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Summorum Pontificum: soon to be a reality in Sri Lanka

From the blog of Mr. Joseph Shaw comes this picture of two Sri Lankan priests who had been sent by Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith to the annual Latin Mass Society training conference for priests, held this year in Ushaw. The Archbishop also sent a letter of support and encouragement to the conference.

A fuller report on the training conference in Ushaw is coming up, here on Rorate.


  1. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Now this is what I call excellent news. I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to see S.P. implemented in most of Asia! It is essential that this happen. The Mass of All Ages is for everyone, not just some people in some parts of the world. Alleluia! I was wondering when the Archbishop's transfer would finally bear fruit. This is very warming news. It is something to celebrate. Once we hear about the first T.L.M.s on this jewel of an island in the Indian Ocean, that will become a day to mark on the calendar and commemorate!


  2. Anonymous4:58 PM


    To another part of the world, the Anglo-Catholic site is now reporting that the Australian branch of the TAC has yesterday submitted a petition to the C.D.F. for the Holy See to erect a personal ordinariate for Australia. The text of the letter is posted over there, and it is quite interesting. This blog might want to post it.


  3. The picture shows Fr Arulanantham Uthayadas and Fr Shelton Dias (both of Colombo in Sri Lanka)standing either side of Joseph Shaw, the chairman of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales. In the background is the High Altar of St Cuthbert's Chapel at Ushaw College, the seminary serving the north of England.

    The picture shows a little of the grandeur of this chapel, which was built to accommodate 400 seminarians. It replaced an earlier chapel, designed by A W N Pugin, that proved to be too small only 20 years after its completion. The new and much larger chapel, designed by Dunn and Hansom, was biult on the same site and incorporated many of Pugin's features including the stained glass.

    The high altar and rerados are, however, the work of Hansom, who tried to reuse Pugin's high altar, but found it too small for the much bigger chapel. Pugin's high altar is now in the antichapel.

    Ushaw College proved to be an excellent place for training priests in the traditional rite, largely because St Cuthbert's Chapel provides such an excellent setting for all the liturgies.

  4. Andrew9:27 PM

    Please God, let it happen! God only knows how much Sri Lanka needs Catholicism, with all the strife and civil wars that have plagued this little island.

    Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!
    Our Lady of Madhu, pray for us!
    St. Lawrence, pray for us!

  5. God Bless Apb. Ranjith, he's one of the truest sons of Pope Benedict. Truly a great man!

  6. Anonymous12:33 AM

    This is great news. The people of Sri Lanka are fortunate. The MP can not be silenced, in any part of the world. The more into the life of the Church it becomes, the more it will heal many millions of souls in the future. This is healthy progress. Pray the Holy Father releases that clarification document soon. Many Dioceases are going to be in need of it as the Tridentine Form becomes more and more common place. A beautiful legacy the Holy Father could leave the Church, since he stated he will not write any more books, is an updated 1962 Missal for celebration in the Vatican by a Pope, taken into account that the Papal Court is gone. Perhaps a Noble and Palantine Guard or two for traditions's sake. And to hear the Silveri Symphony, once again during the Elevation would be beautiful. With the MP spreading to countries everywhere, we will soon need to look to Rome for guidance in these types of celebrations of the Extraordinary Form. What a gift he could leave for future Popes to represent in continuity this Form of Papal Mass. He is certainly qualified to write or re-write the Pintifical. At some point it will be needed, even if celebrated as is, re-instating the suppressed roles in order to celebrate.

  7. Anonymous5:45 AM

    God bless Archbishop Ranjith, he is a far cry from many bishops in Italy, where Latin is the mother tongue!

    In Italy the sad reality is that while there are many TLMs cropping up here and there, there is strong opposition among the bishops and religious orders, to see to it to stamp out any possibility of centers of formation for those attatched to this rite. Other than Rome, Poggiobonsi, and the Benedictines of the Immaculate, its all mixem or ditch the old!

  8. Anonymous6:18 AM

    I hope that SP becomes more implemented more in the Philippines, too! I plan to go there within the next couple of years and pray that there will be more TLM's available there by then

  9. To be fair on the Church in England and Wales, the chapel was built for 400 *minor* seminarians. Would it were we could ever have supported quite so many seminarians in England! The Major Seminary was, and still is, part of the complex though.

  10. Anonymous8:07 PM

    Scott Hahn between two priests who are learning the TLM!
    Well, wonders never cease.


  11. Anonymous6:22 AM

    We need to see the T.L.M. reach the shores of India as well. Consider that, were it not for the S.S.P.X, there would not be even one T.L.M. celebrated regularly anywhere in that country, which is so important for the future of the Church.


  12. Christian,

    For many decades, there were indeed around 400 seminarians in the senior seminary. In addition there was a junior seminary at Ushaw which catered for 150 students. It had its own smaller chapel and the two communities were kept fairly separate.

    On certain occasions the the junior seminary would join the senior one in the chapel. An example would be for Midnight Mass at Christmas. At the priests' training conference, there was a showing of the television recording of the midnight Mass of 1960. The chapel was truely packed on that occasion.

    In the late 1950s, the number of seminarians was expected to increase, so a big extension was built with three floors of bedrooms and a floor of class roome etc. In fact this increase never took place. The college then gained a reputation for liberal views and went rapidly downhill with declining numbers of seminarians. I understand that there are now 26. The junior seminary is long since closed.

    In the last decade, under the presidency of Terence Drainey, things began to look up slightly. He decided to use some of the surplus buildings as a conference centre, and this enterprise has prospered, thus saving some of the fine buildings from further decay and dereliction.

    The seminary served seven dioceses in the north of England viz; Hexham and Newcastle, Lancaster, Middlesbrough, Leeds, Salford, Liverpool and Shrewsbury. Hallam had not been created at that time.

    If you would like to read more about life at Ushaw, you can read Fr Elkin's blog. Let the Welkin Ring. He is currently writing a series of articles about his time there in the 1950s.

  13. Anonymous3:11 AM

    Scott Hahn at a TLM mass conference!

    B16 has worked a miracle!


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