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"'They' truly desire the demise of the Catholic Church"

Denis Crouan writing on the site of the Pro Liturgia association:
Let us state the case clearly and with suitable vocabulary: A certain clergy are perpetuating the degradation of the Church…and consequently the disgust of the Faithful.
The proof: On Sunday May 31, the Feast of Pentecost, there will be only one Mass offered in Nice for the entire diocese. It will be celebrated at the Palais Nikaïa (a concert hall - Mornac).
Obviously, the Faithful who will not be assisting at this Mass (one can guess at what the “style” of this “celebration” will be) are invited to pray for all the Catholics of the department.
Perhaps more telling is the fact that (according to the diocesan website) the Mass will be celebrated by none other than the Apostolic Nuncio.
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  1. Anonymous3:36 PM

    None of this will change until the Holy See enforces the Law.

    Just like a child who is told not to eat the cookie, he does it anyhow because Mommy and Daddy will never spank him if he takes the cookie.

    Words do nothing.

    Action in enforcing the God Given Authority of the Church does.

  2. Anonymous3:41 PM

    He's about 50-60 years too late, the enemies have been at work that long within the church

  3. Any bets that there will be empty seats?

  4. Anonymous4:21 PM

    I did not know the situation was that bad in Nice

    Phillip in SF

  5. "If you are climbing up a staircase, and at the top you see Satan, then turn around to go back down and see Christ at the bottom of the staircase, keep your eyes on both of them, it could be a trick".

    These words were spoken to me by a now deceased Exorcist. They seem to apply well to the goings on in the Vatican. And also in the SSPX.

    I know many Holy People of the SSPX will be scandalized at this statement; if an audit is taken of SSPX, many people will be surprised by the results.

    Let us not look only in the direction our eyes are pointed, lets look behind us and right under our feet.

    This current situation is ocurring because people pretend everything is alright where they are, things are only wrong 'over there'.

    My point is this: we need to police our house, or we will be renting that hall next. This situation did not come about because people were 'on the ball'.

    O God, Shepherd and Ruler of all Thy faithful people, look mercifully upon Thy servant Benedict XVI, whom Thou hast chosen as shepherd to preside over Thy Church. Grant him, we beseech Thee, that by his word and example, he may edify those over whom he hath charge, so that together with the flock committed to him, may he attain everlasting life. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

  6. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Heard from a priest that it's the same situation in his own diocese: no Mass on Pentecost in the diocese of St Die (former diocese of St Joan of Arc?)

  7. Anonymous5:14 PM

    So there are actually Catholic Churches in this Diocese that do not offer Sunday Mass?

    Is there only one priest in the Diocese?

  8. To add to the horror in France, when I went back I was told that one of the thing required for a child to receive first Holy Communion......was to attend Mass at least once a month!!!

    Pray for our clergy in France!!!

  9. Iakovos5:55 PM

    It is not indifference to say that this is "old news", it is tragic. I don't believe reasonable people can any longer say this example is the fault of Vatican II, or the inside work of Modernist clergy, freemasons, or most irresponsiblly blamed, a modernist Pope. If folks of the Latin Church of Rome had loved God, loved their neighbor, loved their liturgy and their prayer life and silence, this would not have happened. Again, I repeat: look to our brothers and fathers in the East, not to defect, not to divide even more, but to regain our bearings, our legacy and our love.

  10. Anonymous6:26 PM


    Anthony OPL

  11. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Obviously, this aberration is an extension of the insistence by lunatic liberals that all the priests of the Diocese must celebrate the chrism Mass on Maundy Thursday. In this case, the disciples represent the faithful and the apostles represent the clergy, so we must all be together to receive the Holy Ghost 'as [a] community'. I have added in the indefinite article because liberals, trying to make a point but really only showing that they are subliterate, leave it out. They want community to be 'unmediated' even gramatically. That's why they say, 'We are [the] Church'. I imagine that, among Afro-American liberals, this becomes, 'We be Church'. It's enough to give you the heebe geebies. Incidentially, the best way to deal with liberals is to ridicule them. That's because they take themselves soooo seriously. So, when I hear 'We are Church', I just drop all my articles too and then gradually start dropping verbs and pronouns as well, until it looks like 'Injun talk'. 'Is this church where you worship? Where can I find priest? I spoke to secretary but she no able to help. I be very happy to find parking lot where can park car."

    Anyway, the notion here is that God is to be found in the worshipping community. Barak Obama (B.O.)'s (alias Barry Soetero [B.S.[) new amabassador to the Vatican has written a book with a title close to this: No Salvation without Community. They want to drag us trads kicking and screaming into their singalong folk Masses. Time to get armed.


  12. Anonymous8:33 PM

    There is actually a "reason" for the celebration in the Nice diocese. This Mass, the one and only, will be offered "en action de graces" (thanksgivings) for a particular synod. What is a synod? I don't know, I suppose some lay people got together and reorganized the Church so we won't need priests (and masses) anymore... And the Bishop is grateful.. I suppose. And the faithful (the few that are left) are all supposed to rejoice...maybe. I bet Gregorian chants won't be part of the repertoire ...

  13. Anonymous11:13 PM

    Looks like a convention center. This is horrible making the faithful go and pray in a "place, temporary Church" that is not their home during Pentecost. What the hell are they thinking?

  14. Anonymous said...

    I did not know the situation was that bad in Nice.

    Not so long ago the bishops and clergy had an invalid Circus "mass" in Monaco. Vingt Trois approved of this. He will approve of anything but not regular Holy Mass in Latin. If the church is not being run by masonry then it is simulating this situation very well.

    I have stated this before and I repeat there are many clergy and bishops in the church who are out to wreck The Church. This is evident throughout. Where is The Vatican in all of this? The situation is more than ambiguous.

    You should know that the entire French Church is chronically sick. The liberal-socialist ecclesiastical establishment has done a wonderful job of devastating Catholicism & laying waste the Lord's vineyard.

    Watch carefully as they try to wreck The Holy Mass in Latin with artful modifications - use of women; inappropriate employment of the vernacular and other bastardisations. There is no limit for such people.

  15. Joe B1:31 AM

    And if they do, SSPX will grow stronger by the mass. And with good reason.

  16. Anonymous2:15 AM

    Many of the comments made by participants in this forum sound as if the problems facing Catholics (at least Catholics in name) have just materialized.

    We trads (and I detest the label "trad" but use it to make the distinction from the modernists and evil doers who claim the name Catholic) have seen all the problem for what it is for over forty years. Yet today, we are still vilified because of our reaction to the "fruits of Vatican II."

    I hate to say "told you so..."

    Come, Holy Ghost, and fill the hearts of Thy faithful.

  17. Anonymous4:34 AM

    I do not think that the Bishop can lawfully constrain his clergy not to offer Mass on a Solemnity, so as to contrain the faithtul to attend any particular cerimony.

    This violates numerous rights of the faithful and the clergy.

  18. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Even Cardinal George Pell did a similar thing in the Superdome at Homebush Bay. We had mass confirmations. There Mass began with middle aged men and women in leotards carry bowls with flames. At one point during the confirmations the clergy forms a large circle like a wggon train beseiged by indians in a cow boy movie. The clergy including the cardinal confirmed sponsors and some children twice as they swramed around the clergy. The cardinal's voice booming over the speakers "haven't I confirmed you already". You see for some doctrine in cerebral and has no impact on life or the liturgy. Hence even the most orthodox in theory perpetuate the greatest liturgical abuses. Why should we be shocked. We are living through a period of chaos just like the period of the reformation. When will we say enough is enough and demand some discipline, integrity and standards.

  19. Anonymous2:32 PM

    Until ROME puts a end on this type of N.O. Stage SHow. WHAT DO YOU EXCEPT. HEADS HAVE TOO ROLL.

  20. Anonymous3:20 PM

    One means of our destruction:

    Usury and Our Economic Implosion
    It's All About Usury

    by John Médaille

  21. Val said:

    "To add to the horror in France, when I went back I was told that one of the thing required for a child to receive first Holy Communion......was to attend Mass at least once a month


    They cancelled all color
    Sanctuaries stripped
    First Communions were duller.

    No crinoline whites
    Pale hues they were stressed
    Only pearled-Pharisees
    Are ever so dressed.

    Roses carnations,
    Flowers all manners
    Left just to wither
    ‘Gainst assertives’ beige banners.

    Pillars of marble
    Corinthian styles
    They decided to paint
    Like pink bathroom tiles.

    Cassocks of red
    Habits blue-white
    Robes of distinction
    Extinct over night.

    Missals with pages
    Embossed in gloss-gold
    Latin in tint
    English-black often bold.

    Even the ribbons
    To mark scriptural prayers
    Were of green, yellow, silvers
    So to keep us from errors.

    The soft votive flames
    The red opaque glass
    Gave an aura of stillness
    Like time could not pass.

    Yet time it passed
    Vividness drained
    And populations with out color
    Cannot be sustained.

    So those underground
    With red blood in blue veins
    Birthed knowledge the arts
    Great virtues they've gained.

    They did not decay-
    God’s colors kept green
    For the day up above
    Once again to be seen.

    Except for those beige
    Gray fertility fades
    In their black open minds.

    Meric Marcel!!

  22. Look at the second page of the diocesan web site, where there's a photo of the vicar general and the priest who is coordinating the celebration (both looking rather scruffy). I couldn't help laughing because behind them is a painting of someone (St. Philip Neri perhaps) with an exactly appropriate expression ("Heaven help us!") on his face.

  23. Anonymous10:11 PM

    "Where is The Vatican in all of this? The situation is more than ambiguous."

    This question can be repeated 1 million times over the
    last 40 years and we get the same answer. No answer, no action from the Vatican. Not a word. Nothing, nada, niente,rien,nichts,何もない, !!!
    (English, Spanish, Italian, French,German, Japanese) Languages I speak, but all comes out the same. Zero.

    I am often accused of being too strident, but let's face facts. These people feel they can do ANYTHING (such as this in Nice and elsewhere), because NOTHING is ever done in the Vatican. These episodes would not be happening, if the inclination to dissent and open rebellion had been stomped out 40 years ago.
    Paul VI did nothing, John Paul II over 26 years (geeez!!) did nothing, and Benedict XVI has done nothing.

    I don't mean to be rude, but after all this time and no action from the Vatican...what do you expect?
    If you have a Pope who offers no leadership out of fear of not being "pastoral", or of being labeles "a dictator (LOL)", then what do you expect?

    Unless/until the Pope acts, expect this to continue, and get worse.

  24. Joe B2:07 AM

    And to reiterate - it's too big for the Holy Father. Look, he can't fire them all. It would take an inquisition of impossible proportions to clean out the chaff. This seems to be one of those 'don't pull the weeds until the harvest, for fear of hurting the good wheat' situations, which seems further to call for Heavenly help from, say, a serious effort at the Fatima consecration. You must sense the scale of this problem to be at least as large as the Arian crisis, only these guys don't have a single heresy to inquisit them on, and many of them are quite content to just quietly shut up and wait when a serious threat comes along.

    I vote for the Fatima consecration. Beats the second coming.

  25. Anonymous

    One factor is certain by their silence The Vatican is at least complicit. The Holy See is no longer capable of enforcing the law because it is in a compromised and inherently divided condition. With the various Congregations that apparently work in relative independence from each other; the political power vested in the Secretary of State and the overriding collegiality of bishops, what is left for a primus inter pares?

  26. Anonymous11:26 AM

    We need another Pope St. Pius X (1903-1914), or another Ven. Pope Pius XII (1939-1958).

    Defintly NOT another John Paul II.

    Benedict XVI once wrote that faithful Catholics would one day be reduced to a remnant, from which we will rebuild.

    We need a Pope who will repudiate Vatican II once and for all.
    Then the rot will leave en masse, and the "remnant" faithful Catholics can rebuild.

    I have a feeling that the "remnant" of faithful Catholics is alot larger than the liberals and Vatican II cheerleaders would have us believe.

  27. j g rathkaj12:12 PM

    ...political power vested in the Secretary of State...

    Exactly this transfer of power by Paul VI to the said office is the crux of the matter. Reinstate the old Holy office as the supreme congregation in all it´s former authority would be the first step in the right direction. But that is illusory.

  28. The same thing was done in the diocese of Lexington, Kentucky, in 1998.
    Now, 11 years on, they have a new bishop and a FSSP apostolate.


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