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You report: Pontifical Mass in Pennsylvania;
Mass in San Miguel de los Banos, Cuba - Sunday TLM in Cuba

1. A reader sends us this report from a Pontifical Mass celebrated on the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in the Carmel of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, in Elysburg (Diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania):

This was the first Pontifical Mass offered at the Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Elysburg, PA since its founding in 2009. The Carmelites came from Valparaiso, Nebraska, where their monastery had grown beyond its limits and was in need of founding a daughter house. Bishop William Waltersheid, the celebrant of the Mass, was at that time the Vicar for Clergy and Religious in the Diocese of Harrisburg and played an instrumental role in bringing the sisters to Elysburg, where a Carmelite monastery stood empty after it was closed a few years earlier due to lack of vocations. Recently appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Pittsburg, he returned to celebrate his first Pontifical Mass for their patronal feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Living the traditional Carmelite rule and praying the traditional Mass and Office, the sisters have continued to flourish in their new house, attracting many young vocations from around the country. His Excellency Bishop Joseph McFadden, Bishop of the Diocese of Harrisburg in which the Carmel is located, assisted at the Mass from the Throne. Many Diocesan Priests and seminarians came to fulfill the roles of Sacred Ministers and servers for the Mass.

2. A dear reader sends us a touching Una Voce report and images of a Mass celebrated in late June in the Parish Church of San Miguel Arcángel (San Miguel de los Banos, in the Diocese of Matanzas), in the beloved Republic of Cuba. The celebrating priest was 26-year-old Father Darovis Caballero Sosa, of that diocese. The following news is added:
By common agreement with the Parish priest of [the Parish Church of Nuestra Señora del] Carmen, in Matanzas, Fr. F. Severino Ramírez, OCD, the Traditional Mass will be celebrated every Sunday, as 12 PM, at the high altar of that church, for all the faithful in the city.

The Sunday Mass at the Carmen of Matanzas is the first regular traditional Mass in the entire island. These are the fruits of Summorum Pontificum, good priests, and persevering lay faithful - and the intercession of Our Lady of la Caridad del Cobre.


  1. Only positive comments, please.

    Thank you,


  2. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Let's keep exposing bishops and priests to the TLM even ones that are hostile to it. Folks, this only helps to soften their hearts and open their eyes to the Mass of All Times. Remember many of these bishops and priests have never even saw a TLM let alone participated in one. We are not going to change what happend in the last 40 years, it will take a long time but, our Holy Father gave us the tool to do it. The one thing that I and Iam sure most of you would desire to see is the Holy Father himself celebrate the TLM in St. Peters, this would make such a statement that the bishops who are resisting the TLM would have to open their hearts.

  3. No political references, either, thanks.

  4. Great Photos!

    Thank you for posting the wonderfully moving pictures of the TLM in the still communist country of Cuba!
    We hope to get there someday.

  5. Anonymous3:44 PM

    positive comment :-)


  6. Gratias5:44 PM

    The news of an every-Sunday TLM in Cuba are wonderful. Latin America has very few traditional masses. There is where the Catholics are.

    The solution to grow the Faith is to have Diocesan priests participate. The FSSP and other dedicated orders are not enough. Una Voce is a great organization. Without them I would not have a Latin Mass on Sundays. Thanks!

  7. In Virginia, USA, I just came back from a beautiful solemn High Mass at St. John the Beloved Parish, in McLean.

    Attendance was very good...lots of young families, the future of the Church, let us hope!

  8. Gratias9:25 PM

    I Googled the new convent. It is a new community of Discalced Carmelites. The Mass marked their enclosure for a contemplative life in Elysburg, Penn.

    Prioress Mother Stella Marie said: "We look forward to having the faithful to come to our chapel for daily Mass". what a blessing this new convent will be for the Diocese of Harrisburg!

    The new Chaplain will be Fr. Joseph Howard, FSSP.

    With the view to future promotions, let me mention names of otherd priests that also participated in the Pontifical Mass: Bishop William Waltersheid, Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades, Bishop Joseph McFadden, Mgr. Timothy
    Thorburn, and Fr. Neil Sullivan.

    The Catholic Church, in my opinion, should only promote priests that have offered the entire spectrum of the liturgy. If a priest has never offered the TLM, he should not be promoted to bishop. That would end the rebellion against Summorum Pontificum and its instruction.

  9. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Great news from Cuba, interesting because Cubans tend towards tradition and conservatism

  10. Hope Springs Eternal1:37 AM

    I second the positive comment ; )

  11. M. A.2:02 AM

    Wonderful! This made my day!

    May the Carmelites flourish with many, many more vocations!

    And the priest to offer the tlm in Cuba is a Carmelite!!

    This must be a portent of good things to come for the Order of our Lady!

  12. Our Lady of Mt. Carmel seems strongly linked to the to the traditional Mass: here in Manhattan, in the Bronx, in Newark, now in Cuba and elsewhere in divers places.

  13. Anonymous2:30 AM

    @ Gratias - I think you may be looking at an old article. The Carmelites were enclosed 2 years ago, and the priests you mention were not present for this Mass. Bishop Rhodes was appointed Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend in November 2009 and Bishop McFadden appointed Bishop of Harrisburg June 2010. Fr. Howard was the first chaplain, but it is now Fr. Joseph Orlowski FSSP. The enclosure was presided over by Bishop Rhodes, but was not a Pontifical Mass. This was the first Pontifical Mass since the foundation. Nevertheless, your comments are quite apropos.

  14. Mario Mirarchi3:20 AM

    This is great news! Elysburg is eight miles from my hometown of Mount Carmel, PA.

  15. Anonymous6:44 AM

    I have heard from a blogger here that there is hope that our Mass could be restored to Costa Rica as well.

    In other news, I ask everyone to pray for a T.L.M. being offered FINALLY at Montgomery, Archdiocese of Mobile, Alabama. Alabama is in the U.S.A.; I believe that it is a State there. It has taken two years of patience and prayer to get to this point. If enough people attend this coming Sunday, it might become an every-Sunday Mass. Mobile is the only metropolitan archdiocese in the U.S.A. not having an every-Sunday T.L.M. Pray for this to change and also keep Costa Rican traditionalists in your prayers.


  16. Anonymous1:30 PM

    The first solemn high TLM in 45 years was celebrated last Monday night, July 25th, at the Cathedral-Basilica of St. James in Brooklyn, NY. Pictures can be found on the Society of St. Hugh of Cluny website.

  17. Here's a link for the Brooklyn Mass pictures.

    (I am not the previous anonymous poster.)

  18. P.K.T.P. : Our dear brothers & sisters in Costa Rica are working tirelessly to get the TLM. They have constituted themselves as a Una Voce chapter that will seek recognition from the FIUV and I would not be surprised if they had their first before in the next months they are preparing by learning the mass, getting the books and ornaments and encouraging priests to learn the mass. Please pray for them so their work renders good fruit.

  19. I want to correct myself. Upon re-reading the post, I notice that it is NOT the Carmelite priest who will be the officiating priest for the TLM in Cuba; rather, the parish where the Mass will be offered has as pastor, a Carmelite priest.

  20. Just to let you know that the Latin Mass in Cuba was forbiden by the bishop of that diocese, you can search in the "pagina catolica" blog to let you know how bad things are in Cuba, not only for catholics but in a special way for trad catholics, they have to be persecuted not only by Fidel and friends but also by the local bishop who in the name of the "unity" of the church, has moved the priest who celebrated the mass but also didn´t give any good reasosns to the people of Una Voce Cuba to carry on with the Mass, a letter has been send to the Ecclesia Dei comission by people in Cuba...

  21. I will be praying for the Una Voce apostolate in Cuba. May St. Joseph protect the work you have begun there.

  22. Alberto, amigo de Sta. Filomena, ¡Bendiciones! ¿Que haces por estas partes?


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