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Rumors: Clarification document on Summorum "shortly"

The Vaticanist for Italian weekly Panorama, Ignazio Ingrao, reports that the "Instruction" for the clarification of several points of the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, should be available very soon (it is in the "final stage" or "home stretch"). Source and tip: Rinascimento Sacro

In other rumors, Spanish blog Sector Católico mentions a papal "surprise" for Holy Week: would the indult for Communion in the hand be revoked; or will the Pope celebrate the Traditional Mass for the Missa in Coena Domini?


  1. Anonymous5:22 PM

    "In other rumors, Spanish blog Sector Católico mentions a papal "surprise" for Holy Week: would the indult for Communion in the hand be revoked; or will the Pope celebrate the Traditional Mass for the Missa in Coena Domini?"

    Oh please Lord, please be both!

  2. Anonymous5:25 PM

    If Benedict XVI revokes completely communion in the hand I shall return to Mass.

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM

    Wonder what this "surprise" could possibly be???? Any ideas???

  4. Would that all of these rumors may prove true!

  5. Peter6:05 PM

    Maybe the Holy Father will announce that Venerable Pope John Paul II is to be beatified?

  6. Anonymous6:24 PM

    "Wonder what this "surprise" could possibly be???? Any ideas???"

    Or finally the Consecration of Russia by name in union with all the bishops of the world, per Our Ladys request at Fatima?

  7. Anonymous6:32 PM

    I have afew suggestions what they might be. It would be interesting to get everyone's opinion.
    I don't think it will be any huge, earth-shattering pronouncement in favor of Catholic Tradition (although it may be), but here are my suggestions:

    1). the return of the Sedia Gestatoria on a regular basis for papal ceremonies and audiences (As has been strongly rumored before).

    2). return of some Papal vesture discarded by Paul VI and John Paul II ( the Papal fanon)

    3). Easter Mass "ad orientam"

    4). announcement of new Cardinals (hopefully this doesn't happen till Autumn or after).

    5). an Outside CHANCE, that perhaps the Pope might supress the "indult" for Communion in the Hand.

    6). an Outside CHANCE of the announcement of a miracle attributed to Venerable Pope Pius XII (thus sealing his Beatification).

    What does anyone else think?

    Whatever it is, I hope it's something in line with Catholic tradition....and not some bizarre gesture like John Paul II favored, or anything to do with ecumenism.

  8. Do you think the Holy Father saw the video clip of the girl friend of the presidential candidate taking Holy Communion (not receiving) from the Archbishop and then placing part of the Host in her mouth, only to take it out again, with a smirk on her face, to then break it in half, consume her half and place the other half in the shirt pocket of her boyfriend?
    While not this extreme, in my own parish people have done the same type of things, give a part to a small child, place the host in their pocket, place it in a missalette in the pew and God only knows what.
    I suspect the Holy See saw the video, knows what is happening around the world and probably at St. Peter's Basilica too, and they are not amused. I suspect the Holy Father isn't amused either, probably looking in horror!

  9. Anonymous6:44 PM

    I know enough Spanish to roughly translate the last paragraph from the Spanish website as:

    "In fact, such gossip is already in the church IN Rome and has transcended the Roman Curia, various places and even countries. We do not know yet what the Pope is preparing for us, but it certainly will be a surprise, and GOOD."

    I think if this was all just hearsay and idle gossip, it would not have gained the momentum from so many places at once...but simply remain hopeful whispers. Annoying and trouble-making whispers if nothing happens!!

  10. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Amen to that.

  11. Anonymous6:55 PM

    R.I.P. these rumors? Facts only please...

  12. Anonymous7:12 PM

    The beatification of JP2 is soon to be announced according to our Diocese in Sweden. Could it be that!

  13. At a papal Mass ad orientem according to the Extraordinary Form the following announcements:
    (1) A juridical structure for traditional Catholics worldwide under the leadership of soon-to-be Cardinal Fellay, assisted by the other Fraternity bishops and such other prelates who may wish to be available. Call it whatever you want but make it clear that this structure is entirely independent and reporting directly to the Holy Father himself.
    (2) The revocation of the communion-in-the-hand indult in all Churches and oratories of the Roman Rite, immediately and forthwith!
    (3) The restoration of the practice of kneeling, where possible, to receive Holy Communion and the restoration of altar rails in all churches and oratories. Such work to be accomplished as soon as reasonably possible.
    (4)The restatement that reception of Communion requires the recipient to be in the state of grace and a Baptized Catholic fully in accord with the depositum fidei.
    (5) The mandate for all Catholic seminaries of the Roman Rite to train all future priests in both the EF and OF.
    (6) The announcement that all parishes of the Roman Rite must have at least one celebration of the EF daily and on Sundays and holydays of obligation.

    Yes, I've been drinking the elixir of insanity again but the big question for the pope and anyone else is: "Why not these things?" It is unthinkable that we cannot practice the Faith as we were taught in our youth and the main roadblocks to doing so are our own bishops.

  14. Van Knackular7:41 PM

    I met with the PCED back in March 08 and the instruction was imminent then! And that was the PCED who said that!

  15. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Don't believe one bit that it pertains to Communion in the Hand. It's much more likely involving the beatification of Pius XII. We've been wandering in the desert for 40 years, I've pretty much lost hope of any sort of significant renewals.

  16. Richard Friend8:14 PM

    To Frajm:

    Revoking Communion in the hand will not completely eliminate the abuse you refer to. In one TLM I saw a woman kneel and receive Communion on the tongue, but as she was walking away she opened her mounth and cut a piece off the Sacred Host and put it in the mouth of her young daughter who was walking beside her. She did it very discreetly, but I saw it all because she passed in front of me when she committed this act. I'm all in favor of revoking the indult, but determined individuals will always find a way to circumvent the rule. The only way you can prevent this abuse is to reduce the size of the hosts considerably and administer it with the Sacred Blood using a spoon in thr way the Eastern Catholics do it.

  17. In a recent pro-life gathering, I happen to meet a very nice couple who are Traditional Catholics. To my big surprise, even though they were very respectful and appreciative toward Pope Benedict, they were also almost completely hopeless and disenchanted about any possible change in the mainstream church. I was amazed about this, but I ignore if this is actually the trend among Traditional Catholics.

  18. Anonymous8:21 PM

    "The beatification of JP2 is soon to be announced according to our Diocese in Sweden. Could it be that!"

    This is ridiculous. The Vatican just said two weeks ago, that John Paul II is not going to be beatified this year....certainly not in October like so many people hoped.
    To beatify John Paul II only 5 years after his death would be to give a blessing to all the liturgical mess and other bizarre ceremonies, gestures, meetings, gatherings, and agenda he stood for....which is probably NOT the kind of message the Pope wants to put out.

    John Paul II might be beatified eventually, in a decade or two...or three.

  19. Henry8:24 PM

    Why are people bothering with the prediction of an ad orientem papal Easter Mass? When all Masses at the main altar in St. Peter's Basilica are ad orientem?

  20. Anonymous8:40 PM

    I'm guessing it's the announcement of some Anglican Ordinariates. I'd love to see the reconciliation of the SSPX, but that still seems remote.

    Deacon Nathan Allen

  21. Anonymous8:40 PM

    "TLM I saw a woman kneel and receive Communion on the tongue, but as she was walking away she opened her mounth and cut a piece off the Sacred Host and put it in the mouth of her young daughter who was walking beside her."

    Richard Friend,

    That is an extremely rare occurence at the TLM.
    I have been to hundreds of TlM's and am in contact with many traditional Catholics and have never heard or seen anything like what you mention, I do not doubt you, it is just that the kind of thing you mention is much more likely to occur at an ordinary Mass.

  22. Let's be realistic, then we won't be disappointed.

  23. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Maybe it will be the rehabilitaion of Leila Wadell.

  24. Anonymous9:26 PM

    "I'm guessing it's the announcement of some Anglican Ordinariates."

    And what does that have to do about/for Catholics? That would be a tremendous let-down.

    Traditional Catholics who read this would hope for some concrete ruling, or restoration by the Pope according to a return to CATHOLIC practices and beliefs...not Anglicans.
    Most Roman Catholics don't even know about the Anglican issues, or care. It's a burning concern only for a few Anglicans.
    No, if there is to be some grand announcement, it will be for the entire Roman Catholic Church....not a little group of non-Catholics seeking to be Catholics. That would have no import for 99.9% of the Catholic Church. Especially in places like Latin America, where there are practically zero Anglicans.

    I predict it's either something largely symbolic, but of great importance (the return of something or some practice trashed by Popes after Vatican II (like the return of the Sedia Gestatoria), OR, the promulgating of a vast decree along the lines of Catholic tradition that will influence/shake/jolt every Catholic parish in the world.

    The issue of Anglicans is such a minor blip on the Vatican list of priorities, that it's almost laughable to assume it's about them.

    But, if it did have anything to do with ecumenism...look to the Orthodox...not the Protestants (former or practicing).

  25. The restoration of the Octave of Pentecost?

  26. "Or finally the Consecration of Russia by name in union with all the bishops of the world, per Our Ladys request at Fatima?"

    This speculation seems to be more probable than others.

    Well-informed sources have been speaking for some time that the Holy Father wants to carry this through, as the Russian Orthodox would apparently not object to it...

  27. Anonymous1:59 AM

    Let's pray it has to be along the lines of a restoration, perhaps the Sedia, or something similiar to foster the traditional health of the Church. Many who were deeply pained during their lifetimes by so many losses should have the opportunity to heal and experience such restorations during said lifetimes as well. I am sure there are many who have fallen away from the Church who have a curious, cautious and watchful eye on this Pontificate. May God grant their deepest wishes and bring them peace again within their spiritual lives.

  28. Richard Friend2:20 AM

    Dan Hunter:

    Yes I agree with you that this sort of abuse is an anomaly in a TLM and would most likely occur in an OF Mass. However, this TLM was scheduled at 9:30 a.m on Sunday, was sandwiched between two Novus Ordo Masses and was consequently drawing in a lot of Novus Ordo faithful. I did not see that woman in previous Sundays and my guess is she came to that Mass for convenience. This is the sort of problem traditionalists will face as the TLM becomes more widespread.

  29. For what it's worth...

    I had a conversation with Msgr. Arthur Calkins in September of last year (when he was in Manila), during which he confirmed to me that the Clarification of Summorum Pontificum was still being worked on...

    At that time though, I did not post the news on Rorate, and circulated it only in private to some trusted friends and contacts (including NC).

  30. "I'm guessing it's the announcement of some Anglican Ordinariates."

    And what does that have to do about/for Catholics?

    Only Catholics may be members of Anglican Ordinariates.

  31. Anonymous11:41 AM


    Let's start praying hard to OUR LORD that the surprise is that Communion in the hand be revoked.

    I hope Pope Benedict XVI will do something big to make his papacy truly memorable for the Catholic Church of the 21th century.

  32. Anonymous11:51 AM

    In response to anonymous 2010 19:12

    Please Lord don't let it be that!

  33. Anonymous12:00 PM

    With all the mess in the Church and the disrespect to the Sacred Liturgy, I can't believe that some people think that by briging back the Sedia Gestatoria will return true tradition the the faith.

    Please let's be serious!

  34. The Holy Father celebrates the unreformed Holy Week?!

    One can only dream...

  35. nodlewa2:08 PM

    Removing the indult for communion in the hand will certainly not change a thing in the vast majority of Novus Ordo Parishes, except in the instance where a faithful Priest is present, which let's face it, is extremely rare.

    The Pope saying Mass according to the 1962 Missal would be wonderful and would give more strength to the traditionalist cause world wide. This indeed, would be a wonderful act on the part of the Pope.

  36. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I'd be absolutely amazed if Communion in the Hand were revoked. If this, indeed, is the announcement... It'd give me great hope. Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by name in union with all the bishops of the world, per Our Ladys request at Fatima, would be the best announcement. Another would be all Masses ad orientam. A clarification document on Summorum would only have weight if the language had weight, with consequence...

    A verbatim of Paul Haley's elixir-driven response would be ideal, of course! :)

  37. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Maybe it's the papal falda...

  38. Anonymous3:30 PM

    I don't care about the pope's chair, get rid of Communion in the hand! Our Lord can not be treated with this disrespect any longer.

  39. Anonymous4:59 PM

    From a friend

  40. Anonymous5:42 PM

    "John Paul II might be beatified eventually, in a decade or two...or three."

    Prudence would suggest that the Pope should have an independent commission discuss whether the time is ripe, and such a commission should meet once ever 25 years and after about 8 or so meetings give a report to the Pope.

  41. Anonymous6:22 PM

    You're all wrong. The surprise will be a recognition by Rome of S.S.P.X faculties.


  42. Louis E.9:51 PM

    Recognitio of the ICEL translations?

  43. Fr. Steve11:24 PM

    Every Holy Thursday there is a letter written to priests, and this year is the year of priests, my guess is that it's a document about the priesthood, the Mass, and offering the Holy Sacrifice in accord with Sacred Tradition. With explect references to those elements of tradition that need to be restored (ie. ad orientem, communion on the tounge while kneeling, the uses of Latin and Gregorion Chant, etc.). But, this is just a guess.

  44. Anonymous12:17 AM

    We have a document relating to Priests and Latin. In fact an Apostolic Constitution, Veterum Sapientia. Perhaps its' re-emphasis and maybe an adendum as to its' relevance today would be nice in the Year of the Priest. As for the Sedia return, no it will not bring true tradition back to the Church, but that is not what is meant by the support for its' return. It symbolizes something bigger, respect for the Holy Father and his decisions. Since so many are against it for the wrong reasons, its' return should go along with the average Catholics show of support and obedience. Also it is, albeit small, but a significant symbol of the many things lost in the previous years. It is a symbol of hope to many for greater things. Telling people to "get serious" comes accross as a real lack of understanding of a commentators feelings regarding restoration of ALL things Catholic. Afterall I am sure the Sedia is not the issue at all, merely what its' return and acceptance signignifies. On the way to the problems in the liturgy. It is a whole package.

  45. Anonymous1:14 AM

    "You're all wrong. The surprise will be a recognition by Rome of S.S.P.X faculties."

    This would be a tremendous announcement. Huge. Positive.

  46. Anonymous1:18 AM

    How many days for Holy Week?

    I'm nervous!

    Hope Fr. Steve's guess is right.

  47. Anonymous2:04 AM

    In response to 2010 00:17

    My dear friend if you expect the Catholic Church to go back to the old tradition or how the Church used to be with all the regalia etc, etc you're dreaming.

    I only hope to get the respect to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and dignity to many liturgical abuses since Vatican II.

    It's not lack of understanding, but the reality is that world we live in, it's in a very big mess from which only Christ's Second Coming can fix.

    Peace be with you and I hope I don't offend anyone including blog moderators with my response.

  48. Mickey4:09 AM

    I simply think that the Holy Father will celebrate the Tridium in the Extraordinary Form.

  49. Anonymous12:04 PM

    What if nothing happens....which is more likely than anything else.

  50. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Announcement of an Apostolic Visit to Russia/meeting with Patriarch of Moscow?

  51. If nothing happens, then nothing happens. We will go on with out lives, albeit disappointed for a brief period. We are not fools, we are well aware that rumors all have the inherent potential to be nothing more than random ruminations. The beautiful ones however are those that possess veracity, those that are more than mere carrots on sticks. We have seen both; we have experienced both the frustrations and the joys associated with rumors. For now all we can do is wait and speculate. My two sense: I hope PKTP is correct.

  52. Anonymous5:11 PM

    "What if nothing happens....which is more likely than anything else."

    Then we continue to storm heaven with our prayers
    We write letters and move the powers that be to shake off the dust and excrement of lethagy
    and generally stomp and shake the ground with the Almighty mace of the Godhead.

    An explosion of Divine Grace will ensue.

  53. I know what is unfortunately likely NOT to happen- A restoration of the pre-1955 Holyweek liturgy. :-(

    I think that its a real shame that these ceremonies were changed so drastically - especially Palm Sunday's liturgy.

  54. Anonymous8:49 PM

    In response to Dan Hunter's comment 01 March, 2010 17:11

    Dan I'm with you!

  55. mtervaportti9:11 PM

    Absolutely the most important and most needed "surprise" would be the revoking of Communion in the hand.

    In Finland, for example, we have parishes where that mode is the only one taught to converts and first Communion children. Imagine the pastor teaching hand communion and then telling the children: if someone wants to receive on the tongue, then he/she should visit me after this practice -- how many would go? Well, we took our daughter to Rome for First Communion, but naturally, that cannot be the general solution.

    I am convinced that the abolishment of hand communion would change the attitude many people have to the Sacrament of the Altar; it would change their Faith and be a great blessing for the entire Church.

  56. Anonymous5:56 AM

    If its something to shock the whole Catholic world from the top down to the bottom, maybe its the official abrogation of the Missal of Paul VI, with an official return to the Missal of 1962, and the full disclosed text of the Third Secret of Fatima as its reasoning?

    To me if the Pope does this, everything else corrects itself, including Communion in the Hand.
    The simple revocation of its indult would not be a shocker because many a priest and bishop, as well as parishes are expecting it.

    And the Consecration of Russia is not unexpected as well.

    The abrogation of the Novus Ordo would be the only thing that would shake the entire Catholic World completely.

  57. Anonymous5:23 PM

    Nope- the Pope has decided to put on the tiara and lead from the front. Bishops fall in line and obey.

  58. can dream....

  59. Anonymous8:59 AM

    I think the so called surprise might have to do with something related to the Legionaries of Christ.

    I think the order might be dissolved.

    Just a guess.

  60. It is no coincidence that the announcement will be Holy Thursday, and will be addressed to priests but with impact for all Catholic faithful. In seminary the news is that many meetings (some public, many not) have been leading the Holy Father to announce subtle but ultimately fundamental changes to the requirement for priestly celibacy (for new priests, there will be no release from existing vows of celibacy). We are amazed that so many think that an announcement to the the worldwide church would be so trivial as whether he should be carried in his chair or not.

  61. Semionariun3:12 PM

    I'm hearing that too, Luis! Exciting times to be in seminary, eh? Whether it turns out true or not...

  62. Anonymous3:37 AM

    I just saw the Mass booklet in advance for Maundy Thursday at St. John Lateran. It is just a normal Solemn Papal Mass in Latin in the Ordinary Form.


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