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Almost 5 years after Summorum:
In Trent, the chancery hates the "Tridentine" Mass

Another reason not to call it the "Tridentine" Mass - in the Archdiocese of Trent, the chancery hates it.
The Association "Sacra Liturgia" invites to the conference "Beauty in Sacred Art and in the Liturgy," with the pontifical ceremoniary Mons. Marco Agostini, which will take place in Trent on Saturday, February 11, at 1700, in the great hall of the Major Seminary. The Feininger Choir will present some Gregorian chants. On the following day, Sunday, February 12, the Mass will be celebrated in the Seminary, at 1800.

Regarding this, this was the note of the diocesan press office:
"It is the constant and prioritary concern of our Diocesan Church the effort that the liturgical celebrations be the summit and source of Christian life, with an active participation of the faithful, and convergence of the various ministries.

"The initiative, taken by a diocesan priest, of promoting the celebration of H. Mass according to the ancient rite in the Diocesan Seminary is occasional. Although within the scope of catholicity, the initiative is personal and brings forth some perplexity; precisely for this, the choice of place intends to make clear that those to whom the celebration is destined are those persons capable of understanding it and participating in it, any form of spectacle being excluded.

"Regarding this, it is affirmed that the Council of Trent did not choose a single rite, and that Pope Benedict XVI has supported the one approved by Paul VI, but has consented that also the rite approved by Pope John XXIII, which, with successive modifications, dated from Pope Pius V, may be celebrated, in the presence of specific conditions.

"It is recalled that, also on the occasion of this celebration, as for other events, access to the Seminary church and square is not indiscriminately granted to the public."

We are often accused of wishing to promote "scandal" by mentioning the shameful shenanigans which seem to be inseparable from the celebration of the "Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite", the Mass of Paul VI. Yes, we are fully aware that there are a handful of places around the world where it is celebrated "reverently", according to variable unpublished standards - but other kinds of celebrations have been part and parcel of this Rite from the beginning, and they are in most cases considered quite legitimate. In fact, they are promoted from the highest places, and are the ordinary part of Church life everywhere worldwide.

We bring this up only because, on the very same day on which the above note was published, with "perplexity" for a single celebration in the only rite Trent knew for centuries (and for a millenium before the Council of Trent, in celebrations identical to the Traditional Mass or almost indistinguishable from it), the Archdiocese published as its main event for that same Saturday (Feb. 11) a "Rock Mass" (Messa Rock), with the participation of "Trent metal band 'High Voltage'":

Honestly, we are not the ones who cause scandal. The Archdiocesan Curia is, by publicly shaming a priest and faithful who are merely exercizing their (literally) God-given  papally-recognized rights, and limiting them - at the very same time they promote a "Metal Mass".

Shame on the Trent Curia: vergogna!!

[Tip and source: Messa in Latino]


  1. What cosmos are they living in? It's not the one I as a Catholic inhabit. Do they not realize that they are a characiture our of Stephen Oliver's "Smoke in the Sanctuary"?, and completely at odds with the demographic direction of the church? The Lord laughs, he laughs them to scorn. Time and the pederasty courts will eventually see them off.

  2. Sacrilege and inanity aside, High Voltage is a pretty lame metal band name. What is this, 1986?

  3. Ecclesia Militans8:16 PM

    Unfortunately, we live in a time when the hierarchy isn't Catholic, much like the times of the courageous Saint Athanasius.

    There is as much similarity between the Trent now and Trent before as there was between the Church before the Arians took control and the Church after they took control, in the times of the holy Athanasius.

    And much like him, we must also fight this heresy and error infested hierarchy, for the sake of Holy Tradition and the Truth.
    And we must be courageous as he was.
    The Blessed Virgin is our champion.
    God Himself is on our side.
    May His enemies tremble.

  4. Please don't hesitate to post on crazy incidents for fear it might cause 'scandal' to some readers. The Church is in a real mess; naming and shaming is often the only course of action that will help matters (in the absence of truly Catholic bishops) or at least alert people to just how bad things are.

  5. Francis8:30 PM

    Unfortunately the modernists/liberals inside the Church are going to continue their crusade and hatred against the Mass of all ages and the traditional dogmas of the Catholic Church. This just confirms that, unlike the SSPX these people, and people like them, are the ones who are truly schismatics and heretics even though they are technically in "full communion" with Rome. Hopefully the Holy Father will realize this.

  6. porys8:30 PM

    But in Trento diecesan Summorum Pontificum TLM is celbrated every Sunday.

  7. It is, as we announced here some time ago. But this celebration in the diocesan seminary, where the Traditional Mass should be taught (cf. Universae Ecclesiae), causes "perplexity" (the Diocesan Press Office's words, not ours), and those who take part in it are clearly "warned" about it.

  8. I'm kinda digging the Rock Mass schtick, I think it could be quite funny if done right!

    But it must be a parody of Novus Ordo service. Don't actually try to consecrate the host (not that it would necessary be valid even if you tried). K?

  9. Barbara9:38 PM

    I second everything that Shane said!

  10. Francis said...

    "Unfortunately the modernists/liberals inside the Church are going to continue their crusade and hatred against the Mass of all ages"


    Stripped of His clothes
    Beaten and scourged
    Crowned and nailed
    Humanity purged -

    Made to thirst
    Starve and suffer
    Later two thousand
    The road gets rougher -

    It's not disbelief
    Or how they do hate
    All but Him -
    They'll tolerate

    Meditations from
    mother earth's cultures -
    But the Word made Flesh
    They’re on like vultures

    Ripping tearing
    Digesting to degrade
    Then eliminating

    But a Messa Rock
    All "approved" will sell –
    With "active" participation
    Never noticing Hell!

  11. Pádraig10:18 PM

    Rock Mass? A far cry from the Mass rock!

    (In the days of oppression of the Faith in Ireland the Holy Sacrifice would be offered at a remote location in the countryside, with a naturally-occurring altar - the Mass rock. Many survive to this day. On them the Divine Victim was offered to His Father in silent devotion by a priest and people who risked their lives.)

  12. If a metal band names itself J23, I'll get worried.

  13. P.K.T.P.10:29 PM

    The reason their hatred is so intense is that the evidence against the New Mass is so telling: it has been the main cause of a complete collapse of the Church, whether in attendance at Mass, vocations, or recourse to the Sacraments or to Catholic education. These people would rather die--they do rather die--than admit their colossal error and their epic failure. They would prefer to see the Church decimated, even annihilated, than to admit to that error.

    Liberals are just like Adolf Hitler. He much preferred the complete destruction of his Reich to an admission of error and incompetence. He let the Russians come even to his door. He let them violate German women all over his country. And then he took his own life rather than let the enemy do the job for him.

    The problem is that truth will out and God will not compromise with the partisans of error. God does not suffer fools gladly; so He has little patience for the liberal prelates and heretical theologians who have guided the Church since Vatican II. So let them do their worst. They will still lose, and we shall still have to pick up the pieces. Please save their liturgical decor for my new Museum of Bad Taste.


  14. "Regarding this, it is affirmed that the Council of Trent did not choose a single rite,..."

    Honestly, when reading this I just silently shake my head and ask myself just how stupid these people think we are? They make a blanket statement like that without any qualifiers, leading the uninformed at the mercy of their own imaginations. This is the kind of chicanery that makes one want to grab someone by the scruff of the neck.

    No mention of what happened at Trent vis-a-vis rites that were truly ancient and allowed to continue unimpeded, no mention of the codifying that was done by St Pius V....unbelievable.

    And these people keep going merrily along without a whimper from the Vatican.

  15. Wikipedia has an interesting if opinionated alligation about the City of Trent.
    Eight centuries of Prince-Bishop rulers, relative independence from the rest of Europe, the Austrian domination and a strong sense of communal fate left a distinctive mark on the city's culture, which is dominated by a fairly progressive Social-Catholic political orientation (in fact, Trento is one of the few cities in Italy where left-leaning Catholics form the majority party). The city is considered to be well-administered[weasel words][citation needed] and enjoys the benefits of special autonomy from the central Italian government."

  16. Septumbler of Bumblers12:01 AM

    Rorate Caeli, stop apologizing (in the strict sense of that word) for revealing the rot. All of this evil must be exposed to the light.

  17. Confusius12:23 AM

    What is most sad about this is the chilling and unmistakable tone of the ideologue, using the language of piety to crush and kill the Faith of honest devout Catolics. The greatest scandal in the Church in our age, in my view, has not been the sickening abuse of children. Even worse than this abomination has been the abuse of power by a hierarchy which "facilitated" this abuse by allowing corruption and perversion to flourish in seminaries, and then to become systematic in dioceses. Now the bishops like to claim that they have "learnt from the mistakes of the past" and are acting tough on abuse. But who can honestly take them seriously? The truth is that every sensible person knows that if it hadn't been for an aggressive secular media and the ability of abuse victims to co-ordinate via the Internet, the bishops would still be covering up abuse of minors and the Vatican would still be in culpable denial. This response of the diocese of Trent to the legitimate aspirations of the Faithful is just another aspect of this abuse of power, which is still endemic. Shame on them.

  18. Gregorian Mass1:35 AM

    The more they speak against the EF Mass the more they will justify its' existence alongside the NO. Summorum Pontificum talks about an interior reconciliation needed to heal the Church. I think we are just seeing now how deep the wound is from the unjust suppression of the Tridentine Mass. Continued suppression will only exacerbate the wound. No one should hate or prohibit either Mass. It is supposed to be about the People of God, no? If they want the Tridentine Mass and ask for it, or simply attend it as a result of stumbling upon it, then wouldn't that be just what Vat II wanted? For all ancient and venerable uses to be promoted and fostered in every way? Where do the genuine aspirations of the People of God fall when they are denied access to a Rite of the Church. The EF is one Form of a Rite of the Church. Denial of celebration, removing its' identifiable name, equates to denial of the right to attend a Rite of the Church. That is unheard of. Clergy denying the flock the right to go to an approved, venerable Rite of the Church. This may very well become an era of history which will be remembered as a time where lay people were cut off from the own Church due to the internal politics of Bishops who care little for the spiritual welfare of the peoples. History will not view them or the politics kindly.

  19. Barbara6:11 AM

    Confusius said:
    "What is most sad about this is the chilling and unmistakable tone of the ideologue, using the language of piety to crush and kill the Faith of honest devout Catolics."

    Using the language of piety is a favourite tactic of the modernists and obstructers of the TLM. What manipulation! When speaking to them I sense that there is no real love for THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH...actually all sense of the Church Militant, I would say,has all but's all about accommodating. What's the sense in a religion that requires no effort on our part? It cannot endure and I don't understand how they can centre their lives on such a cheap version of Christianity. It's so boring and flat..but they are manipulators, that's for sure - and I don't understand the sense in that either.

    Prayers for all of us, anyway - even the "destroyers of our Catholic Identity."


  20. Gregorian Mass1:40 AM

    Privately I have always hoped for a Trent II Council. It would help to balance out the idea that Vat II was an end all super Council and at the same time spark an interest in what Trent "I" was all about. And the revenue it would generate and attraction to the city would be good financially for everyone in the region.


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