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Nice panoramic views of the building complex of the International Seminary of Saint Pius X (Écône) and surrounding areas, made available by the German district of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX). (Tip: DICI.)


  1. Anonymous3:54 PM

    How does this post help the unity of the Church?

  2. How does it hurt it?

  3. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Wonderful pictures! Viva la Santa Tradicion Catolica!

  4. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Having first been fortunate enough to both visit and invited to stay at Econe and to have met its blessed founder in 1975,how refreshing it indeed is to see these lovely pictures.God bless you all.

  5. Traditional priest.4:22 PM

    Why this at Easter? Please, you are taking from Rorate all that it had and you are becoming SSPX. I have not wanted to say it before but it is true. I have friends who won't go to Rorate now because of this turn. I hope we will either see Rorate return or that another group of Bloggers will supply for your loss. It's that simple. We are all close to the SSPX, but rather than a Rorate that draws to Rome the blog is becoming Rorate inclined to Econe.

    Traditional Priest.

  6. "Why this at Easter?"

    Father, how dramatic!... Essentially, because I've just noticed it in my DICI RSS feed and thought it interesting (it seems it was published on April 21). I really do not see how this is "becoming" any different than what it has ever been - an attempt to create an "ecumenical Traditional space", following the example of, for instance, Le Forum Catholique. We have heard (actually, read) criticisms like yours from the very beginning of our blog, and we do not intend to change it one bit. Steadiness has been our hallmark.

    It is sad that a simple post linking to nothing more than images can promote such protests! Would a similar link to, for instance, panoramic images of an Eastern "Orthodox" seminary be received thus?

    I apologize for any sadness eventually caused, but, with greatest respect, I must say: malice is in the eye of the beholder here.


  7. Anonymous5:53 PM

    "...I hope we will either see Rorate return or that another group of Bloggers will supply for your loss..."

    Oh... wow... sounds like an ultimatum here.

    "... I have friends who won't go to Rorate now because of this turn"

    But Father... the beauty of blog reality today is that you can choose among so many blogs the one best suits your perspective. What's wrong with that freedom?

  8. I find these criticisms astounding. I have been reading Rorate Caeli for years and while I don't really agree that there has been any change of focus at all I would have to say that, if anything, there is less SSPX-related material now than previously. Probably because after Summorum Pontificum the traditional Catholic sphere has somewhat expanded.

    I cannot understand how someone calling themselves "traditional priest" would be offended by such beautiful photographs or speak of the FSSPX with such venom.

  9. "How does this post help the unity of the Church?"

    Because anything Catholic is of Christ, who wants all to be one in Him.
    And the SSPX is Catholic.

  10. Dear Anonymous,

    Tell us please, therefore, by your twisted sense of logic, how do the abusive liturgies of the NO help the unity of the church; or the negative attitudes of hundreds, if not thousands of bishops who oppose papal governence putting any number of obstacles the way and who often teach contrary to the ecclesiastical norm. Moreover, how can any bishop or presbyter encourage unity in the church by indifferentist sermonising that valdates false religions and false beliefs. Yet, it is omnipresent throughout the postmodern church.

    No one could possible raise one finger of accusation against The Confraternity for teaching contrary to our traditional understanding of The Roman Catholic Faith unlike many of their NO counterparts.

  11. Traditional Priest

    Nonetheless, there are many traditionsal priests and religious who do. Thank God for Rorate Caeli. At least there is a reasonable outlet for significant issues that touch at the very heart of the church today. There is also a level of tolerance we do not find on most other sites of its ilk.

  12. Let's stop bickering; He is Risen.

  13. Thank God the long suffering souls of the FSSPX have a pastorally beautiful Mother House in which to train their Traditional Priests!

    (I could have been worse; imagine if Houston had been foreordained or chosen!)

  14. \\And the SSPX is Catholic.\\

    Major Premise:

    The SSPX is Catholic.

    Minor Premise:

    The SSPX is not in regular communion with the See of Peter, according to which authority her clergy exercise NO legitimate ministry in the Roman Catholic Church. [This is according to statements made by Benedict XVI at the lifting of the excommunications.]


    It is Catholic not to be in regular communion with the See of Peter, and to exercise no legitimate ministry in the Roman Catholic Church,

    Do I understand you properly?

  15. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!

    Thank you for posting!

  16. Anonymous5:56 AM

    I think Rorate Caeli is a real Catholic blog in every sense of the word. It's an oasis and a breath of fresh air for the likes of me! Most of the other blogs I find are too one-sided or incomplete. Yes, Rorate can be provocative and challenging in a good-mannered makes you think. That's one of the main reasons I keep coming back to it. And always loyal to the Holy Father, even if perplexed sometimes.


    A Blessed "Monday of the Angel" to all!

  17. "It is Catholic not to be in regular communion with the See of Peter, and to exercise no legitimate ministry in the Roman Catholic Church"

    Yes, it can be.

    Are you trying to say that the SSPX is not Catholic?

  18. Gawsh, I thought Rorate was practising ecumenism--ecumenism to the right, as Fritz Wilhelmsen used to say.

    Of course the above is just kind of an offhand remark, because I agree with Non-Spartacus and others here (obviously not all) that the SSPX is Catholic, thus getting closer to them, in whatever manner, is not ecumenism but charity.

    And another thing: do the same folks who are always scandalized by favorable references to the SSPX also get scandalized by the growing practical alliance of the Church and the Moscow Patriarchate to defend whatever is left of Christian ethos in Europe (assuming that Celine was wrong and Europe did not die at Stalingrad after all)?

  19. I think the reason we see so many posts on this blog in support of the SSPX is because the issue of the Society's faculties or jurisdiction has not yet been resolved. For many this is an issue of simple Justice, i.e., why after all these years are Society priests not viewed by Rome as having canonical jurisdiction?

    The pictures of the seminary at Econe give rise to this question and the answer of why it was once praised and then summarily suspended has not been provided. What heresy or failure is the Society guilty of? Is it because they are confused by the ambiguity and time-bombs infused into Vatican II documents? Is it because they are embarrassed and horrified by some of the Ordinary Form liturgies present in the Church today?

    I could go on seemingly ad infinitum but I don't want this post to detract from the spirit of why the seminary images were posted in the first place, as New Catholic has explained previously. Let's just say the matter of the SSPX jurisdiction has yet to be resolved and leave it at that. Methinks that is so.


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