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Sacrilege in the Heartland (Diocese of Youngstown, OH)

Rorate Caeli, in Northern Ohio visiting family, was going to attend the annual Italian Festival in Youngstown today. What should have been a time of good food, music and fun for our children is now not an option, since taking our children would most certainly scandalize them.

From the main stage today, at 4p.m. eastern, a "Polka Mass" will take place.
Our Lord will come down on the "altar" maybe to the tune of Roll Out the Barrel while drunken Catholics stumble out of the beer tent and into line for Holy Communion.

Call to Action: readers in the area, if you can stomach it, please go and snap and few pictures or, even better, a video and send it to

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  1. "Call to Action"... LOL

  2. Polock6:28 PM

    This kind of crap has been going on for decades! Enjoy the festival and avoid the Polka "Mass."

  3. Anonymous6:35 PM

    More glories of Vac II!

  4. On the positive side, Adfero tells us that the gnocchi made in this area are quite good.

  5. Anonymous6:38 PM

    If you are in the Youngstown, OH area tomorrow (SUN), skip the "Polka Mass" and go to the TLM in nearby Vienna, OH at Queen of the Holy Rosary.

  6. Anonymous6:48 PM

    1. The Polka Mass is today, Saturday, at 4pm

    2. Rorate will, as always when in town, attend the TLM at Queen of the Holy Rosary, FSSP.

  7. Anonymous7:11 PM

    NC, you will get no gnocchi if you keep making fun of my calls to action!

  8. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Instead of going simply to take photos to catch the scandal in the act, which seems sacrilegious to me as well, try to stomach it and offer it up in reparation for it. Our Lord has to stomach it after all.

    Let's just hope that what they mean by Polka Mass is the hymns are to Polka melodies. Not great but at least the prayers of the Mass and the Sacrifice of the Mass would be safe.

  9. I saw this Polka Mass on Youtube last year:

    Watch it and you'll understand why this is a sacrilege.

  10. Anonymous7:24 PM

    A Polka Mass at an Italian Festival?


  11. Anonymous7:35 PM

    That Madd is also in the Youngstown Diocese. What is in the water here???

  12. This horse-s__t is an every day occurrence here in Milwaukee.

    And nobody in the Chancery puts a stop to it...

  13. Anonymous8:09 PM

    The Polka Mass has begun...


  14. Anonymous8:30 PM

    Delphina, are you there? If so, get pics and video, please.

  15. Anonymous8:34 PM

    What does Polka (Polish) have to do with an Italian Festival?

  16. Well, Polka is not exactly Polish, but generally Central-European - I would not know, but it would not surprise me to find that areas in Northeastern Italy, especially in some German-speaking communities in South Tyrol, have Polka or Polka-like music as part of their folk culture.

  17. Anonymous9:04 PM


    I'm here but not there.


  18. Anonymous9:08 PM

    Since it's a NO mass I'm sure it was over in 20 minutes so it's probably too late. But if you talk to anyone with photos or a video please send along. Also, please try to find out whom the celebrant was.

  19. Anonymous10:06 PM


    You misunderstood Delphina. I am here, at my computer, but I am not there, neither in Youngstown nor in Ohio. However, I was in Ohio once, to an obscure place named Alliance.

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I am certain that there was someone with a strong stomach there who has memorialized the infamous event either in video or picture.


    P.S. Perhaps the NCR covered the event and will have an eight page spread complete with sickening photos in a future issue.

  20. In my young and foolish days I went to what was advertised as a "Polka mass" out of musical curiousity.

    The musical memory that stands out was the polytonality. The instrumental group was clearly playing in at least three different keys.

    The choir of the local Ukrainian Catholic parish was there, wearing riassa (choir dress) but no stole or other liturgical garment. He sat throughout the proceedings with a pained and bitter expression on his face.

    Afterwards the parish priest said something about this coming from the land of St. Cyril and Methodius.

    I remarked to the Ukrainian Catholic priest afterwards, "Didn't Ss. Cyril and Methodius have a better liturgy to work with." He responded, "They had a nell of a lot better liturgy to work with."

  21. Mel Kesser4:56 AM

    If a Catholic Church is having a polka Mass, i would talk to the Priest in a charitable way, who is allowing it, if that doesn't help, talk to the Bishop, but never attack a Priest. For when we do, we are doing it to Jesus Himself. Pray for them and i will too. God Bless you and may Our Lady intercede.

  22. Anonymous6:06 PM

    @ Mel:

    This is ridiculous. Enough with 'charitable' talk. There is nothing charitable about mocking God. They are worst than pagans, atheists, feminists, etc...this is the Enemy within.

  23. Igumen Gregory7:08 PM

    I watched a portion of the video. the celebrant missed a fine opportunity to dance it up at the entrance. O Lord, when will some common sense return to your people.

  24. Anonymous12:06 AM

    What parish was this at?

  25. Anonymous2:18 AM

    There are polka Masses in Cedar, Michigan every year for their polka festivals. This year's celebrant was supposed to be the bishop himself.

    Yawn....nothing new.

  26. carlo d'abruzzo4:22 PM

    Two things about this idiocy.

    1. I'm an Italian in Youngstown and we can't figure out why you would have a "Polka Mass" at an Italian Festival.

    2. On Sunday they had a N.O. Mass on the main stage and later in the day a belly dancer and a comedian both of which were obscene on that very same stage.

    These festivals are a shadow of what they were at one time. We still have religious based festivals and these are the offshoots from those beautiful events.

    Povera Youngstown

  27. Anonymous4:25 PM


    What world do you live in?


  28. just a simple catholic...11:30 AM

    You thin Polka Masses are scandalous?!?
    Then Take this one:
    In Germany you have publicly GAY MASSES in roman catholic parishes.
    Here is one interesting Link:
    Queer Worship in St fidelis in Stuttgart.


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