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Fellay: "mixed feelings" about the Instruction

In an interview available at the website of the German District of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX /SSPX), its Superior General, Bishop Bernard Fellay, expresses "mixed feelings" about the Instruction Universae Ecclesiae - particularly about n. 19 and n. 31.

On the point of the "legitimacy" of the ancient rite, the Fraternity is "clearly unsatisfied" - "why would one go to the ancient Mass if one is satisfied with the new one?"

On the point of the prohibition of ordinations, Fellay is of the opinion that they should have been given the same freedom expected in the celebration of the Mass.

Regarding the doctrinal talks, the Superior General says that they are covered by confidentiality, and that time will tell if there will come a moment for a joint declaration - though a reconciliation is not to be expected "in the short term". "It is very, very hard to say something clear regarding the outcome of the talks".

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