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You Report: The LMS Priest Training Conference in Ushaw College

Vespers and Benediction (from LMS Chairman)

Private Mass being said in a side chapel that, only last year, was being used to store a drum kit! (From LMS Chairman)

Solemn Requiem Mass. (From Forest Murmurs)

The closing Solemn Mass (from Forest Murmurs).

From Mr. Leo Darroch, President of Foederatio Internationalis Una Voce:

Latin Mass Society Priest Training Conference: 12 – 16 April 2010.

Between 12th to 16th April the Latin Mass Society in England and Wales (LMS) hosted a conference to train priests in the celebration of the Extraordinary form of Mass and traditional liturgy. The conference was held in Ushaw College, the seminary for the dioceses of the north of England. This is the second year that this conference has been held in Ushaw College and, like the previous one held in April 2009, was also a great success.

This year’s conference also included tuition for laymen who wished to become more proficient at serving, especially for the more complex duties of MC at Solemn High Mass. In all, the total number of participants - priests, servers, and choristers - numbered 44. Among the clergy who enrolled for the course were two young priests from the Archdiocese of Colombo, Sri Lanka, who had been sent by Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith. There was also a priest from South Africa who was grateful to be sponsored by a benefactor. The two young priests from Colombo were partly sponsored by the Una Voce Federation, and the Federation is always pleased to receive donations to assist with this important aspect of its work.

The training provided was quite comprehensive; expert tuition from experienced priests, Latin classes, Lauds, Compline, Vespers, Missa Cantata, Solemn High Mass, Solemn Requiem, Benediction and Devotions, and lectures. Each morning it was wonderful to see the priests saying their private Masses in the numerous, and exquisite, tiny chapels intended for this purpose.

It was a week of great activity but one of enjoyment and fulfilment. The priests taught at this conference will go back to their parishes to help in the restoration of the traditional liturgy and in obedience to the wishes of our Holy Father.

At the conference dinner on the Thursday evening, the organiser of the conference, LMS Treasurer Paul Waddington, read out a letter of support and encouragement from Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith. His Grace declared his unlimited sense of loyalty to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in the most prophetic decision he took to restore to its dignity the ‘Mass of Ages’. He encouraged the LMS in implementing the motu proprio and helping priests learn the extraordinary form of Mass and he congratulated the society ‘in this beautiful undertaking in the name of the Church’s tradition and orthodoxy which is our need and the need of the time.’ His Grace ended his letter by personally thanking the LMS and the International Federation Una Voce for inviting two of his priests for the training programme.

One of the tutors, Father Wilfrid Elkin, who had been a student in Ushaw in the late 1940s and up to his ordination in 1959, gave a very entertaining account of life for a seminarian in those days. For anyone who would like to know about seminary life just before the Second Vatican Council please check out his blog Let the Welkin Ring. Father Elkins’ final comment was a rallying call that our future lies in our past. Further reports and photographs can be found on Forest Murmurs and LMS Chairman.

On the final morning there was an Open Forum for discussion on how these conferences should be developed and how the LMS can help priests who wish to learn the traditional liturgy. Leo Darroch, the President of the International Federation Una Voce, gave a talk on the history and work of the Federation; and Joseph Shaw, the Chairman of the LMS, spoke about the forthcoming events that the LMS is arranging for the benefits of the clergy and the laity. The LMS was grateful to Father Armand de Malleray, FSSP, for his participation and expertise during the conference.

It is clear that these conferences are appreciated both for the knowledge they impart and also for the social aspect. They are a great boost to the morale of priests who often feel isolated in their dioceses and it is though the conferences that they are establishing a network of like-minded priests. With the grace of God may this work improve and expand.

More pictures can be found here.


  1. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Excellent, I hope many Priests if not all learn to say the TLM. But shouldn't it become part of daily Sunday life, like with the goal of every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation? Otherwise it will surely be seen as for nostalgia..People need to live this Mass, not just attend once or twice a year. The yearning is for it to become entrenched in the fabric of their lives as well as their children. It must have someregularity and stability within parishes. One can't keep wondering will it be here next week or will it be gone again next year. That leads one to avoid something in the first place.

  2. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Being a great devotee of Cardinal Merry del Val, I cannot help but think of him, a loyal son of this Seminary, and his intercession in Heaven which probably helped to bring thi s event about!

  3. There are very few seminaries left in UK after the 45 years of post-Vatican Councils springtime. Ushaw will lose its Cranmer table within ten years once The Latin Mass of All Time reestablishes itself there. Drum kits in the side-chapel was the mildest of all the abuses that this place has witnessed over the years of liberal decadence besetting the modernist church.

  4. The LMS was grateful to Father Armand de Malleray, FSSP, for his participation and expertise during the conference.

    I can't help but wonder if the good padre is related to Bishop Alphonso de Malleray of the FSSPX? In any case it seems that our friend, Archbishop Malcolm Ranjith, has not lost his desire to see the TLM restored to a position of preeminence in Holy Mother Church.

  5. Dear Mr Haley,

    I assume you are referring to Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais of the SSPX: Fr Armand de Malleray FSSP does not, in fact, have the same surname!

  6. There has been some confusion here between Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais and Bishop Alfonso de Galarreta.

    The similarity between de Mallerais and de Malleray is interesting, but my guess is it's probably coincidental, not genealogical.

  7. I was wrong and should have said Tissier de Mallerais and I notice that the spelling is not the same for the surname of Fr. Malleray. Mea culpa.

  8. Ivan Phell Enrile6:11 AM

    Carlos Antonio Palad,
    I have seen some pictures in Facebook of His Excellency Bishop Tobias (Novaliches) wearing a cappa magna celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass. Can you make a report on it? I would like to see the other pictures please. From what I have seen, it looked regal and magnificent.

  9. Ivan:

    I had been previously asked not to publicize that Mass, so I didn't announce it. Whether someone near either to the bishop or to the FFI was being paranoid, I don't know.

    However, I got permission just a few hours ago to post the pictures, so I'm preparing a post right now.

  10. M. A.1:09 PM

    Father Wilfrid Elkin: "My theme was to describe the Refectory that we were sitting in as it was sixty years ago, when four hundred boys and young men sat down to eat here four times a day - the Ref was crammed to capacity; now there are only twenty-five to thirty students. I also described how the processions for the Rogation Days before Ascension came from the Chapel and walked around the four main ambulacra (a very long walk) and how sometimes the front of the procession couldn't get back into Chapel because the end of the procession was still coming out. I said that I thought our hopes for the future lay in the past, and I finished with a rallying-cry - 'I say, Reverendissimi Patres et Fratres, (and making a clenched fist) BACK TO THE FUTURE!' "

    YES!! God bless Father Elkin!

  11. Fr. Uthayadas Andrew2:43 AM

    It is really lovely to be a part of the Training. I hope and pray that the universal Church may widely profit form the extra-ordinary form of the celebration of the Holy Mass. May our Catholic generation cherish this sacred Tradition bring forth the true and the needed renewal within Church.


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