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The Pope in Mexico: "Para que Cristo reine"

Dear brothers and sisters, by coming here I have been able to visit the monument to Christ the King situated on top of the Cubilete [hill].  ...This monument represents Christ the King. But his crowns, one of a sovereign, the other of thorns, indicate that his royal status does not correspond to how it has been or is understood by many. His kingdom does not stand on the power of his armies subduing others through force or violence. It rests on a higher power than wins over hearts: the love of God that he brought into the world with his sacrifice and the truth to which he bore witness. This is his sovereignty which no one can take from him and which no one should forget. Hence it is right that this shrine should be above all a place of pilgrimage, of fervent prayer, of conversion, of reconciliation, of the search for truth and the acceptance of grace. We ask Christ, to reign in our hearts, making them pure, docile, filled with hope and courageous in humility.
Let us ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to assist us in purifying our hearts, especially in view of the coming Easter celebrations, that we may enter more deeply the salvific mystery of her Son, as she made it known in this land. And let us also ask her to continue accompanying and protecting her Mexican and Latin American children, that Christ may reign in their lives [para que Cristo reine en sus vidas] and help them boldly to promote peace, harmony, justice and solidarity. Amen.
Benedict XVI
March 25, 2012


  1. Staurofilax6:40 PM

    Viva Cristo Rey y Santa Maria de Guadalupe!!!

    Viva el Papa!!!

  2. The Kingship of Christ should be understood in two senses: King of earth and Eternal King in Heaven. Today's (Passion Sunday's) Gospel, Jn. 8:46-59, has Christ saying that He is I Am, echoing God's words to Moses. Christ is therefore both King of earth and heaven. Mary, of course, is Queen. A mother can be queen while the son is a prince on earth, but in heaven, of course, Christ is exalted, and Mary diminished, in the roles they would have on earth. But, nevertheless, Mary is still the Mediatrix to the Son-King, as any queen on earth is to her husband.

  3. Great homily, but I would request everyone to right now say a quick prayer of reparation for a Host I saw drop during the distribution of Holy Communion.

    It was distributed by a female "Eucharistic Minister." (I thought papal Masses never had EMHCs.) The EWTN coverage very clearly shows a women attempting to receive on the tongue and the Host falling to the ground. The EMHC didn't seem to react very quickly, and the camera soonafter cut away to another shot. I'd like to think It was picked up, but just in case...

    With that most profound respect
    which divine Faith inspires,
    O my God and Saviour Jesus Christ,
    true God and true man,
    I adore Thee,
    and with my whole heart I love Thee,
    hidden in the most august Sacrament of the Altar,
    in reparation of all the irreverences,
    profanations, and sacrileges, that I,
    to my shame, may have until now committed,
    as also for all those
    that have been committed against Thee,
    or that may be ever committed for the time to come.
    I offer to Thee,
    therefore, O my God,
    my humble adoration, not indeed,
    such as Thou art worthy of,
    nor such as I owe Thee,
    but such, at least,
    as I am capable of offerings;
    and I wish that I could love Thee
    with the most perfect love
    of which rational creatures are capable.
    In the meantime,
    I desire to adore Thee now and always,
    not only for those Catholics
    who do not adore or love Thee,
    but also so supply the defect,
    and for the conversion of all heretics,
    schismatics, lebertines,
    atheists, blasphemers,
    sorcerers, Mahomedans,
    Jews, and idolaters.
    Ah! yes, my Jesus,
    mayest Thou be known,
    adored, and loved by all
    and may thanks be continually given to Thee
    in the most holy and august Sacrament!

  4. Gratias5:29 AM


  5. Gratias3:28 PM

    From today's WSJ: "the Mass took place near a mountaintop statue of Chist that is associated with Mexico's Cristero war... that claimed up to an estimated 250,000 lives. The Cristeros, as these rebels were known, went into battle or to their deaths before firing squads shouting 'Long Live Christ the King'. During and after Sunday's Mass, some of the faithful gathered here also cried 'Viva Cristo Rey'."

    We are blessed with a great Pope.


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