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Official acts of the Holy See now available online

Entire collections of the Actae Sanctae Sedis (A.S.S.) and of the Acta Apostolicae Sedis (A.A.S.) - i.e., the official Acts of the Holy See from 1865 to 2007 - are available in pdf format, as is the twelve-volume collection of the Actes et documents du Saint-Siège relatifs à la Seconde Guerre Mondiale, published by order of Paul VI starting in 1965, and edited by a specialised group of four Jesuit historians.

These texts represent a documentary resource of inestimable value that is now at the disposal of scholars and all interested persons, free of charge. It is a great contribution to research and information on the history and activities of the Holy See. (Holy See Press Office)
This means that all main acts of the Holy See since 1865, during the Pontificate of Blessed Pius IX, and particularly since 1909, in the Pontificate of Saint Pius X, are now available online. The A.A.S. of 1909, for example, are available here (PDF - large document).


  1. This is an incredible resource. Thanks to the Vatican for making this available and thanks to Rorate Caeli for notifying us.

  2. Anonymous5:09 PM

    I am grateful for the notice and the resource, yet I wonder if any other interested reader has examined these files to any extent: a random choice of a volume of ASS from Vatican I seems to show errors in the text explicable if these documents were created via OCR. Does anyone know if the Vatican internet "librarians" will want submissions of errata to improve the files?

  3. At last — Deo gratias!

    And thanks for the tip.

  4. I had wished that there's an English version....

  5. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Just went to take a look and found Veterum Sapientia....I wish the Holy Father would re-distribute this to all Seminaries now with his own personal adendum of its' relevance and importance today. Especially after the historic MP SP on use of the Tridentine Form of Mass. Latin in more important than it has been in decades and Summorum Pontificum and Veterum Sapientia go hand in hand.

  6. Anonymous1:49 AM

    This is extremely good news. After wondering for a decade or more, I now know what Pius XI really called communism: not just intrinsically "wrong" as in the official English translations I have been able to locate, nor exactly "evil" as per some unofficial commentaries. "Communismus cum intrinsecus sit pravus,..." - depraved. Louis

  7. Prof. Basto4:18 AM

    I'm trying to find the document supposedly issued by Pope John XXIII to formally close the First Vatican Council (that had been suspended, but never formally closed, due to the invasion of Rome); it is said that this was done quietly between 1959 and 1961, before the Second Vatican Council was summoned, but I have never seen the actual document.

    Now we can find out if there is one at all.

  8. Anonymous4:20 AM

    Speaking of Summorum Pontificum... the pdf file for 2007 ends in May.

    We all know that the print version of the remaining months of 2007 has already been issued (with some delay), but I wonder why the Vatican website people decided to stop the digitalization of 2007's AAS exactly in May, just a few months before the promulgation of the Motu Proprio.

  9. Louis E.4:42 AM

    A while back I asked John XXIII National Seminary (where seminarians are forbidden to even mention the TLM) why they appear so hostile to that Apostolic Constitution promulgated by Blessed John XXIII at the Second Vatican Council...they have never answered.

  10. Fr Patrick D. Kwis, SMA4:06 PM

    This is very good news, indeed. Many thanks and blessings upon the originators of the idea and those who gave time, effort and treasure to make our long standing aspiration come true. Posterity will ever be grateful to you. Once again, to you all, many thanks and blessings.
    Fr. Patrick D. Kwis, SMA


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