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Prayers asked for in the German District of the SSPX

Abp. Lefebvre meets Padre Pio
(Easter Monday, 1967)
Letter of the District Superior for Germany of the Society of Saint Pius X -  ordered to be read by the priests in all churches and chapels of the District on Sunday [March 25].

Dear faithful,

On March 16, in Rome, Cardinal Levada, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, delivered to the Superior General of our Fraternity, Bishop Fellay, a letter with certain statements in which a response to the doctrinal preamble of September 14, 2011, is ultimately asked from us that is more positive than what has been put forward so far.

The deadline for a response is April 15, 2012. Surely you have heard this already from the media, entirely or partly. We have thus reached a decisive point.

If the letter seems to bear a negative tone, there is also legitimate hope for a satisfactory solution. If it comes into fruition, it would strengthen all conservative forces within the Church; if not, those would be weakened and discouraged. So this is not primarily about our Society, but about what is good for the Church.

Therefore we ask for the fervent, persistent and supplicating prayer of all our faithful and of all Catholics, so that God, through the redemptive suffering of His only begotten Son, will lead his Church out of her current crisis to give her new life, strength, and prosperity in the holy Resurrection of Jesus.

Stuttgart, March 22, 2012

Father Franz Schmidberger, District Superior


  1. Sadly, Bp. Williamson has recently written a letter trying to scuttle any possible accommodation.

  2. Ora et Labora9:37 PM

    Trusting in the God's will is the most important thing.

    But Prayer and Fasting will help this situation too.

    Our Lady of Guadalupe pray for us!

  3. Anonymous10:13 PM

    A mystic saint kissing the ring of the founder of the SSPX. Can't wait until the libs cry "photoshop!"

  4. +JMJ+

    Relaxed but still waiting to exhale. The gist of the letter is a re-statement of what Levada said in his "not strong enough" letter to the SSPX, but two things stand out.

    One, "We have thus reached a decisive point."

    Two, "So it is not primarily about what is good for our Society, but for the Church."

    Alone they speak volumes, but could it mean the Society is ready to regularize? I am hoping this isn't a NO, because "what is good for the Church" means the SSPX IN the Church. I can't see how their remaining outside the Church would be good for Her or them.

    BTW, why was this letter to be read only in Germany?



  5. Because he's the head of that district, he surely could not have ordered it to be read elsewhere! :)

  6. Sounds a bit like "preparing the ground" for an agreement. Either way, many prayers are in order...

  7. April 15 could be our early Christmas or our early Armageddon (if you could call a loss of hope "armageddon").

  8. NIANTIC11:33 PM

    This letter appears to be rather positive, and I have the distinct feeling that it also agrees with the sentiments of Bishop Fellay. Otherwise would this letter have been worded as it is?
    The ultimate good of the entire Church is paramount and Traditionalism would be a much more stronger and positive force working in unity. Hope and pray!

  9. That he cites "her new life, strength, and prosperity in the holy Resurrection of Jesus Christ." makes me wonder if it is a signal re: Easter.

  10. I am of two minds: you have the Koran kissing, the Assissi events, the visits to non-catholic places of worship, all scandalous. But our Pope is trying to draw us traditionalists back into full communion.

    Maybe we should go for it!

    I know there are pitfalls, but, the benefits outweigh the burdens of such a move.

    SSPX could kick ass in full communion!

  11. Peter2:02 AM

    Note as well this key word: "a response to the doctrinal preamble of September 14, 2011, is ultimately asked from us that is MORE POSITIVE than what has been put forward so far."

    So Rome isn't asking for 100% agreement with the Preamble but a MORE POSITIVE response. That would save face for both Rome and the SSPX.

    One has to remember that Abp. Lefebvre NEVER wanted bishops to lead the SSPX but he much preferred a priest (Fr. Schmidberger was the Superior General). Abp. Lefebvre wanted the bishops SIMPLY to Ordain and Confirm as instruments.

    Therefore bishop Williamson should remember that in the structure of the SSPX he has NO AUTHORITY to say ANYTHING! Indeed Fr. Schmidberger has MORE authority having been with the Archbishop much longer, having been the Superior of the SSPX and now a District Superior!

  12. Gratias5:15 AM

    Count me in for prayers. A positive resolution would be a great step forward for the Church.

  13. Bernard10:37 AM

    Thank you, Peter, for saying exactly what I was thinking! Fr Schmidberger's words are carefully chosen, and give grounds for hope.

  14. Ceolfrid11:03 AM

    I like this letter by Fr. Schmidberger and I like the recent column by Bp. Williamson. Both men are trying to do the right thing; Fr. Schmidberger is keeping the focus on the Church, rather than the Society, and Bp. Williamson is simply trying to point out that true unity is only found in the Truth.

    Let us pray and hope that the Holy Ghost will inspire all men involved in this historic moment (esp. the Pope), and that the men involved will have the wisdom and the humility to listen to His guidance.

  15. Quasi Modo Sunday ...

    Adfer manum tuam et mitte in latus meum et noli esse incredulus sed fidelis.

  16. Tradster11:39 AM

    Knight of Malta,

    Yes, agreed, SSPX could kick ass in full communions. The big question is, will they be allowed to do so????

  17. Ld Schmidt10:16 PM

    Could this be a ruse to just finally get the SSPX where they would, out of being in the Church , to shut up about The N.O. in general. What a difficult decision to have to make! May we all pray for Bp. Fellay and the Pope. In JMJ, Ld Schmidt

  18. I have to believe that, in the long run, what is willed by the Holy Spirit is what will happen to the Holy Church, and all the Faithful need do is pray, pray, pray!

  19. I can no longer detect the malevolence coming from the Vatican toward the SSPX.

    I think the pope has finally gained the upper hand against that wing in his dealings with the Sons of Archbishop LeFebvre. They're not calling ANY shots in this. I can feel it.

    I don't think Schmidberger would be speaking this way if he did not already know this. The Holy Father HAS MADE A DESPERATE APPEAL IF NOT AN OUTRIGHT PLEA FOR HELP TO THE SOCIETY IN PRIVATE.


    Pray, pray, pray!


  20. The Roman Catholic Church is needed in this crumbleing, sick, wartorn world now more than ever. Societies and govts are dying right before our eyes. People are starving spiritually and physically. Death prevails! A whole, healthy, beautiful, faithfilled orthodox Catholic Church is needed on this earth now more than at any time in human history. Let's get this split sewn up and do what Christ put us on this earth to do!

    Time is running out and another world catastrophy is near if we don't obey Christ and his Mother!


  21. The Church will prevail. Truth is all that matters. As said above I am concerned about the church that goes about making peace with any religion and going against previous teachings. What will the Society and its followers be part of? It cant be both ways.

  22. Ligusticus10:06 PM

    Et unam, sanctam, catholicam et apostolicam Ecclesiam.


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