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Are you wearing yours?

Along with the Brown Scapular, another significant item Catholics should wear is the Miraculous Medal. From the Catholic encyclopedia:

"The devotion commonly known as that of the Miraculous Medal owes its origin to Zoe Labouré, a member of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, known in religion as Sister Catherine [Note: She was subsequently canonized], to whom the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared three separate times in the year 1830, at the mother-house of the community at Paris. The first of these apparitions occurred 18 July, the second 27 November, and the third a short time later."

On the second occasion, Sister Catherine records that the Blessed Virgin appeared as if standing on a globe, and bearing a globe in her hands. As if from rings set with precious stones dazzling rays of light were emitted from her fingers. These, she said, were symbols of the graces which would be bestowed on all who asked for them. Sister Catherine adds that around the figure appeared an oval frame bearing in golden letters the words "O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee"; on the back appeared the letter M, surmounted by a cross, with a crossbar beneath it, and under all the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the former surrounded by a crown of thorns, and the latter pierced by a sword.

At the second and third of these visions a command was given to have a medal struck after the model revealed, and a promise of great graces was made to those who wear it when blessed. After careful investigation, M. Aladel, the spiritual director of Sister Catherine, obtained the approval of Mgr. de Quelen, Archbishop of Paris, and on 30 June, 1832, the first medals were struck and with their distribution the devotion spread rapidly.

One of the most remarkable facts recorded in connection with the Miraculous Medal is the conversion of a Jew, Alphonse Ratisbonne of Strasburg, who had resisted the appeals of a friend to enter the Church. M. Ratisbonne consented, somewhat reluctantly, to wear the medal, and being in Rome, he entered, by chance, the church of Sant' Andrea delle Fratte and beheld in a vision the Blessed Virgin exactly as she is represented on the medal; his conversion speedily followed. This fact has received ecclesiastical sanction, and is recorded in the office of the feast of the Miraculous Medal.

In 1847, M. Etienne, superior-general of the Congregation of the Mission, obtained from Pope Pius IX the privilege of establishing in the schools of the Sisters of Charity a confraternity under the title of the Immaculate Conception, with all the indulgences attached to a similar society established for its students at Rome by the Society of Jesus. This confraternity adopted the Miraculous Medal as its badge, and the members, known as the Children of Mary, wear it attached to a blue ribbon. On 23 July, 1894, Pope Leo XIII, after a careful examination of all the facts by the Sacred Congregation of Rites, instituted a feast, with a special Office and Mass, of the Manifestation of the Immaculate Virgin under the title of the Miraculous Medal, to be celebrated yearly on 27 November by the Priests of the Congregation of the Mission, under the rite of a double of the second class. For ordinaries and religious communities who may ask the privilege of celebrating the festival, its rank is to be that of a double major feast.

A further decree, dated 7 September, 1894, permits any priest to say the Mass proper to the feast in any chapel attached to a house of the Sisters of Charity.


  1. Anonymous8:25 PM

    Yes, I am wearing mine! I am never without it. Are you wearing yours?


    P.S. By the way, I wish Our Lady would come and chat with me for two hours...I'd settle for a few minutes, so long as I could get one vital question in that She would answer.

  2. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Delphina, if you're wearing yours, and your Brown Scapular, then I think you already have the answer to your one vital question.

  3. M. A.9:09 PM

    Yes, I wear mine.

    Delphina, after Mass go to our Lady's altar, and kneel in front of her image. She wants to talk to you, too. Go ahead and ask what you want. But don't say much, or else you'll only hear yourself.

    Speak to her as you 'speak' here on this blog, and I can assure you that she will enjoy your visits, and that she will ask you to stop by often.

  4. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I wear both. Is anybody aware of the obligations attached to the scapular? I've read various things in various places.

    God bless.

  5. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Adfero, yes, I wear the Brown Scapular to which the Miraculous Medal is attached.

    I will ponder the second half of your sentence...perhaps I do, in fact, have the answer that I am seeking already.


  6. Anonymous9:49 PM


    I would gladly go stop by Our Lady's altar...if my modern parish church had one. As it is, we have a small statue of Our Lady way, way, way off yonder in front of which those absolutely ghastly and tacky electric vigil "candles" reside.

    How much time should I give Her to answer? That little statue off in the corner is a busy place on Sunday morning, and the regulars in the parish already have me branded a weirdo due to the mantilla I wear. I don't want to grate on their nerves any more than I already do by monopolizing the sole kneeler in front of the statue! I guess I could always go after Mass - then I am usually the only one in the church.


  7. I wear an original Miraculous Medal, forged in France. Twice blessed by priests, in my lifetime, it has probably been blessed many more times.

    With the Scapular, it confers untold grace. Why? Well, why is Baptism salvific? Because it IS!

  8. Katharine B.1:50 AM

    The Scapular drives me crazy, unfortunately. I do wear the MM at all times though.

  9. Anonymous2:25 AM

    The Brown Scapular has two promises.

    If you do nothing but wear it and die wearing it you'll never go to hell. If you get officially enrolled and say your obligation every day, then Mary will decend into purgatory on the Saturday following your death and take you to heaven. So you never spend more then a week there.

    The obligation is the daily office. However, the priest enrolling yiou can substitute something easier, usually the daily Rosary.

  10. Anonymous5:34 AM

    I wear mine, sometimes two. One is attached to my scapular, the other is on a cord along with a St. Benedict crucifix and St. Joseph medal.

  11. Anonymous9:57 AM

    "would gladly go stop by Our Lady's altar...if my modern parish church had one. As it is, we have a small statue of Our Lady way, way, way off yonder in front of which those absolutely ghastly and tacky electric vigil "candles" reside"

    Be happy your parish HAS the "tacky" electric vigil candles.
    They were invented to prevent the danger of fire in churches due to the candles. Perhaps an unattractive substitute for the look and smell of the real candles, but at least you have them. So many Catholic parishes look like worthless Presbyterian, Baptist, or Pentecostolist Churches that you shold count yourself as lucky that your paish has a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the "tacky" vigil candles there.

  12. Hope Springs Eternal12:01 PM

    I love Saint Catherine's habit; gone since 1964. Will it ever come back???

  13. Anonymous12:19 PM

    Katharine B. said...
    "The Scapular drives me crazy, unfortunately."

    Katharine, I may be wrong, but I think all the more this is a reason to keep wearing it. It's your cross.

    Mine drives me nuts at night, but I keep it on, because it's nothing compared to what Jesus went through for us. And, let's face it, it's not exactly like wearing a hair shirt!

  14. M. A.1:52 PM


    Regarding your question of how long to wait for our Lady to answer you, I went to our Lady with a problem. It's been 3-4 weeks and her answer is still unfolding. I didn't hear any 'words' from her. I just left her side with the assurance that she would take care of my concern. Often times we don't hear; we just see results. It may take time, but what is time to Our Lady?

    Regarding the Sabbatine privilege: For those enrolled in the Living Rosary Association of St. Philomena, the obligation of the Daily Office, or the rosary is commuted to praying daily ONLY the one decade assigned to you. It is so easy; a child can do this. There is no excuse for not taking advantage of this privilege, and thus getting to heaven by the first Saturday after one's death!

  15. I wear my Miraculous Medal.

    As to Scapulars,I married a Congregationalist and it seemed hopeless that she would ever convert and so I bought a Green Scapular and put it in the binding of "A Textual Concordence of The Holy Scriptures (Thomas WDavid Williams) and kept the book in our bedroom.

    I chose to have Faith in that Scapular, and I said the prayers etc and my wife converted to Catholicism although it took a decade or more.

    Since her Conversion, she has made each of us beautiful Rosaries and she tells her beads every day.

    I suspect few know about The Green Scapular but through its use miracles do happen.

  16. Anonymous3:56 PM

    Anon 9:57

    As a lifelong Catholic, I have yet to hear of a Catholic Church burning down due to candles burning in front of a statue.

    I am sorry you have bought into that poor excuse for tacky electric substitutes.


  17. Anonymous3:58 PM


    I will do as you say and am confident as well that Our Lady will answer.

    Am also glad to see you are also enrolled in the Universal Living Rosary Association. I am too!


  18. Wearing it is not very effective without reciting the little office of The Blessed Virgin Mary. The two go together with a chaste life. It is not a protection in itself but only affords graces with obligations fulfilled in the right spirit. Wearing it alone is insufficient.

  19. Anonymous11:18 PM

    Anon 9:57

    "As a lifelong Catholic, I have yet to hear of a Catholic Church burning down due to candles burning in front of a statue.

    I am sorry you have bought into that poor excuse for tacky electric substitutes.



    It depends which company you order the electric candles from. Some of the bulbs look almost real as they flicker, and are not horrible at all. The other plastic ones which are completely sealed I agree are ugly and tacky.
    But better to have even them, than nothing at all.

  20. Anonymous11:25 PM

    Those of you who attach a medal to the scapular need to beware. If you have to have an emergency CT scan or MRI, they will likely have to remove it due to the metal. Not so with just the scapular. Some folks do pass away in emergencies whilst in those machines or getting prepped for them. Just a thought. Anyone else care to opine, please speak up. I took my medal off the scapular when I hear that. Thanks.

  21. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Anon 23:18

    I suppose you are right - better to have electric then none at all. But I still don't like them!


  22. Anonymous12:31 AM

    Anon 23:25

    I know how to solve that problem - wear two Scapulars. This way if they have to take one off, I can still keep the other one on!


  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Some talk of the scapular as though it is an amulet - it has obligations which are its source of grace. The rest is cloth albeit blessed but it does nothing without grace. Putting it on and taking it off is not a problem.

  25. Anonymous8:41 PM

    Yes, wearing it. I say this prayer before putting it on each morning:

    O Virgin Mother of God,
    Mary Immaculate,
    we dedicate and consecrate ourselves to thee
    under the title of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.
    May this Medal be for each one of us
    a sure sign of thy affection for us
    and a constant reminder of our duties towards thee.
    Ever while wearing it,
    may we be blessed by thy loving protection
    and preserved in the grace of thy Son.
    O most powerful Virgin,
    Mother of our Saviour,
    keep us close to thee every moment of our lives.
    Obtain for us,
    thy children,
    the grace of a happy death;
    so that, in union with thee,
    we may enjoy the bliss of heaven forever.


    O Mary, conceived without sin,
    pray for us who have recourse to thee.

  26. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Both of my Mother's sisters were Sisters of Charity and wore the coronet;) After having lived my life under an avalanche of sin, and while in the midst of this sin, I prayed the rosary my Mother gave me, without even really knowing how to properly pray the rosary. The rosary was a gift from my Mother who received it as a gift in 1943. The rosary has an imprint of the miraculous medal. I subsequently had a deep conversion.

  27. Anonymous4:41 PM

    Anon 16:11

    That is a beautiful story. I am presently reading the biography of Sr. Rosalie who was a coronet-wearing Sister of Charity in France in the early 1800s. Mother Teresa had nothing on her!


  28. "The Scapular drives me crazy, unfortunately."

    What sort of scapular are you wearing that it would drive you crazy? I've been wearing a cloth scapular for years and it's never bothered me.


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