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A Vatican II moment:
Sunday brunch in church with Annette

Father Marcel Gravet will celebrate his 85th birthday and the 60th anniversary of his priestly ordination tomorrow at Rochefort (Namur, Wallonia, Belgium) with a very touching ceremony, which will take place in his own Parish church of Buissonville (Saint-Laurent/Diocese of Namur); in his own words:

"Out of concern for the unity of Christians, the Lord's Supper will be celebrated by Annette Ruby, who is a Protestant pastor in Alsace [France]. The priests who so desire will be able to concelebrate. It is an event which will not fail to provoke reactions which I expect to be numerous. I hope to obtain, afterwards, numerous responses to questions such as: what did you feel about the celebration of the Supper by a married woman, and mother of several children? What do you expect from a priest or a pastor? What questions do you wish to pose to the highest authorities of the Church? By gathering all these testimonies, we expect to establish a deep reflection on these matters and to assemble a document to be made public somewhere in the next year or two in the most appropriate way."


  1. Anonymous6:04 PM

    But that's okay! He is in full communion, after all.

  2. Anonymous6:13 PM

    I will be unhappily reminded of this next time I have a bottle of the excellent beer from the nearby Trappists.

  3. Provocative, but not very original.

    Hasn't he already incurred automatic excommunication as a heretic?

  4. Interesting that he does not expect questions such as:

    Do you really think inviting someone who is not visibly united to the Catholic Church to preside at an imitation eucharist is the right way to show concern for the unity of Christians?

    Do you think priests "concelebrating" at a non-Catholic service, and thus falsely claiming a unity that does not exist, is a fitting way to uphold the unity of Christians?

    Do you think it is appropriate to celebrate the 60th anniversary of your priesthood by inviting a non-Catholic woman who does not believe your priesthood means what the Catholic Church says it means to imitate the Eucharist?

    Do you believe the priesthood means what the Catholic Church says it means?

    Do you believe in transubstantiation as the Church has dogmatically defined it?

    Do you believe what Jesus has taught the Church about the impossibility of conferring the sacrament of Holy Orders upon women?

    Are you a Catholic?

    Why are you still a priest?

  5. Out of concern for the unity of Abrahamic religions, why not invite invite an imam and ask him to read a few surahs?

  6. He is in full communion, after all.

    That's not at all clear.

  7. Anonymous6:41 PM

    Will she be celebrating the TLM or having a 'Benedictine' arrangement of candles on the altar?

  8. You are terrible, Anon...

  9. If Fr Gravet aproved of this event he is no longer Catholic and this parish is not Catholic.

    Its very clear he is not in communion with the Church, but I suppose one can still recieve absolution from him...hmmm

  10. rodrigo7:11 PM

    It is an event which will not fail to provoke reactions which I expect to be numerous.

    In the end, only one reaction will matter. May God enlighten this poor creature before it's too late.

  11. Anonymous8:16 PM


    What is clear is that, at law, one who is Baptized Catholic is presumed to be Catholic unless their are clear reasons for thinking otherwise. Of course, in this case, such reasons are present. Not so, however, in many other cases in our day. I suspect that millions claiming to be Catholic are noting of the sort. But each of them is presumed so in justice until the heresy beccomes apparent. Even in the case at hand, this priest must, in justice, be given the oopportunity to explain himself. Thank goodness that's not our job.


  12. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Cruise the Groove:

    Presumably, all his Sacraments are invalid. However, those who approach for them in honest innocence will still receive the grace and virtue of the Sacrament in question. Of course, this restricts his congregation to the retarded.


  13. Anonymous8:47 PM

    You know, it's the oddest thing but I see no evidence of this sort of behaviour immediately after (or during or before) Lateran IV, Trent or Vatican I. I wonder if there could be a connexion between Vatican II and . . . oh, no! Perish the thought. Out, out, damn thought! The Emperor's clothes are fine.


  14. Of course, in this case, such reasons are present.

    That's perhaps a bit of an understatement.

  15. Anonymous8:58 PM

    You know, the name 'Gravet' is only one letter different from Gravel. 'Fr.' Raymond Gravel is the infamous 'priest' in the Diocese of Joliette, in Quebec. I wonder if he's related to this bloke?

    Gravel had the credentials that made him an ideal candidate for the seminary. In his previous occupation, he was a male prostitute in a 'gay leather bar'. I'm assuming that the leather in question refers to the clothing of those inside and not to the wallpaper. Gravel was beaten up by a customer and awoke in hospital. That's when he realied that he had a vocation to the priesthood. No, I'm not making this up. Believe it or not, this is not a joke--well, not in the literal sense, that is.

    We must have a Vatican II moment piece on Raymond Gravel one day. It's not hard to find infomation on him on the Internet. The media have made him the unofficial spokeman for the Church in Quebec. Thanks to him, Quebeckers know that the Church smiles upon abortion and inverted marriage.

    Since the Church has failed to remove this cancer and others like him (like the 'priest' in Toronto who simulated marriage for two males), we might well wonder if the S.S.P.X is justified in calling the current situation "an emergency". Just a thought.


  16. Anonymous9:01 PM

    I apologise for an egregious spelling error in one of my recent posts. For some reason, I am finding editing to be difficult here today. I have to wait and wait for my words to appear after having typied them.


  17. They will start off with bread and wine and end up with bread and wine.

    Those who know better, which certain includes the Catholic clergy who participate in this, may incur their own condemnation.

    The sad thing is that there are a lot of ignorant souls who may be participating in this even who simply don't know any better.

  18. Anonymous1:54 AM

    So hard to take anything seriously when things like this fester and go on in the Church.

  19. VirgoPotens1:57 AM

    "I hope to obtain, afterwards, numerous responses to questions such as: what did you feel...." Ah, yes, because that's the purpose of Catholic worship: to see what we FEEL. Fr. Chad Ripperger, FSSP, has warned us all repeatedly against the dangers of immanentism. This is one of its ugly consequences.

  20. Anonymous2:06 AM

    PKTP...I love you MAN! m

  21. Anonymous3:01 AM

    Det. John here.

    Where is the local Bishop? he can put a stop to this. If it made it to the internet, you know that the Bishop has to be aware of this sham.

  22. Anonymous7:22 AM

    This is not a Vatican II moment. It is just a moment of self-righteous geriatric idiocy in a post-Christian society. You cannot blame Vatican II for every idiot priest; after all, there were quite a few before the Council.

  23. I can better this story:

    A few years ago an English TV company Granada, located in the Salford Diocese, broadcast a series of "Morning Services" all from an iconic Catholic Church in Preston, Lancaster Diocese.

    There were all manner of priests and pastors on the altar and evident 'concelebration'. Worse still, if such could be the case, Catholic schools were present and all appeared to partake of 'communion'.

    The series ran for several weeks, perhaps months. The reason may have been related to Granada making payment to the Diocese, which required funds for the restoration of the said church.

    The Diocese sought to dispose ot that church, were unable so to do. Although a "iability",the Bishop refused to allow a Traditional Order to take-on the burden, stating: "such a move would attractpeople from other parishes and affect their viability" or words to that effect.

  24. @P.K.P.T. Speaking of Gravel and friends, I was somewhat surprised to read a series of articles from Radio Ville-Marie entitled "Homosexual and Catholic" where we're told (approvingly, of course) how homosexuals are having a great time in the Church in Quebec:

  25. Anonymous11:48 AM

    Glad I read this before breakfast. Disgusting!

  26. Nahh, there's no emergency, especially in Miami! And Belgium really thrived under the stellar, exemplary Cardinal Danneels! I don't know why you are all so negative! Everything is FINE in the Church. I once had a priest make a pass at me during confession in Santa Fe--whose clergy make Miami's seem tame in comparison--but I'm sure it was just a misunderstanding. Maybe he just thought all married guys with five children really wear lavender? Who knows...

    Adding to Jordanes' questions, I add:

    Father, you used to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Traditional Latin Mass (as you were ordained before Vatican II), and now you celibrate the 'communion' of grape juice and crackers with protestant presiders. Do you think there is a connection between what you do and what you signed up for when you became a priest?

  27. Anonymous3:04 PM

    Where is the local bishop? Heck he might even be there himself handing out the "cookies and grape juice". You see why the S.S.P.X. feels the way they do? And they wonder why they are treated like they are, they uphold the Holy Roman Catholic faith and they are considered not in communion with Rome. Yet we have heresy like this going on and nothing is done about it UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  28. We just have to out-live it. He won't have too much more time to do his satanism within the Catholic church.

  29. Anonymous8:21 PM

    I know there are many other priests doing things like this, but without going public, keeping things quiet. There is a movement within the Church pushing buttons for more inter-communion gatherings and more liberalization of moral issues.
    In my humble understanding there is way much to come. For now, only some go that public. Maybe they are just waiting for a next pope or something...

  30. Anonymous11:59 PM

    A portion of your headline reads: "A Vatican II Moment".

    That portion of your headline is false and misleading.

    Vatican II's teachings are in opposition to the nonsense that, based upon the article in question, Father Gravet promoted.

  31. Anonymous2:46 AM

    Sure. It is just a coincidence that all this chaos within the Church started after V2.

  32. Yes, sorry, we should have called it "A Trent moment". Because this was also very common in the implementation of the Tridentine reforms...

    Thank the Lord that the Catholics in Namur have the local FSSP mission - they only choose these things if they want to.

  33. Archbishop Lefebvre was right, after all.

  34. Anonymous9:41 AM

    If full communion with the heretics, infidels and pagans are consider okay, why then did God intervene to save us..He is the way, the truth and the life and no other....

  35. Patrick11:19 PM

    The local ordinary, Bishop Vancottem, was informed in advance and decline to intervene, even privately. In other words, he tacitly approves.
    This is the man whom Bishop Léonard wanted to have as successor in Namur. Vancottem was Danneels's first auxiliary Bishop (1982). As a priest, he used to swear that he would never ever wear a Roman collar. The fact that he was appointed as successor to Bishop Léonard in Namur is not due to chance: for years and years the supposedly "tradition-minded" Bishop Léonard had been repeating that Vancottem deserved a "real" diocese of hiw own. Here is the result...


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