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Father Ray Blake, who will now celebrate the Traditional Mass every Sunday, says:

One of my parishioners has written a song. I don't know if it will be heard on Chant Cafe or appear on New Liturgical Movements or even Rorate Caeli. It raises lots of questions, why do intelligent young men, even with guitars, love the "Mass of Ages"? Why do they sit round a talk about vocations to the priesthood or living according to the Church's teaching? Why are the[y] eager to share their faith?

Father, votre désir est votre ordre! Dear readers, by a parishioner of Father Blake, The Ballad of Summorum Pontificum.


  1. Gimme some more!

  2. Eddie2:42 AM


  3. Gratias6:11 AM

    Fr. Blake thank you for the every-Sunday Latin Mass in Brighton. Your musical parishioner can surely be the foundation for a future choir.

    The song was great and I loved his entry on his The Bones website: "I don't want to be on X Factor. Why would I when I'm on Rorate Caeli? It doesn't get bigger than that in the traditional Catholic World." True words.

    He promises a second ballad called Across the Universae Ecclesia. Brilliant.

  4. Sorry, but when I tried to play this song on Fr Blake's website I could not understand a word because of the bad enunciation of the singer. Inaudible! I thought it was rot. Having read the words via Rorate Caeli's link I wish they had not been set to 'music' but left as they were. The appearance of the singer also irritated me.

  5. RogerThat2:00 PM

    Beryl, go hunt some frogs.

  6. Barbara6:33 PM

    I second RogerThat!

    I think Mr. England's song is just great!


  7. \\"Mass of Ages"\\

    There was a time when ALL Eucharistic rites did not exist, therefore NONE are the "mass of ages" or "of all time."

    In any case, ANY one of the Eastern liturgies is older than ANYTHING done in the West.

    Most holy Theoetokos, save us!


    See? We can write in caps as well...

    Naturally, we have no idea why a supposed "Eastern Catholic" (that is, a Roman Catholic in an Eastern sui iuris Church) spends so much time "lecturing" Roman Catholics of the Latin Church in a blog mostly dedicated to the Traditional Rites of the Latin churc - we are pretty sure that does not happen with Latin Church visitors to Eastern Catholic blogs.

    Please, do not respond. We are aware of your opinions regarding all things in the Church...



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