Rorate Caeli

Philippine diocese promotes the TLM

The Diocese of Baguio in the northern Philippines, on its own initiative, has published a leaflet introducing the Catholic faithful to the Traditional Latin Mass. Please click on the above pictures to read.

The leaflet was written by Fr. Andrew Cosalan, the Vicar General of the Diocese, who is also the initiator and celebrant of the two every-Sunday TLMs in the Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral of Baguio. (I met Fr. Cosalan last year, he is a very orthodox priest who truly loves the Church and who is a supporter of Catholic apologetics and of Summorum Pontificum)

The leaflet is not perfect, and some things in it need correction, but overall it is much more positive than most of the diocesan material on the Traditional Latin Mass that I have read. It will hopefully go a long way towards introducing the Filipino Catholic faithful to their liturgical and theological patrimony. Baguio is one of the very few dioceses in the world, and the only one in the Philippines, to have gone out of its way to publish an introductory leaflet on the TLM for the benefit of the local faithful.

Thank you, Bishop Carlito Cenzon! And thank you, Fr. Cosalan!

H/t for images: Pro Deo et Patria