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Padre's Pio's new resting place

A few days ago, the body of Padre Pio was moved to the Chiesa San Pio (click on "Chiesa San Pio" to see a photogallery of the new church). More pictures of the church can be found in the website of the workshop that built it.

Some pictures from the official Padre Pio site:

The body of the holy friar was entombed in this (pictures can be found here):


  1. Anonymous4:36 PM

    ugly .

  2. I sure hope St. Pio doesn't do this again. That monstrosity of a "Church" needs to be obliterated. Or used as a set in the next Star Trek movie...

  3. Anonymous4:47 PM

    What is that cartoony byzantine style called? It's nice, and I saw some attractive ancient examples in Rome recently, in S. Clemente, I think.

    It seems to be popular among modernists. I think this may be because it is anachronistic and not really in keeping with Latin piety as it developed -- modern icons in that style seem to me an archaist rupture. The style evades criticism because it does have a place in Catholic tradition.

    The whole thing looks awful to me.

  4. Anonymous4:51 PM

    How sad would be Fr. Pio!!! That´s like an UFO rather than a Church...


  5. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Attention St. Pio...the Mothership has landed!

  6. Adeodatus4:59 PM

    Great. When I think of St. Pio, the first thing that always comes to mind is postmodernism.

  7. Anonymous5:02 PM

    It is like some cult religion from a '70s sci fi movie. Those men in white robes and the cube box are perfect accompaniments to the décor.

    I don't think St. Padre Pio would doubt NO 'progressive' Franciscans will love it.


  8. Anonymous5:11 PM

    It's more like a masonic temple.

    Read the detailed analysis:

  9. Anonymous5:13 PM

    Those whose contributions of hard earned money was used to build this masonic temple should start a class-action suit and sue for their loot back.

    Poor Padre Pio!

    How much longer Lord?


  10. Anonymous5:28 PM

    Terrible. Get rid of the pews, move St. Pio's precious relics to some obscure monastery where they belong, and put some AstroTurf down on the ground and use it as an Arena Football stadium.

    This makes me so sad. :(

    Houston, TX, USA

  11. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Traveling throughout Europe, I have seen many ugly, modern, off-centered churches. This one in San Giovanni Rotondo is one of them. And what can we say about the church of St. Bernadette in Lourdes or the church of Most Holy Trinity at Fatima? Absolute desacralization, lack of Faith... Muh...

  12. John McFarland5:48 PM

    Is there enough clearance in the tomb to enable the Padre to spin in his grave?

    The style is less pseudo-Byzantine than genuine Airport Terminal.

  13. Ugh, that Church looks like a set for an Edward D. Wood movie.

  14. Why do priests and communities judge themselves on their capacity to 'renovate' churches and build monstrosities like this? This sort of clerical manifestation of a desire for glory has caused so much destruction to the Church's places of worship.

  15. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Which way do you face?... Best option... the door through which you came in- so you can get out again in a hurry

  16. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Ugly and a true slap in the face and memory of Padre Pio. you can be sure he would have appreciated a traditional looking place to rest. Why does the Holy father allow this kind of ugliness to continue? Legislation to rule what type of structures are acceptable and what is not would go a long way to fixing this problem. What are people supposed to think when they come here? Common sense should dictate that if more people are opposed to something then it should not be done. Had it been traditional it probably wouldn't bother anyone. But this does bother people, more people than if a traditional structure was used instead. That seems downright antagonistic, and indecent.

  17. Couldn't they have just stuffed him a luggage locker at the local Grey Hound bus terminal? It would have been cheaper and more aesthetically pleasing. And PLEASE stop referring to this monstrosity as byzantine. BECAUSE IT AINT!

    Christ is risen!

  18. Anonymous8:00 PM


    That is exactly what I was thinking. The resemblance is uncanny! I wish I had some stills to put them side-by-side.


  19. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Satan and his minions in the Church target these places of popular devotion and inspire ugly churches in a vain attempt to sap these shrines of their dignity and solemnity. (Besides Lourdes and Fatima, see also Divine Mercy in Krakow and OL Guadalupe in Mexico City).

    Satan's plans will ultimately fail, but these monstrosities do scandalize the faithful and inculcate in them that this modernistic architecture is "normative" for the Church. That is the worst part about it.

  20. Anonymous8:49 PM

    From the architectural firm's website:

    In the design by Renzo Piano, the worshippers are enveloped by a gigantic snail shape ...

    Good Lord, they're on drugs.

    At least there is a Crucifix situated behind the altar. No visible tabernacle, of course.

    Modernism. What a nightmare.

  21. One final insult. St. Pio bore many from fellow clergy throughout his life. Now they've buried him in an elevator shaft, in the middle of a second rate convention center.

    He bilocated during life. He's certainly not bound to one place in death.

  22. Anonymous9:14 PM

    This is truly sick. One can see and feel the hatred for the Catholic Faith in this death-of-God architecture. Fortunately, St. Pio's soul is otherwhere.


  23. Anonymous9:16 PM

    Scotty to Enterprise:

    "There's no sign of civilisation on this planet, Captain. Beam me up. Oh, and could we just nuke this site from outer space? It would save sending in a garbage scow."


  24. Anonymous9:25 PM

    The priests of Baal (or of that monster from Star Wars) remind me that I need a new bathrobe.

    Seriously, though, we needn't worry about all of this. NewChurch has no future, and it is very easly to move a body back to its proper resting place before setting the charges and planting the C4. There is no way this monstrosity or the one at Fatima will survive. They are the joke of a day and will be discarded soon to he dump where the other rubbish is.


  25. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Note the hideous mosaics, the work of the ultra-modernist Jesuit Marko Ivan Rupnik, who also ravaged the churches in Lourdes and Fatima...

  26. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Dear Mr. Mulligan:

    St. Pio could indeed bilocate but I don't think he'll want any part of himself left to lodge in this inverted teacup. I'm guessing that, when they check to see if he's incorrupt, they'll find that he's absent. And when they check to see if he's in his old tomb, they'll find that he is indeed.


  27. Anonymous10:39 PM

    "Note the hideous mosaics, the work of the ultra-modernist Jesuit Marko Ivan Rupnik, who also ravaged the churches in Lourdes and Fatima..."
    ...and the not less hideous Redemptoris Mater Chapel in the apostolic palace.

  28. Anonymous12:40 AM

    More evidence that the Novus Ordo is returning to tradition!

  29. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Oh Lord --Shorten these Days!!

  30. Anonymous1:57 AM


    A snail shape? Yes, if you put your ear to the door and listen very hard, you can hear the sound of the gurgling waters of the Baptismal swimming pool.

    Please nobody destroy this monstrosity. I want to preserve it for my Museum of Bad Taste so that future generations can see what retards modernists were.


  31. Anonymous2:18 AM

    Oh the horror, the horror.

  32. "What is that cartoony byzantine style called? It's nice, and I saw some attractive ancient examples in Rome recently, in S. Clemente, I think."

    There is a HUGE difference between the sacred art of Rome from the 4th to the 13th century, of which the art of S. Clemente is an exemplar, and the faux-Byzantine "style" common in many modern churches and chapels.

  33. Anonymous3:43 AM

    I can assure readers of one small fact: when I visited S. G. Rotondo in 2004, I asked everyone who liveed in the locale what they thought of the "new church" and they all said they hated it, and that Padre Pio would have been very upset if such was proposed for him before his death.

    The OFM Caps of that province have abandoned all decency: the church is little more than a message saying we reject every austerity of your life an won't follow your example in anything!

    The church was designed by an avowed atheist, and when asked why they chose an atheist to do it, the provincial said they wanted a church which would attract the people of this age in which we live.

    One noticeable defect is the problem of the shape. When the slightest wind blows, there is a magnification of its force inside, evertime two opposite doors happen to be open at the same time: since Italians have a deathly fear of winds on hot or cold days, they avoid the place like the plague.

    Of course being alongside the old church, you cannot use C4 to demolish it, as there would be resulting periferal damage. It could be used for a theatre in the round, for Passion Plays, or a helio port to ferry in and our sick pilgrims.

    I'd hate to see the look on Padre's Face on Judgment Day when he confronts his responsible conferes for this monstrosity!

  34. Anonymous4:20 AM

    Shame, Shame, Shame!

    There is no respect for our Holy Saints anymore.

    May God have mercy on us!

  35. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Pio never said the new mass. NEVER!

  36. Oh, you've made a confusion. These are not the photos of St Pius' tomb, but of Tutankhamun's.

  37. Padre Pio would have been horrified if he had seen a church look that way, let alone his resting place. Those vulgar pseudo mosaics are just there to try to give it some superficial religious atmosphere.

    Padre Pio was well known to be opposed to even the first changes in the liturgy that occurred befor his death, and asked the indult to continue to say the old Mass, even if strong pressure was effected to have him endorse the changes; his last Mass was towards the people because of obedience to his superiors, but with the old rite.
    This didn't help with his canonization, including the warning he gave to John XXIII about the great ills fot the church that could (and did!) result from the Council; the fact he was a staunch monarchist didn't help either (there is a profecy of his on this subject) with Paul VI and the Curia. All this of course has been airbrushed out of the picture.

    All those who have been to S.Giovanni Rotondo that I have met just hate the new church
    A parallel to this architectural slap in the face of the faithful is the awful new church to Rome's most loved Maria shrine, the Madonna del Divino Amore, equally hated by the faithful who much prefer to crowd into the old XVIII c. church rather than sit in the cinema-like hall that is supposed to be a church.
    Both are soulless buildings, with nothing of sacred.

  38. I cannot think of a more effective manner to insult St Pio da Pietrelcina locating his resting place behind a novus ordo table of which he would have disapproved.

    This is what we must expect with the post-conciliar regime of indiscriminate novelties & alterations.

    And it is futile claiming The Vatican does not know about this because it has helped organise & approve.

  39. To Anonymous 17:11,
    Thank you for providing this link with its extensive illustrations. In the photo of the sanctuary (if it can be called that) the monstrosity (cross?) hanging above the huge saucer (altar?) is truly frightening. It gives me the creeps.

  40. Anonymous12:20 PM

    I seems that in the last photo there is a greek cube altar before the tomb...

    Was that put there to prevent a TLM from ever being offered before the Saint's remains?

    If so, how puerile and nasty can you get!

  41. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Could you elaborate on the St. Padre Pio prophecy and provide a link to a credible site?

    Thank you.

  42. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Anonymous 17:10 and Mar commented on the Masonic roots of this new Church via the link/download:


    Surely they have picked on the wrong Saint - Padre Pio will destroy this temple.

  43. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Go to and read all about it.

  44. "I seems that in the last photo there is a greek cube altar before the tomb..."

    How an Orthodox / Greek Catholic "cube" altar looks like:

  45. For someone who has watched the movie Padre Pio, one word comes to mind:


  46. Anonymous7:53 AM

    A Greek Orthodox cube Altar? Nouvo Byzantine art? Why? St. Pio was neither of these! "And the gates of hell shall not prevail..."

  47. Prof. Carlos Ramalhete12:23 PM

    The pseudo-byzantine "icons" are used in Modernist churches because - unlike traditional Latin images and traditional Byzantine icons - they are not fit for devotion, not conducive to prayer. They are meant to be decorative, and that is all. There is a Brazilian artist, Claudio Pastro, who is the king of this style. Google for him and it will be easy to understand what I mean: beautiful drawings, that have nothing to do with devotion and little to do with traditional icons.

    Modernists believe that the church should be bare of anything that reminds people of God and His saints; hence, no real images, no tabernacle, etc.

    I suffered through a course on "liturgical space" in my diocese, in which this monstrosity was presented as a model church.

  48. Anonymous1:25 PM

    That's a woman 2nd from the left! Insult to insult to injury!

  49. j.g. ratkaj4:19 PM

    How beautiful it would have been to expose the venerated remains of beloved Padre Pio in the church, where he clebrated his intriguing last mass in 1968. Given the monstrosity of this temple one has not to wonder the permanent declining of vocations to his today unfortunately to a great extent very liberalistic and dissenting order.

  50. Anonymous9:13 PM

    Just finished reading through the ""

    If I understand correctly - the worst is over (ref: prophecy for late 19 th and 20 th century)?

    Also, Padre Pio body is a fake?

    St. Giovanni Rotunda town will be punished for disturbing Padre Pio.

    Very interesting reading.

  51. Anonymous9:24 PM

    They moved him there to get people to go into that amusement park ride.

    I visited there a few years back. Most folks spent time in the pretty lower church and only went into the UFO if that was the only Mass time that they could make.

    Bethesda, MD

  52. Thomas John1:00 AM

    IMPOSSIBLE cheek and contempt, and SUCH ignorance!

  53. Anonymous4:00 AM

    Are the robed ones supposed to be "processing" somewhere?

    Note the clueless attitude in which all four were captured in this photo.

    No one knows what the heck they are doing. The guy in front is requesting instructions I think...

    Why do people in NewChurch sanctuaries ALWAYS appear this way?


  54. Anonymous1:15 AM

    Zakhur - exactly, the blind leading the blind. NewChurch, newtheology,new mass. GIGO. By their fruit you shall know them.

  55. Anonymous6:06 AM

    It looks like a disco, in the 60´s or 70's

  56. Anonymous7:55 AM

    I went to San Giovanni Rotondo on Easter and back there we met with a Franciscan brother (forgot his name} he was the companion of Padre Pio in his last days. We sat with him for an hour and He recited couple of saint Pio's stories and one of the shocking stories was about a man who came to confess at Padre Pio. That man started to complain about the new changes in the Mass brought by Vatican 2 and the interested part of the story is that padre Pio defended the new changes by explaining to him the goods of the new changes without mentioning any fault. So Saint Pio wasn’t opposed to the new mass according to this Franciscan brother. i am bit confused now

  57. AAARRRGGGHHHH!!! I hate airports and this reminds me of one!!!!

  58. Anonymous4:13 PM

    What kind of logic is it that asks an atheist to design the house of God? Sheer stupidity, no wonder the Church has no credibility.

    Franciscans are progressive now (I know I am one) and they ought to return to their founder's Rule post haste. This UFO church is a mockery and reflects what those cardinals, bishops and priests believe. Perhaps it is the masons that are ROFL.

    Anon 7:55
    Take about as much stock in that monk's story as the other ones that are floating about. I heard another one - St. Pio asked for the indult because he was almost blind and couldn't learn the NO.

    What are those apparent goods resulting from the changes in the mass? The new mass and new theology are problematic.

  59. Re: Padre Pio and the Novus Ordo:

    Padre Pio died on September 23, 1968. The Novus Ordo was not promulgated until April 1969, and came into use only on November 30, 1969.

    EWTN once aired an almost complete video of the last Mass of Padre Pio, which he celebrated less than 24 hours before his death. I watched it. It was the 1965-67 edition of the Traditional Latin Mass.

  60. GrottoGirl5:04 AM

    WOW. It looks like he's buried under the McDonalds arches!!! What next.......a sign that says over 2 billion served?

    a complete disgrace.

  61. Carlos Antonio: I recall serving Mass in English as early as 1966-67 (I would have been around twelve years of age). If the NO was not promulgated until 1969 what was the Mass which I was serving?

  62. "Carlos Antonio: I recall serving Mass in English as early as 1966-67 (I would have been around twelve years of age). If the NO was not promulgated until 1969 what was the Mass which I was serving?"

    The traditional Roman Mass, but translated into the vernacular (beginning in 1964) and reformed / simplified in 1964, 1965, 1967 and 1968. This is sometimes referred to as the Mass of the "1965 Missal", although that is somewhat misleading as just about every year between 1964 and 1969 saw changes and revisions to the Ordo Missae.

  63. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Crux Fidelis:

    Bishops in Canada and the U.S.A. authorised all-vernacular Masses of the 1962 Missal as early as 29 November, 1964, although only a few did. Some priests, notably in the Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota, were offering all-vernacular Masses evern earlier in 1964. This was all before the Second Vatican Council even closed. That Council called for allowing only some parts of the Mass to be said in the vernacular. Go figure, as the lawyer said to the accountant.


  64. C.A. Palad: there is so much literature on Padre Pio I wouldn't know where to start.
    But if you Google profezie Padre Pio or padre pio indulto or messa tradizionale you will get a great deal of information.

    His profecys on the monarchy are these: Princess Maria José, wife of Crown Prince Umberto (a devout Catholic, later King of Italy for one month, before being exiled in 1946 after a rigged referendum that abolished the monarchy), in the late thirties, having heard much about of Padre Pio, went to meet him. The fascist régime was then at the height of its power, and while hostile to the monarchy, its only opposition, had created the Italian empire. Padre Pio told the Princess, though, that things were to change dramatically and soon, and to be prepared for the fall of the monarchy and exile - which all came to pass within a few years.
    In a further exchange with the by then exiled Queen Maria José, Padre Pio told her that the principal branch of the House of Savoy (to which her husband King Umberto II belonged) would wither, but another branch of the Savoys who were described as "relatives" would flourish with many Kings. All this seems to tally with S. Giovanni Bosco's profecys and also with those of the Dresden nun (+ 1706).
    These profecys have become of actuality since the recent dinastic quarrel which has arisen between the two branches of the House of Savoy, the eldest branche headed by prince Victor Emmanuel, son of King Umberto, but who has forfeited his dinastic rights after a marriage contracted in breach of the Royal House's dinastic laws and forbidden by the late King, his father. This automaticaly made his cousin, H.R.H. duke Amedeo of Savoy, head of the junior branch of the House, heir to the Headship of the Royal House.
    Upon the death of the King, a family arrangement allowed prince Victor Emmanuel to act as head of the House. But his disreputable career (twice in prison, involved in shady deals, etc.) and the mismanagement of the Dinastic Orders of chivalry, and the career of his son, Emmanuele Filiberto, a dancer and TV personality (who married, again against the House laws, a french actress and had two girls by her) after a family council, led H.R.H. duke Amedeo to assume officially the headship of the House of Savoy to prevent the complete degradation of the Dinasty. His son, H.R.H. prince Aimone (a highly respected international business manager), married H.R.H. Princess Olga of Greece, and recently had a son, Prince Umberto; his marriage has been according to the House's dinastic laws and with the approval of both the heads of the Royal Houses involved.
    All this long and boring premiss is to illustrate the fulfilling of Padre Pio's prophecy: the eldest branch, after the death of the last Ling, Umberto (a pious catholic and a great and noble man, who bore his exhile with great dignity), has gone from bad to worse, and is now in the process of extiction, as Emanuele Filiberto had two females: as the House of Savoy observes the Salic law, the headship passes in any case to the junior branch, represented by duke Amedeo and his son, which appears clearly to fulfill padre Pio's prophecy - even if the restoration of the monarchy in Italy doesen't seem probable at the moment. Duke Amedeo's mother, née princess Irene of Greece, was devoted to padre Pio and in contact with him; Prince Aimone and his family were guest of honour at the celebrations following his canonization.
    For this reason, the bronze bas relief of the former tomb of Padre Pio includes prince Aimone, wearing the collar of the Savoy Order of the Annonciation (the oldest chivalric Order after the Garter, and limited to 20 knights), conferred upon him at age 15 by the late King Umberto.

  65. I don't think St. Pio would like this/


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