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Castrillón could visit Écône on June 29?

The usually very well-informed French priest Claude Barthe (author of, among others, "Beyond Vatican II: The Church at a new crossroads"), wrote in this Wednesday's edition of French daily Présent that Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos has considered visiting the Seminary of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX) in Écône, Switzerland, on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, and may indeed do so, perhaps as a kind of farewell visit before his almost certain retirement from the presidency of the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei".

Castrillón reaches the status of non-voting Cardinal next July 4, when he will turn 80.
Tip and transcript: Le Forum Catholique.


  1. Anonymous1:23 AM

    And hopefully His Eminence will offer Holy Mass at Econe during his visit there.

  2. Anonymous1:25 AM

    Once Hoyos retires and loses papal election voting power, just 5 days after his planned visit to Econe, who takes over the tango with the SSPX on the "doctrinal discussions pertaining to Vatican 2"?

  3. Woody Jones4:29 AM

    Isn't June 29 the customary priestly ordination day at Econe? It would really be something if he were there for that!

    Let us all wish His Eminence many years, in any case.

  4. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Castrillón Hoyos might not retire the day he turns 80. All the other presidents of the Commission retired some weeks or months after they turned 80. 4th July, his birthday, is at the beginning of the long Roman summer, and it is possible that he'll stay on until sometime in autumn, even to Advent.

    I would imagine that he'll want to achieve something more before he cleans out his desk. The clarification of S.P. has been on the Pope's bureau now for over a year. Unless it flew off the Pope's piano and out the window, or ended up at the bottom of a bowl of spaghetti somewhere, it should be signed very soon. There could be more coming as well, such as some recognition of the S.S.P.X.


  5. Anonymous9:20 AM

    The other presidents of the P.C.E.D. served for weeks, some for months, after they turned 80. The Cardinal turns 80 on 4th July, during the hot Roman summer. He might not retire until autumn, even as late as Advent.

    In the mean time, we should expect the clarification of S.P., which has supposedly been sitting on the Pope's bureau for over a year. Where is it?

    Something might also come on 3rd September, Feast of St. Pius X. We shall see, although I'm not holding my breath. But I don't think that the Pope wants to leave matters as they stand.


  6. His Eminence will find there a fully functioning traditional seminary which produces candidates for the priesthood who are appropriately and properly formed. It is an excellent model for seminaries everywhere.
    Hopefully, by the Grace of Almighty God, it will remain so.

    He will also love the Roman Catholic liturgy offered there.

  7. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Perhaps the Cardinal might officiate at the ordinations of the SSPX priests, who are always ordained at Econe on June 29th.
    That would be fantastic.

    As to whom will replace Castrillon, wouldn't it be awesome if Ranjith was appointed? He's still in Rome.

  8. If this report is true, and that is a very big if, it doesn't seem that it would be just a farewell visit - at least not to me. I would suspect something else, something big, in the works such as the conferring of faculties or the ordination of priests with the Cardinal acting via a papal mandate.

    Doctrinal discussions? I suspect they will continue under the purview of the CDF. There is so much to discuss and so little time considering the salvation of souls.

  9. Now that the news is out, I suspect that Cardinal Sodano and his cronies will make sure that Cardinal Castrillon is prevented from making any such visit.

  10. Anonymous2:32 PM

    "Perhaps the Cardinal might officiate at the ordinations of the SSPX priests, who are always ordained at Econe on June 29th.
    That would be fantastic."

    This is not a good plan regardless of whether you support the SSPX or not. It would simply create larger problems.

  11. Anonymous3:12 PM

    "Now that the news is out, I suspect that Cardinal Sodano and his cronies will make sure that Cardinal Castrillon is prevented from making any such visit"


    If His Eminence is planning a visit to Econe, it is sanctioned by the Holy Father and nothing short of an act of God will stop him.

    After all His Eminence has a steel spine and icewater running through his veins.
    Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos was the one who disguised himself as a milkman and snuck on to an heavily garded Columbian drug lords compound to attempt to convert the cocaine kingpin.

    No, neither Cardinal Sodano nor his cronie will or could ever stop the machete weildin' President of the PCED.

  12. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Anon 14:32

    Did your parents actually name you "Anonymous"?

    How could His Eminence participating in the FSSPX Ordinations possibly be a bad thing?

    If it does happen it will be in keeping with Christs mandate that "All be one as I and the Father are One"

    The Cardinal participating in the Ordinations would exhibit an powerful display of Catholic Identity and Unity betwixt fellow Catholics.

    This can only be a good thing.

  13. Richard Friend3:54 PM

    I will be surprised if Cardinal Hoyos participates in the SSPX ordinations. Participation means cooperating in an ordination that is valid but where those ordained are suspended a divinis from the moment of their ordination. However one feels about this, such act by a Cardinal of Hoyos' stature will only serve to damage the credibitlity and work of the PCED under Cardinal Hoyos and give ammo to the enemies of tradition who will use this to sabotage the plan to restore full communion between the Holy See and the Society. If ever his emminence does visit, I think it will be more of a social visit than anything, which in itself is a major event.

  14. Dan Hunter: I really hope that there will be soon a reunion between Rom and SSPX.

    And for all you folks here I have a great news: The Bishop of Regensburg His Excellency Müller who was formerly known for his hostility against the SSPX has invited the SSPX district prior of Germany Fr. Schmidberger on the 13th. May 09 to a friendly talk in his residence, and during this meeting, many misunderstandings could be wiped out.

    And the SSPX won't have any problem anymore for the forthcoming ordination on the 27th. June, I assume.

    I do really hope everything will be going on well, and that we will soon see SSPX to be with equipped canonical status and a integrated part of our Holy Mother Church.

    Without the Church the SSPX would be heading straightly for Protestantism.

  15. Anonymous4:01 PM

    "I will be surprised if Cardinal Hoyos participates in the SSPX ordinations. Participation means cooperating in an ordination that is valid but where those ordained are suspended a divinis from the moment of their ordination"


    Unless, and this only speculation, His Eminence is there to lift the suspension and confer faculties on the Society, which is entirely possible and considering the fact that souls are at stake here and the Holy Fathers main duty is to save souls, is also very probable.

    Souls first.

    Politics much much later.
    God bless.

  16. Anonymous4:39 PM

    "Without the Church the SSPX would be heading straightly for Protestantism."


    Without the Church we would all be lost.

    Your news about Fr Shmidberger meeting with the Ordinary of Regensburg is excellent information and extremely encouraging!

    Things do seem to be looking up for unity amongst Catholics.
    God bless.

  17. Anonymous4:39 PM

    A Cardinal participating in FSSPX ordinations? Wow! Next they'll be turning up at the installation of heretics and schismatics pretending to be Bishops... oh wait...

    I don't pretend to approve of the irregularity of the FSSPX, or even to sympathise, but why is it that trads always heap the greatest scorn on the men who are nearest to them and without whom we would have nothing.

    Before you start FSSPX-bashing, can't you, at least, get in a bit of recreational heretic-bashing - that is, if you can avoid hitting the Cardinals and Bishops sitting next to them at any given occasion?

  18. Anonymous4:52 PM

    "I don't pretend to approve of the irregularity of the FSSPX, or even to sympathise, but why is it that trads always heap the greatest scorn on the men who are nearest to them and without whom we would have nothing."


    I am a trad and who have I bashed?

    I have bashed neither the Holy Father nor the FSSPX.
    We are all Catholics and I love them all.

    I love you as well.

    God bless you

  19. Anonymous5:50 PM

    New Catholic,

    Is there any way to get an English translation of that article from "Le Forum Catholique"?


  20. Anonymous7:35 PM

    This is indeed good news and I hope that the visit would grant the Society faculties..It just seems senseless to allow them to lay in this state of limbo when so many, many souls are in need. The momentum towards full re-unification needs to continue...I have heard people say that this will take 30 more years..Does anyone really think they can wait another 30 years without the question of ordaining more Bishops will come up again? No, this needs to be squared away soon and the Holy Father knows it. Step by step, faculties should be next...I only wish the Cardinal was not retiring, he is so supportive of traditional wings of the Church he will be greatly missed and hard to replace...God Bless him with many more years of life and wisdom to share.

  21. Anonymous9:02 PM

    This question of a lack of faculties is really worrying isn't it? Does anyone know if the SSPX has made a statement about the number of SSPX marriages that are declared null by the Church because the SSPX priest did not have faculties? And where does that leave people?


  22. "Without the Church the SSPX would be heading straightly for Protestantism."


    Without the Church we would all be lost........

    Fratres, let us not forget Christ, without whom we were lost.

    Roman Catholicism 101:

    No Crucifix- No Church
    No Crucifix- No Salvation
    No Crucifix- No Heaven

    Everyone in positions of authority right now could drop dead and it would have zero impact on Holy Mother Church.

    We, from the Pope to all the Grand Worshipful Masters of the Freemason Poohbah Lodge will answer each one of us to the Judgement of Christ. We need to cut the melodramatics and work as hard for the salvation of souls as do the freemasons for the kingdom of satan.

    The SSPX was founded by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. He worked hard in the vineyard of the Divine Master. No one in the SSPX has been able to fill his shoes. Hopefully he will join Saint Athanasius in sainthood.

    May Cardinal Hoyos have a nice trip to Econe.

    May God our Lord in his infinite and supreme goodness be pleased to give us his abundant grace, that we may know his most holy will, and entirely fulfill it.

  23. Remember the picture of Bishop Fellay and the Holy Father that was posted in this forum some time ago with smiles on their faces. Who else was present at that meeting, albeit in the background, and was also smiling?

    Let not your heart be troubled. Cardinal Hoyos has not brought this situation to near fulfillment only to see it dashed to smithereens. I predict he has one more extraordinary achievement to present to us before he retires. He has, shall we say, the right stuff. Please God, let it be so.

  24. Romanus10:11 PM

    The article is pure conjecture based upon the false impression that Cardinal Castrillon considered doing such thing. He did not consider it and he is not going.

  25. Anonymous11:39 PM

    Not everyone here is thinking of Romanità. Even if Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos does not attend the ordinations but only pays a social visit on the same day, the message to the world would be one of acceptance of the Society. Rome would not want that, given that these priests are declared to be suspended. It suggests to me that Rome is getting ready to confer some sort of recognition on the Society. It would have to include faculties.

    Of course, this rumour might be only a trial balloon to see what Cardinals Sodano and Re do in response. But I have a feeling that a character such as C.H. wants to go with a splash.


  26. Theophane1:19 AM

    As I may have said here 9or elsewhere) before, I guarawntee you that the kind of curial obstruction you all are talking about here with Sodano and Re is not happening in Moscow under Patriarch Kirill and his new young team.

  27. Margaret2:34 AM

    +UIOGD I am always amused by SSPX bashing on these blogs, because when one has no other argument they attack the person or in this case the Society. Truly your lives must be more interesting than that . . . perhaps not! Margaret

  28. Anonymous3:45 AM

    How water flows under the bridge! When Cardinal Hoyos first took the initiative with the SSPX in 2000, the SSPX South American District sent its Headquarters this warning:

    He is not even Catholic!

    Traditionalist bishop Donald sanborn saw through all this and wrote about it several years ago!

  29. Cooperator7:29 AM

    [From yesterday's German Vatican Radio newsletter... (they try all their 'best' to interfere between Rome and Econe..)]

    Deutschland: Piusbruderschaft plant Priesterweihen
    Die vom Vatikan nicht anerkannte Piusbruderschaft wird Ende Juni in Zaitzkofen bei Regensburg je drei Männer zu Priestern bzw. Diakonen weihen. Das geht aus dem aktuellen Rundbrief des Priesterseminars der traditionalistischen Bruderschaft hervor, die den Termin auf Anfrage von Radio Vatikan an diesem Donnerstag bestätigte. Der spanische Pius-Bischof Alfonso de Galarreta soll die Weihen vornehmen. Er gehört zu jenen vier Bischöfen, die Erzbischof Marcel Lefebvre 1988 gegen den Willen des Papstes geweiht hatte. Laut katholischem Kirchenrecht sind den Bischöfen der Piusbruderschaft Weihehandlungen verboten, trotz der Aufhebung ihrer Exkommunikation durch Papst Benedikt XVI. Ende Januar. Die Bischöfe haben derzeit keine Befugnis, ein Amt in der Kirche auszuüben. Im Rundbrief der Priesterbruderschaft heißt es dazu, dass von einem "generellen Weihestopp" in den bisherigen Verhandlungen mit dem Heiligen Stuhl "nie die Rede" gewesen sei. Das Bistum Regensburg warte noch auf Handlungsanweisungen aus Rom, bestätigte Bistumssprecher Jakob Schötz gegenüber Radio Vatikan. Von den Weihen am 27. Juni war im Bistum zum Zeitpunkt der Anfrage noch nichts bekannt. Der Regensburger Bischof Gerhard Ludwig Müller hatte mehrfach erklärt, er erwarte von den Traditionalistenbischöfen, dass sie unerlaubte Weihen unterlassen, bis ihr kirchenrechtlicher Status geklärt sei. Noch vor zwei Monaten Wochen hatte die Priesterbruderschaft St. Pius X. eine - unerlaubte - Subdiakonatsweihe offenbar auf Bitten Papst Benedikts von Zaitzkofen nach Econe in der Schweiz verlegt. (rv/dr)

  30. Dan Hunter: thank you for your response.

    I'll keep the SSPX in my prayers, wishing that they will be back in the Holy Mother Church soon.

    The report concerning the meeting of Fr. Schmidberger and the Ordinary of Regensburg can be found in the recent newsletter of the Heart Jesu Seminary in Zaitzkofen (on page 7 and 8, in German):

    As far as I am informed, His Excellency Bishop Müller was at the end of April in Rom, I guess he talked with Pope Benedict on this issue, and I believe our Holy Father has made him change his mind.

  31. Anonymous9:12 AM

    June 30th is the anniversary of Archbishop LeFebvre's consecration of the Society bishops.

  32. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Could someone translate that German into English or French or even Latin so that I can read it. Even Italian would allow most of us to get the gist of it.


  33. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Consider that Bishop Müller of Regensburg threatened that, should the S.S.P.X ordain priests in his Diocese (which is where its German seminary is), he would consider re-excommunications of the Society bishops involved. Then the Pope requested that these ordinations be moved to the Society's general seminary at Ecône, in the Diocese of Sion. Why there specifically? Why not simply move out of Regensburg and ordain those priests elsewhere in Germany? After all, they are mostly being ordained for work in the German-speaking areas. Why have them ordained in a Francophone part of Switzerland?

    And then we notice that, before its disputed suppression in 1976, the Society existed in four or five dioceses in the world, one of which was Sion, in which Ecône is situated.

    What if the Pope is getting ready to declare that the Society's suppression was null and void in law in the first place, as some canonists said at the time? Then, as a matter of justice, at Ecône, the Pope, through the Cardinal, could grant all Society priests faculties ex cathedra.

    But they had to move the ordinations out of Zaitskofen, in the D. of Regensburg, because telling Bishop Müller about this plan would be to let the cat out of the proverbial bag.

    I don't know. Perhaps M. Barthe wonders about this too and is spreading a false rumour in the hope that the Cardinal will confirm or deny it. We certainly shan't have long to wait on this one.


  34. Prodinoscopus2:31 PM

    'Then the Pope requested that these ordinations be moved to the Society's general seminary at Ecône, in the Diocese of Sion. Why there specifically?'

    What interests me is the fact that he asked that the ordinations be moved, when he could just have easily have ordered that they be stopped altogether.

    Is that a tacit indication that the Pope considers the ordinations to be licit?

  35. Anonymous4:45 PM


    It sound like it.

  36. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Prodinoscopus has a good point but in an indirect sense. The Pope knew full well that ordering Society ordinations to stop until doctrine is decided (over, perhaps, 30 years) was out of the question. However, if the Pope's view is that they are illicit, he would presumably either demand that they stop OR SAY NOTHING. By asking to move them, he is at least implying that they are licit.

    Think of this in terms of a parallel. The police chief telephones the bank robbers. He says, "We both know that, this time, I don't have the means to stop you from robbing a bank. However, I ask you to rob the one in Lyon instead of the one in Marseille." In law, that would implicate the police chief because it makes him an accessory-before-the-fact to the robbery in Lyon. If you can't stop an 'evil', you are supposed to pray that God will stop it. You are not supposed to ask that one evil be substituted for another.

    Now, keep in mind that this Pope is very much a man of principle. Perhaps the ordinations would be licit in D. of Sion but not the D. of Regensburg. That would be because the Society was illicitly suppressed and still exists, therefore, where it existed in 1976 (and that includes Sion). Another possibility is simply that the Pope wants to avoid trouble in Regensburg, given that the Bishop of Sion is co-operating with him. In the latter case, the ordinations might be licit everywhere. In either case, the Pope seems to be signalling that the ordinations are licit or that he is about to make them so.

    Any more on the rumour about the Cardinal, blogmasters?


  37. Romanus10:03 PM

    The rumor is false.

    And the pope did not ask for the ordinations to be moved, he asked for them not to take place.

    Expect something after June 29. Not good, I'm afraid.

  38. Anonymous12:17 AM

    What about the TAC situation, I wonder. The Feast of St. Augustine of Canterbury was this Thursday past. Were a letter signed on that day, I suppose that it would take two to three weeks to reach John Hepworth in Australia, via the papal nuntius there. It took that long last time. I wonder . . . .


  39. Anonymous3:19 AM


    What is your source for saying the Holy Father told the FSSPX for the ordinations not to take place?

  40. Cooperator4:08 PM

    By the way..:

  41. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Dear Mr. Hunter:

    Romanus's source is Romanus. Let us suppose that he is a Vatican insider. Knowing that he cannot say so on an open blog, a real insider would simply say nothing and not appear on a blog. Such a person would not venture to publish predictions which he knew in advance he could not substantiate.

    Someone who was only a pretend insider would, on the other hand, appear on blogs under a pseudonnym and make pronouncements.

    Of course, it is possible that a real insider might have no judgement and/or little in the way of intelligence. A person like that might very well appear on blogs but would likely not be trusted with useful knowledge in the Vatican in the first place.

    Others might not have claimed to have been insiders but merely imply it by the way they convey information--as pronouncements, for example.

    Peter Karl T. Perkins (P.K.T.P.)
    Victoria, B.C., Canada

  42. catholic3:31 PM

    Bishop Müller has given an interview to Radio Vatican (German Department) respecting the SSPX. He talked with Fr. Schmidberger about the priest ordination this June. And he said: the SSPX is different to other Christian groups which are separated from the Church, and it is *possible for the SSPX to be integrated in the Mother Church again*, through the creation of a *personal prelature for example*. According to the News Letter from Zaitzkofen, the Priest Ordination will take place there, that is, *in the Diocese of Regensburg*. In his interview Bishop Müller said that this ordination will still be illicit, but please mark that he didn't say that it shouldn't take place, and he didn't utter a single word on transferring the Ordination to Ecône. He said: the SSPX will remain suspended *until it is regularized* (!).

    He stressed, that the SSPX should be in communication with the whole Mother Church. And as far as I can judge, he was speaking this time in a very conciliatory way.

    The link to the German Report:

  43. Anonymous6:47 PM

    On Catholic's report:

    How I wish that this fool had not uttered those noxious words 'personal prelature', even though it was only an example. As Bishop Fellay has said repeatedly now since 2000 (and esp. in 2002 and just this year), what Rome has offered the Society is a society of apostolic life that would be integrated into an APOSTOLIC ADMINISTRATION like that of the Campos, only being international. (Religious orders affiliated with the Society would also be incorporated into it.) These damned liberals keep repeating the wrong structure in the vain hope of imposing a personal prelature, which would be an absolute disaster for tradition owing to Canon 297. 297 says that, in a p.p., the prelate needs the permission of the local ordinary to establish an apostolate or celebrate Mass in that ordinary's bailiwick. It also puts the Society's lay supporters under the local bishop. That is off the table and there is NO WAY Rome will offer the S.S.P.X less than what has been offered to her in the past. I note here that Müller says 'for example'. How I wish he'd keep his erroneous examples to himself. I suspect that, as usual, these prelates are simply repeating the term which they hear over and over from brain-dead journalists. I devoutly wish that the very concept of a p.p. could be erased from every mind in the world, along with all rock noise.

    In other respects, Müller's comments are puzzling. Why would he say this? Why would he say that the Society could be given a structure? Fellay and the other bishops have said repeatedly and recently: no structure will be accepted until as many as thirty years of talks are over.

    I suppose that the Pope could (a) command the Society to accept an apostolic administration or (b) make a finding that the Society was never suppressed lawfully in the first place. In the latter case, however, the old 'pious union' would cover only four dioceses and would be unable to expand beyond them.

    The closing words of this Bishop suggest what has happened. When the plans for the ordinations became generally known, Müller threatened to impose some excommunications (or so it was reported here). The curia intervened and suggested that the ordinations be moved to the Diocese of Sion to avoid this. The curia also arranged that Schmidberger and Müller meet. Why would Schmidberger want to meet with him and why would Fellay bother considering a move to Ecône? The Society has never paid any attention to these episcopal clowns in the past. The P.C.E.D. probably 'advised' Müller before the meeting. The result is that the ordinations will take place in the D. of Regensburg and, although still ruled 'illicit', no excommunications will follow.

    It looks to me as if Rome is planning something and as if Fellay is co-operating. It could be a grant of faculties ex cathedra or it could be a *temporary* juridical structrue pending resolution of the doctrinal talks, at the end of which the correct permanent structure would be granted. Fellay would probably be willing to accept a temporary structure which was de facto independent. The trouble is that other Society bishops might refuse. Apparently, their prior at Nice, Fr. Charles Moulin, has just left the Society in protest (over what?), joining Méramo and Abrahamowicz. Cériani is still in who knows for how long. Fellay does not want a rebellion. Hence Romanus's prediction that a nothing will happen until after the ordinations.


  44. Anonymous6:35 PM

    I just read this on "Catholic Church Conservation":
    For June 2,

    "The Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller has said that the proposed diaconate and priesthood ordinations of the traditionalist SSPX in his diocese are meant as a "provocation" . The ordinations at Zaitzkofen announced for the 27th June would be contrary to canon Law, said Mueller in an interview with Vatican Radio."

  45. This report was taken from: and a portion of the text follows:

    "The four Lefebvrist bishops whom Pope Benedict XVI partially rehabilitated in January have defended their decision to ordain 21 priests into the Society of St Pius X (SSPX), sparking alarm among German-speaking bishops. In January the Pope lifted the excommunications of the four SSPX bishops, including British-born Richard Williamson, a Holocaust-denier, but the men remain suspended.

    The ordinations are to take place in three of the Society's seminaries at the end of June, according to a round-robin letter published on SSPX websites on Monday. Three men will be ordained at Zaitzkofen in Bavaria, 13 at the St Thomas Aquinas Seminary at Winona, Minnesota, and the rest at the SSPX headquarters at Ecône in Switzerland.

    The President of the Vatican's Ecclesia Dei Commission, Cardinal Dario Castrillón Hoyos, is considering visiting Ecône on 29 June, according to a French priest Claude Barthe, the French right-wing newspaper Présent reported. The priest said the cardinal's visit would be aimed at hastening the implementation of a provisional agreement "for the good of [the clerics'] souls". On 4 July the cardinal turns 80, the age at which membership of ­curial congregations usually ends, and it is widely believed that Cardinal Castrillón wanted to have the SSPX fully reintegrated before he retired.

    Following the huge outcry over the lifting of the excommunications, in March the Pope wrote an unprecedented letter to bishops around the world expressly stating that the Society did not have a canonical status in the Church and its ministers did not exercise legitimate ministries.

    However, the SSPX communiqué argues that the ordinations will be taking place with the permission of the Holy See. "During the period in which convergence and understanding with Rome is being sought, the SSPX has a provisional legal status for an indefinite period of time until, after the theological talks are over, a definitive canonical ruling is found. That is what the ‘line of approach' which has been agreed to by the Vatican foresees. In none of the talks up to now has there ever been any mention of ‘putting a stop to ordinations' in general. On the contrary, the lifting of the excommunications was meant to show a willingness to cooperate without putting any restrictions on the life of the Society."

    There was no comment from the Vatican on the SSPX's statement."

    Unfortunately, I cannot verify any of this but it seems something is up.

  46. Regensburg diocesan spokesman Jakub Schotz reiterated today his bishop’s June 1 statement that the planned June 27 ordinations would be uncanonical, and he opined that it would almost certainly lead to the excommunication of the priests and Bishop Alfonso de Galaretta, adding that Bishop Gerhard Muller of Regensburg is awaiting instruction from Rome on how he should proceed. Schotz says the ordinations would be a provocation against the whole Catholic world. Clearly, and understandably (wholly apart from the SSPX’s doctrinal and liturgical concerns, it’s just the basic matter of the role and authority of the local bishop), the Diocese of Regensburg has a problem with ordinations in his diocese without the bishop’s approval --- but I have the impression that the Holy See might want Bishop Muller to allow the ordinations. Things are about to get . . . interesting.

  47. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Did Bishop Muller complain like this before the lifting of the excommunications? I never heard anything.

    For the FSSPX it is ordinations as usual. I wonder about the full context of the comment from the FSSPX that they have temporary approval. This kind of issue never concerned them in prior years, why should it have bearing today?

  48. Here's a Catholic News Service brief on the same subject as my previous comment:

    Regensburg Diocese warns excommunication looms for Lefebvrist priests

    OXFORD, England (CNS) -- Officials in the Diocese of Regensburg, Germany, have said plans by the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X to ordain new priests without Vatican consent at a local seminary will lead to their excommunication. "This will be uncanonical, since they have no entitlement to conduct their own ordinations," said diocese spokesman Jakub Schotz. "Our bishop is waiting for Rome to advise on how to respond. But it will almost certainly result in the excommunication of the priests and the bishop who ordains them," Schotz said. The spokesman was reacting to an announcement by the society that it would ordain three priests and three deacons in its seminary at Zaitzkofen in Bavaria June 27, along with another 18 at its headquarters in Econe, Switzerland, and at Winona, Minn. In a statement, the Zaitzkofen seminary rector, Father Stefan Frey, said the society now had "provisional legal status" in the Catholic Church pending a "definitive canonical ruling" on its future, and had not been told to "put a stop to ordinations."

    This kind of issue never concerned them in prior years, why should it have bearing today? *** Perhaps because they are serious about reconciliation with and regularisation by the Holy See. A fresh breach with Rome while efforts towards regularisation have been progressing could only be a grave setback.

  49. Romanus2:22 AM

    Fr. Charles Moulin has not left the SSPX.

  50. Anonymous4:44 AM

    I am totally confused for once. First we hear that the ordinations are to take place in Regensburg. Müller objects, so Fellay says that they will be moved to Ecône at the Pope's request (or so it was reported). Then Schmidberger has a meeting with Müller. The upshot is that the ordinations will still be illict but there will be no re-excommunications. Now we are hearing, "Off with their heads". What's next? A return to Ecône?

    Why do I get the feeling that not all this information is accurate? Where is it all coming from?


  51. P.K.T.P.

    Your confusion comes from the fact that there are two ordinations planned for this year, one of them has already taken place, and that was the ordination of subdeacons, which took place some months ago. Because Bishop Muller has objected so vehemently to it, it was moved to Econe. But on the 27. of June (this month), there will be a priest ordination, and the SSPX says it will take place in Zaitzkofen. And Bishop Muller said something milder about it, though still objecting. And his spokesman, if the report pasted above is correct, says some hard words. But I think Rome wants it to be in Zaitzkofen.

    I don't really understand what's the good of objecting to the ordination, stopping the ordination will help nothing to improve.

  52. Anonymous8:58 PM

    The sedes say Fr. Moulin did leave the SSPX. Refer to:, scroll down to article.

  53. Romanus1:45 AM

    Anonymous, then the sedes are mistaken. Or they lie.


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