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Clear Creek Ordinations

A photogallery of the priestly and diaconal ordinations in Clear Creek Monastery on October 7, 2012 can be found in the monastery's Picasa gallery: Ordination of One Priest and Two Deacons.

From the pictures, our readers will also be able to take note of the progress in the monastery church's ongoing construction.


  1. Joseph10:35 PM

    Congratulations to these fine men and may God grant continued growth to the Abbey. Please consider offering your prayers and financial support to them.

  2. Great news, God bless the new priest and the deacons.

    The three most senior seminarians of Papa Stronsay were also ordained to the subdiaconate this week:

  3. Ora et Labora4:03 PM

    Wonderful news!!!

    Thanks for the link I enjoyed those beautiful pictures!!!

    May God bless this new priest and the two new deacons, keep faithful the Church needs you.

    May our Blessed Mother guide you and protect you!!!

  4. OKC Catholic5:59 PM

    I did not know my Archbishop (+Paul Coakley) knew how to celebrate the TLM. Oh! would it were he would celebrate it in our archdiocese (Oklahoma City).

  5. Does everyone forget that if it wasn't for the work of His Grace Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, these ordinations and the Traditional Latin Mass would not have taken place?

  6. Terth8:51 PM

    Jim, Why do you feel the need to say that?

    RC: "Hey, check out these recent ordinations of a traditional order!"

    Jim: "But Abp. Lefebvre founded the SSPX!!!!"


  7. Martinus11:28 PM

    He's just saying this to remind people who are in the 'TLM but canonicly regular'-comfortzone, that their comfortzone only exists because of the work of Marcel Lefebvre. This is very true, but perhaps not the correct place to say it. We must, however, never forget that it was Mgr.Lefebvre who was used by the H.Ghost to save the Church's Latin-rite liturgy (and in doing so, her millenia-old prayerful life) from the wreckovations of the council.

  8. Wallace11:32 AM

    That's like saying we should be greatful for Nestorius because he prompted Cyril to write so beautifully on the Theotokos. God works through our sins, but we are only greatful for the grace and humility God may then give us, not for the sin itself. We are greatful for Cyril, not Nestorius, Benedict XVI, not Lefebvre. Remember that Luther did eventually achieve many of the reforms he wanted for the church, but did he do so the right way? Led by the Spirit??

  9. Gravitas11:45 AM

    So Wallace your idea of being "led by the Spirit" would mean HE Lefebvre should have caved in to the new Mass and sacraments and let the last traditional society dissolve?

  10. dominic19552:52 PM

    Why does a joyous event like an ordination have to get hijacked by zealots? Does anyone really think that God cannot write straight with crooked lines? I would think that the Archbishop himself would not accept the pseudo-Savior role some pin on him.

  11. Andrew3:26 PM

    "We should spend as much time in thanking God for his benefits as we do in asking for them."

    --St. Vincent de Paul

    DEO GRATIAS for these wonderful, wonderful ordinations.

  12. i love rorate8:42 AM

    No Communion rail?

  13. clear creek1:47 PM

    Well the sanctuary sure looks clear to me...

  14. To I love rorate:
    The communion rail is on the other side (to the west) of the choir (where the monks chant and pray the office). You can't see it in this picture. This new abbey church is only partly completed. After they raise more money, they will remove the roof and build up higher and also construct the apse and sanctuary at the eastern/oriental end.


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