of the Pope, similar to that of the Opus Dei."

    Here these liberal bastards go again. They do this over and over and over again. They never quit. They are hoping to bring about a personal prelature knowing that this would be a disaster juridically for the S.S.P.X.

    This is not from the sources, you may notice: it is speculation from these low-life bastards themselves. They themselves are the only "some" to which they refer, and they are merely re-reading their own ignorant notes on this subject--as usual.

    The Society does not want and will not accept a p.p. and Rome has never offered one and never would. What Rome has offered is a society of apostolic life which would, in turn, be incorporated into an international and 'personal' diocese or apostolic administration or some other ordinariate for tradition, headed by a bishop chosen by the Pope. A p.p. is NOT an ordinariate; and, under Canon 297, it enables the local bishop to keep the structure out of his see! What has been offered to the S.S.P.X has been and will be MORE than what Opus Dei got, not less (duh!). Moreover, Opus Dei asked for more--it asked for a particular church--and did not get one. A particular church (diocese or equivalent) IS what the S.S.P.X was offered in 2000 and it will not be offered less.

    The real problem is that the Society is not prepared to accept any stucture of any kind--not even the bogus one proposed by these brain-dead Italian journalists--until doctrinal matters have been solved.

    What may happen, however, is that the Holy Father might proclaim openly and publicly what Msgr. Perl has been writing in private letters, that the Society Masses fulfil the Sunday oblitation. That plus the lifting of the excommunications would change the sitaution and put real pressure on the local bishops to implement "Summorum Pontificum" in order to keep a growing S.S.P.X at bay.

    Think, brethren. But if thinking is impossible to you and you are also illiterate, you can always work for a newspaper. Even ragpickers and sewermen know more than do journalists.


  54. Anonymous5:45 AM

    Let's not forget that our Fraternity fights against modernism and liberalism installed in the conciliarist church. We don't want sny "union" with modernism. To declare the excommunications null and never valid is one thing we must appreciate from the Holy Father and be grateful with Him. But we cannot forget that this is not only about the TLMass, but the true Tradition and True Faith to be restored in the Church.

  55. Anonymous8:14 AM

    As someone who attends the FSSP Mass in Edinburgh I can say that our congregation is small (usually about 30) and if there are any children they are usually visitors. On occassions I have attended the SSPX Mass and it is always better attended and on at least 2 occassions I have noticed local clergy in the congregation. As for the times of Mass, The SSPX priest has to travel to 2 other towns to say Mass while our priest only has one congregation to serve. If the local parish had Mass at a later time then we too would have to have Mass at a "ridiculous" time and also, not all our congregation are happy at having a sung Mass EVERY Sunday and certainly not on Holidays of Obligation.

  56. Anonymous11:25 AM

    I too have attended both the FSSP and SSPX Masses in Edinburgh and have to say that the SSPX have a larger congregation. You just have to look at the videos on Youtube of the FSSP Masses to see how small their congregation is.


  57. Anonymous12:21 PM

    If this follows the same format as the SP, this announcement will be on Saturday too.

    Bishop Fellay will already be writing a letter for every SSPX priest to read for the Sunday sermon.

    So anticipating this, we should all try to learn the Te Deum for Sunday!


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