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You report: Great news from South Carolina

No, it is not related to primaries or elections, but to the salvation of souls and eternal life. Report from a reader:

Thanks to the generosity of Bishop Robert Guglielmone, Diocese of Charleston (S.C.), Prince of Peace church in Taylors (Greenville), S.C. is now staffed with two priests who offer both forms of the Roman rite. In addition to the regular Mass schedule for the 1,000-plus parish family who attend the Ordinary form, the Extraordinary form is now available DAILY for those who wish to attend.

Beginning on Epiphany (Jan. 6), Prince of Peace began hosting a Noon Traditional Latin Mass Sunday (High) through Friday (Low during weekdays and Sat.) and an 8 a.m. TLM every Saturday.

It is believed that this parish--staffed by diocesan priests--is among the only diocesan parish regularly offering the Traditional Latin Mass on a daily basis east of the Mississippi.

A heartfelt thanks also to Rev. Father Christopher Smith and Rev. Father Richard Tomlinson for making this possible for the growing flock in the buckle of the Bible Belt and for dutifully following Pope Benedict XVI's desires for liturgical renewal in the heart of parish life!

Daily Traditional Mass: Summorum Pontificum works when there is generosity of spirit and good will.


  1. The 2 St. Benedict Center chapels in the dioceses of Worcester, Massachusetts and the diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire both have diocesan priests saying a daily and Sunday TLM. Both are now regularized and the priests are there with the blessing's of the local ordinary.

  2. Bishop Guglielmone is friendly to Tradition.

  3. this is great news for the Diocese of Charleston in northern SC.
    It should be noted that the TLM is not offered at Prince of Peace during the Octaves of Christmas and Easter:
    "* there is no Latin Mass during the Octaves of Christmas and Easter or on Civil Holidays"

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  5. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Mater Ecclesiae, Berlin NJ is a diocesan parish, staffed by two diocesan priests who exclusively celebrate the TLM everyday, 3 times on Sunday, every Holy Day, and on special occassions since October 13, 2000. We congratulate the people of the diocese of Charleston for this new apostolate.

  6. Bishop Guglielmone wrote me a very nice two page letter supporting my aspirations for tradition in SC. It is a rare thing for a Bishop to do such a thing to a layman.

    I only mention that to give concrete proof of my prior assertion.

  7. Bootach3:32 PM

    My wife grew up in Charleston. From what I understand, the diocese there has been very friendly to tradition for quite some time, even before Summorum. We are very grateful to Fr. Smith - he said our nuptial mass just over two years ago on Sullivan's Island. I'm glad to hear things are continuing to flourish in the great state of SC.

  8. This is excellent news. I have relatives in SC, and there is a parish in Charleston, St. Mary's, that I visited two summers ago. The Novus Ordo Mass was celebrated with a schola and Latin chant, the vestments were Traditional, the homily was stirringly orthodox. So there is a lot of good things happening there. In Columbia, the state capital, unfortunately, there is a folksy NO parish at St. Peter's, a beautiful Church. God willing, one day, it too will see the TLM.

  9. Are there any prospects for weekly TLM in Columbia? Last time I was there, it was said monthly at Good Shepard, the Anglican Use parish. Is that still there, at least? Thanks.

  10. I don't live in Columbia, so I'm not sure. St. Peter's is firmly in the NO camp, I know that.

  11. Thom, no, they discontinued it. I called, and the priest said "there wasn't enough interest".

    If one lives in the Upper Piedmont the only option for a regular Latin Mass close-by is the SSPX Chapel in Mount Holly near Charlotte (which has one of the most beautiful choirs I've ever heard, btw.)

    Of course, if you are lucky enough to live near Charleston, you will be blessed to be able to attend a regular TLM in a beautiful church, Stella Maris (The Star of the Sea, who is, of course, Our Lady)

  12. Maynardus8:00 PM

    What a blessing for the people of Charleston! Let us hope that enough Catholics support this initiative by the bishop and that he gives it a fair chance to succeed.

    One more addition to the far-too-short list of *parishes* where *diocesean* priests offer the T.L.M. daily is Mary Immaculate of Lourdes in Newton Highlands (actually Newton Uper Falls), Ma. The Mass time varies by day of the week, but they do have an E.F. Mass ever day...

  13. porys8:06 PM

    Since February this year, everyday TLM (diocesan - exactly by redeptorist father Krzysztof Stępowski CsSR) will be celebrated in capital of Poland - Warsaw. It 4th place in Poland with every day TLM (others are: Cracow - FSSP, Wrocław IBP, Bytom - diocesan). Besides are also FSSPX priorates in Warsaw, Gdynia and Bajerze with everyday mass in antiqus ordo.

  14. I believe there is a daily EF Mass offered by priests of the Society of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest in the diocese of Madison, WI. The Mississippi forms Wisconsin's western border. They ARE diocesan priests, one told me so directly; if I recall correctly the SJCSP is a Secular Institute. They celebrate both forms of the Roman Rite.

    But, I think the point of the South Carolina news is that it is an instance of diocesan priests who are not part of any specific institute.

  15. Steve2:05 AM

    I heard Bishop Guglielmone is not friendly to the Latin mass b/c of personal thoughts. Probably why there's only 4 or 5 churches that offer it & the FSSP doesn't have an apostalate here.

    We need to start a petition for all churches here in the palmetto state to request the Traditional mass. Priests first then to the bishop then to Rome if need be.

  16. @Steve: I heard Bishop Guglielmone is not friendly to the Latin mass b/c of personal thoughts

    OK. What personal thoughts are you referring to?

    Sure, he is not a traditionalist, but he is also not the opposite; he is friendly to Tradition in his diocese!

  17. Steve8:35 PM

    Just that I have emailed him about it & he responded with he did not like the Traditional way b/c he had personal issues with it. Let me see if I deleted that email or not. Maybe I caught him on a bad day?

    Lets just say my bro when applying for seminary & eventually to the FSSP & it was a major ordeal & he wants to be in the diocese. Though the church we grew up in produced 3 seminarians none that went to the diocese.

    Maybe I just have misread or misinterpreted his statements but from people I know that have spoken to him I've heard he is not a fan. Again, maybe I'm wrong.

  18. Prince of Peace is offering TLM daily now.

    St Mary's in Aiken, SC is offering TLM on May 24th but not every Sunday

    St Paul's in Spartanburg, SC is building new church equiped with alter rails. Priest there is very pro TLM & b/c of bad knees he would love a priest to be there with him to offer the TLM (everything needed is there for it). This would be an easy addition. Will the bishop help in this?


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