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"Reform of the Reform" Apparently Put on Hold - Part drei

After giving Communion in the hand to a standing (sort of) Queen Sofia of Spain last fall, it appears there may be a different standard for politicians, who seem to get a pass on the so-called "reform of the reform."

The video below, unfortunately, shows the President of the German Parliament, Norbert Lammert, receiving Holy Communion in the hand from the Holy Father. 

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  1. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Attacks, attacks and more attacks to the Holy Father... from the left AND from the right...

    The law is the law, and communion CAN be received in hand. It is (still, and sadly) a possibility envisioned in our Holy Church's law. And until it is changed, you can be Cardinal Secretary of State and receive it standing and in the hand, if so you wish.

    I fail to see how these posts help or create any sort of positive feelings towards our Holy Father, already besieged and continuously assaulted by seemingly everyone.

  2. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Didn't want to hurt his feelings... but that's how things operate in Rome these days!

    And the SSPX wants to negotiate?

  3. Ma Tucker11:06 PM

    At least he knelt. I'm sure our Lord will deal with this stiff neck in His own time.

  4. Anonymous11:16 PM

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  5. The Video shows nothing at all that would mean that the Reform is on hold. It shows the people coming forward and kneeling. One person, while doing so, put his hands out, and rather than refuse him the Sacrament.Please stop grandstanding with lucious headlines.

  6. The video merely shows what looks like an awkward moment, and rather than refuse a KNEELING communicant the Sacrament, the Holy Father administered it to him. You read way, way, way too much into this non-starter of a video clip. The only thing apparently "on hold" is any respect on your part for the Holy Father. Shame on you. Let me guess; sedevacantist, or just SsPX?

  7. Emilio11:40 PM

    Your rhetoric against the so-called reform of the reform movement is getting pretty stale What's your point (meaning the larger one)? Yeah in a perfect world you can always stand your ground, no matter what, never needing to display any tact or diplomacy. Do you still remember how things were under PIERO Marini? Summorum Pontificum did not abolish the Novus Ordo, get over it. You really do have worse enemies than George Weigel, Joseph Fessio, EWTN, and those of us involved in making the Novus Ordo beautiful, as well as the Traditional Mass.

  8. Anonymous12:13 AM

    The Pope has made it quite clear that he requests that communicants kneel and receive on the tongue, but the law of the Church (which he has not seen fit to change) doesn't allow him to make this mandatory. If the communicant wishes to make an ass of himself (or is simply uninformed), the Pope has neither the canonical basis nor the inclination to make a scene.

    Moreover, the state of being a notorious dissenter and cooperator in the evil of abortion has _nothing_ to do with the disciplinary issue of standing or kneeling. It can be argued that Cardinal Wuerl cannot morally communicate Nancy Pelosi. The same cannot be argued concerning the Holy Father and standing communicants. The comparison is ridiculous to make.

  9. Jack B.12:30 AM

    I'm not sure there's much else he could have done while it's still legal.

  10. Anonymous1:00 AM

    The point of this post is to simply point out that, while all the neocons pound their chest and show how things are all changing for the better, clearly that isn't the case so some political elite.

    And no, I'm not a sedevacantist, nor SSPX, although I don't see why that would be an insult to me? I go to a diocesan TLM.

    Keep chatting!

  11. Jack O'Malley1:09 AM

    As an aside, is it possible for Rorate to eliminate the "anonymous" option for comments and force those who desire to deliver themselves of an opinion at least to adopt a sobriquet so that readers might distinguish among the various incarnations of these innominate wraiths?

    I forbear to suggest that they be exorcised from the blog altogether. Still, The first principle in exorcism is to cause the demon to reveal its name.

  12. Anonymous1:41 AM

    While it is legal, a couple of my friends, who were transitional deacons at the time, assisted in the distribution at a Papal Mass in St. Peter's Basilica. One of them told me that they were told in three different languages, "everyone receives on the tongue, no exceptions." They were further told that if people extend their hands they should simply move the host toward their mouth. This was in January. However, I think we can understand that the Holy Father might not think it is worth creating a media fire-storm over his refusing Communion to a head of state, especially in a matter which does not involve sin (objectively) and which is not (unfortunately) a violation of current ecclesial legislation.

  13. Anonymous2:15 AM

    The trip to Germany is a model of mixed signals.

  14. I completely agree with you. Sadly, there is yet no legislation that would have strengthened the "Reform of the Reform". And for that I can still excuse the Pope. But as for cardinal Wuerl, I do not know what to do with this guy.

  15. Cosmos3:02 AM

    You sound like Denethor from the Lord of the Rings, gazing in the palantir which the enemy was using to drive him to despair.

    This Pope has done great things for the Tradition.

  16. Anonymous3:51 AM

    These neocons here are a joke. At the FSSP, not SSPX, Mass that I attend sometimes, I have seen the priest deny communion the hand more than once. Whether it is a man, woman, young or old, he says: 'OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND DON'T SAY AMEN!' Mind you, it is not even a FSSP parish. It is a diocesan parish attended by the FSSP twice a month.

    'Positive feelings?' Give me a break! He is the Pope, not a Yoga master.

  17. Anonymous3:53 AM

    Too much concern about appearances ad feelings around here...

  18. Anonymous3:55 AM

    Is it possible that the man, for reasons unknown to any of us, was incapable of kneeling. Not that he didn't want to kneel but that he couldn't? I'm just saying...

  19. > You really do have worse enemies than George
    > Weigel, Joseph Fessio, EWTN, and those of us
    > involved in making the Novus Ordo beautiful...

    This is debatable at best. The above people conflate Catholicism with Papolatry, a most dangerous heresy which puts the whims of a man above the ritual and teaching (Orthodoxy in both of its senses) of Holy Mother Church and leads to the absurdities we have witnessed over the last 100 years. The N.O. as celebrated in most places is at least faithful to its spirit and text.

  20. We must pray for the Holy Father! It certainly must not be easy for him.

  21. How is this an "attack" on His Holiness? People have no sense of proportion at all... Commentators are guests in our online house: if some of you do not know how to behave, then the thread must be closed.

    And, of course, communion in the hand in the new Rite can always be refused by the celebrant if there is any risk of profanation (a matter entirely "in his hands", no irony intended - cf. Redemptionis Sacramentum, 92).