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The Waldorf Astoria, New York
October 18, 2012


  1. Adeodatus9:15 AM

    Quantus tremor est futurus,
    Quando iudex est venturus,
    Cuncta stricte discussurus!

  2. Gregory9:22 AM

    Darn that wicked Cardinal Dolan for providing Mitt Romney with a forum in which to take down the President right to his face!!

  3. Flammis acribus addictis!

  4. Francis10:25 AM

    The conciliar hierarchy sure loves "engaging" the world don't they??!! Especially people who are enemies of the Church. How much longer O'Lord?

  5. Hilltop10:37 AM

    Caption reads:
    The High Priest and the Politician

  6. Scott Quinn11:07 AM

    That's the pic Obama wanted. I bet we see that a lot in the coming days.

  7. Vaudeville took the form of a series of separate, usually unrelated acts each featuring a different types of performance. Oliver Hardy Dolan hahahahah so funny. While obama's hands drips with the blood of dead babies, civilians.

  8. Et facti sunt amici Herodes et Pilatus in ipsa die.

  9. Bernonensis12:43 PM

    'Twas the pig fair last September
    And right well do I remember,
    I was struttin' up and down in drunken pride
    When my knees began to flutter,
    And I sank into the gutter,
    And a pig came up and lay down by my side.

    As I lay there in the gutter
    Thinking thoughts I couldn't utter,
    Meseems I heard a passing lady say,
    "You can tell the one who boozes
    By the company he chooses!"
    And at that, the pig got up and walked away.

    (I know it's not on a level with the Dies Irae, but the sentiments are heartfelt.)

  10. It is truly painful to see this come to pass. Cardinal Dolan is either cynically compromising with evil for acceptance by the anti-Catholic, anti-God, anti-life and anti-marriage political elite - or his powers of discernment are terribly impoverished. He needs to spend more time before the Blessed Sacrament. God have pity on us Catholics who are bereft of holy and courageous leadership amongst our Bishops and priests. It is priests such as the faithful Fr Marcel Guarnizo (who has been persecuted by the Washington Diocese for fearlessly doing his duty and proclaiming the Gospel) that ought to be ordained Bishops. Lord, have mercy!

  11. The Catholic Bishops rightly criticized V.P. Biden's false debate statement regarding forcing Cathoic institutions to pay for contraception.

    Why did they not speak against his much more horrifically evil statements in favor of legalized abortion?

  12. Obama: 'Cardinal Tim, if you endorse me I'll give you a key position when I'm crowned.'
    Cardinal Tim: 'Ha, ha, ha!'

  13. The state of the Church and the world is no laughing matter IMO and I believe the same could be said for the vast percentage of those who comment here. Cardinal Dolan should be ashamed of himself. Maybe it's time for the Al Smith dinner to be discontinued.

  14. John McFarland1:35 PM

    My proposed way to understand this is that a lot of gummint money finds its way to the Church, one way or another, and preserving the cash flow is a high priority, if not THE priority. Compare the German Church's protecting the boodle from the German church tax that Fr. Pfluger of the SSPX was denouncing the other day, in the course of noting the utter decadence of the conciliar regime.

    Cardinal Dolan is a walking, talking symbol of that decadence. Like many people, I first became aware of his existence when he graciously accepted a ceremony welcoming him to Milwaukee hosted by Archbishop Weakland, fresh from his triumph paying $400,000 in diocesan funds in hush money to a former boy friend.

    Since then I sometimes try to figure out whether he is really that much of a buffoon, or just a virtuoso at playing the role. Either way, his being chosen as the American Church's face to the world tells you all you need to know about its willingness to kowtow to the rulers of this dark age. But after all, Vatican II was just a somewhat more dignified exercise in the same kowtowing.

    But as the SSPX leadership has been saying lately, the real task is not to grind our teeth, but to be in a position to act when the whole misbegotten regime collapses into complete rather than nearly complete irrelevance.

  15. "The High Priest and the Politician" is right, but which is which? Obama has a cultic following on the Left, and Dolan is a classic back-slapping good ol' boy.

  16. I wonder if Pope Pius XII had a chance to yuck it up w/ ol' Adolf and just didn't take it or if there was a matter of principle and a sense of dignity there.

    This is plain nonsense. To be able to sit next to an anti-Catholic baby killer and laugh and carry on as shown in the picture, no matter what words were spoken there or previously, illustrates to all that this Catholic stuff is really no big deal. I cannot think of a more explicit way to to show the compatmentalization of Catholicism; the divorce of private beliefs from the public square.

    Although I haven't read anything the Cardinal might have said at this dinner it doesn't really matter anyway. There are going to be countless elderly and others who see this picture and think of how great it will be to vote for Obama for a second term.

  17. Im glad to see the Cardinal got over his last minute uncertainty over Obama's presence...
    That picture is why Obama accepted the "honor" of the invitation (his words). I wonder if there are more such photos - Rorate should have a post with a collection of them.

  18. Nauseating photo. Sometimes I wish I were a Protestant.

  19. Plomb3:24 PM

    So much buffoonery with Dolan.

  20. Pedro Lopez3:26 PM

    I can't find anything wrong with this... just because he's having fun with him does it follow that he endorses his evils? What's wrong with you people??
    I trusted this blog to be a bastion of sane traditionalism, not the puritanical type it appears to be now.

  21. Texana3:36 PM

    This photo is a good thing--Catholics need to see the truth. Despite thousands of Catholics signing the petition begging Cardinal Dolan to rescind the invitation, the Cardinal is showing his willingness to embrace the secular powers of this world. Isn't that what Vatican II was all about--engaging the Church in the secular of this world of man?

    Our Lady conveyed God's request to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, to pray the Rosary, and to do penance for all the offenses to Her Son. Looks like the remnant of His Church is becoming smaller with each passing day/dinner!

  22. Romulus3:43 PM

    It's called Romanità. For pete's sake, grow up.

  23. Peter Kreeft is fond of saying that Judas was the first bishop to accept a government grant - 30 pieces of silver.

  24. Matt H3:52 PM

    I hope before accusing Cardinal Dolan of poor judgment or even compromising with evil, people have at least read his explanation of his decision.

  25. So many comments about the blog, and we did not even say anything!

  26. Gratias4:06 PM

    Romney's speech was great.

  27. This photo has had Romney who was sitting on the other side of the Cardinal removed. The Cardinal sat between Obama and Romney. It is worse that just Obama. The Moron and the Moor.

  28. Texana4:14 PM


    The messenger is always the first to go!

  29. Peter4:15 PM

    Well, this proves that even the Waldorf Astoria is not what it was. At one time, it was really quite exlusive.

  30. Barbara4:57 PM

    "But as the SSPX leadership has been saying lately, the real task is not to grind our teeth, but to be in a position to act when the whole misbegotten regime collapses into complete rather than nearly complete irrelevance."

    Mr. Mc Farland, I understand. But what does that mean concretely, apart from our prayers to heaven for mercy and help? An ordinary lay Catholic like myself who wants with all her heart to defend the Church finds it difficult to engage in defense of Her with such an array of gutless leaders at the very top - Archbishop Dolan being only one example.

    What a mockery of his Cardinal's red - to sit laughing his head off with such men who have no fear of God in them.

    Dear Pedro, I am truly bewildered that you see nothing wrong with this scandal which gives shame to Our Lord and has nothing to do with being puritanical. And lay off this excellent blog which is a haven for serious Catholics!

    It is a Cardinal's duty to show his disapproval for people who are basically anti-Christ - which these two men undoubtedy are. Good heavens - one is a Mormon and the other - well, we all know the "stuff" he is made of.
    I can't imagine what could be so rollickingly funny in discourse with Obama - a man who defies ALL Catholic doctrine on human life.

    What dishonour! Not a time for mirth...

  31. Matthew Rose4:58 PM

    Gosh I am sure the SSPX wants to sign up for this immediately!

  32. The problem with the dinner is that besides the fact that obama is for everything the church stands for,(it is a church event) the guy is persecuting you, and you're suing him in the process. The same people around the cardinal, are the same ones tgat would gladly walk him to the gallows.

    1. *is against everything the church stands for

  33. Barfo5:19 PM

    Just look at that fat cat Dolan yucking it up with Obama. Nauseating.

  34. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Fellows, try taking a look on what´s happening in Argentina with our bishops and you´ll realize you´re living in wonderland.

  35. Fr. A.M.5:53 PM

    I remember Cardinal Winning of Glasgow. While he was no friend of the Traditional Mass (very sadly), he did defend the Church's moral teaching, especially in the public forum. It was said of him that he would dine with the prime minster one evening and on the following day condemn him from the pulpit. Let us not be too hasty in making judgements from photographs. The camera can lie too.

  36. Maybe it's time for the sitting cardinal to stop attending the dinner, period.

  37. Thanatos6:51 PM

    The cartoon at the top of the Remnant page right now sums it up perfectly:

  38. Francis7:14 PM

    I bet Dolan would have worn his cheese head to the dinner if his buddy Obama asked him to.

  39. Lopes7:17 PM

    'What's wrong with you people?'


    It doesn't fail...every time I see a comment like this, I know that some nonsense is coming along.

    Did Cardinal Dolan try to convert the Mormon and the Moor?

    'Conservative' NO are the most difficult group to deal with.

  40. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Pedro Lopez said...
    I can't find anything wrong with this... just because he's having fun with him does it follow that he endorses his evils? What's wrong with you people?? I trusted this blog to be a bastion of sane traditionalism, not the puritanical type it appears to be now.

    So, cardinals of the Church should have sat and dined with Stalin, Lenin, and Mao while drinking and laughing it up?

    The U.S. president promotes and defends the murder of tens of millions of unborn children. How is he different from the three mentioned above?

    Can you imagine the uproar today if, say, Eugenio Pacelli were seen laughing with Hitler over dinner and drinks?

    - DJR

  41. @Francis,

    funny you should mention that cheese-hat:,3454366.0.html

  42. Yes, that is correct, Mr. Romney is not included in this close-up. Neither is the lobster. The point is?...

  43. Card. Dolan's speech began with a disgusting, snide “joke” about Latin, also disrespecting the Holy Father, making it seem as though everything he says is nonsensical…

    And he (again) says "religious liberty" (read: "religious syncretism", since he enumerated various "religions") is "our most cherished liberty."

    Domine, miserere nobis!

    Seeing the U.S.’s highest-ranking Catholic churchman dining with and telling "jokes" to the most anti-Catholic, child-murder supporting president scandalizes many into thinking the Catholic Church is complicit in such intrinsic evils.

  44. Ora et Labora8:27 PM

    Cardinal Dolan is a charmer, NOTHING serious can be expected of him.

    Unfortunately this is the kind of leaders we have in the Catholic Church today, men who have no conviction or loyalty to Our Lord and His Church.

    Mary help of Christians pray for us!!!

  45. xavier rynne10:48 PM

    I miss Cardinal O'Connor seeing that photo.

    I heard part of Dolan's speech and it was quite underwhelming. Why can't he come out and say to Obama's face that abortion on demand in the United States is an evil the likes of which the world has never seen. why?

    the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

  46. @Pedro Lopez:

    >> Bingo.

    The Cardinal was right and I was wrong.

    This nation needed that dinner.

    The campaign has become so butt-ugly that we needed this moment.

    Thanks to His Eminence, he was right and handled this very well.

    If the picture was Obama's prize for attending, he paid way too high a price for it.

    He does not come out of that dinner looking like a victor- quite to the contrary.

  47. Hilltop12:50 AM

    I offered an early morning "caption" (see above) that calls Cardinal Dolan a politician. Allow me to reiterate that point and offer a further observation.
    C. Dolan appears to be wagering that the damage done to liberalism/modernism by killing Obama with kindness will be worth the risk of scandalizing the Faithful ( and others). He got lucky last night. All the cards fell in favor of Dolan's gambol because Romney used the bully pulpit provided by C. Dolan to hammer Obama on both secular and morals grounds. He was very effective. Dolan did not plan this though, which is why he lucked out this time.
    None of the above erases the image posted by Rorate. Despite the good turn by Romney, a Prince of the Church is seen yucking it up with Satan's lackey. This is not good regardless of any of the other welcome outcomes.
    I seem to recall B16 refusing to be seen sitting with pr receiving the renowned patristics scholar, Nancy Pelosi during her Vatican visit. He did greet her in a corridor, and only in passing. That's the model, your Eminence.

  48. Peterman12:53 AM

    "My proposed way to understand this is that a lot of gummint money finds its way to the Church,"

    Sure, true and at the same time the responsibilities of the Church have been offloaded onto the gummint namely taking care of the poor, the elderly, and the sick. When all the ashes of this political garbage have blown away the role of the Church will still be to take care of the sick, the poor, and the elderly.

    How many here know of a Catholic Church today that has a soup kitchen or food pantry? Back in the day many many Churches did and if not they collected food. Everything old is new again and when the people have nowhere else to turn they'll turn to the Church. Lets hope the Church is there for them and not some gummint office.

  49. Will this be the photo on the cover of a future historian's book, "Obama's Cardinal"?

  50. Gravitas1:58 AM

    By Chris Ferrera: The Continuing Embarrassment of Cardinal Dolan -

  51. Catherine of Siena6:13 AM

    Can you really "put political differences aside" when your opponent - (and this is exactly what President Obama is for the Catholic Church, our opponent) - is a direct participant in the massacre of millions of innocent children? Those of us on the front lines of the struggle against abortion on demand, through nine months gestation, often simply because the unborn child is the wrong sex, know the extent of the blood bath that is taking place in our society today. We are under no illusions as to the direct role our politicians continue to play in this terrible blood bath - and President Obama has minced no words about his total support of abortion on demand, particularly for children who are somehow "less than perfect" - life unworthy of life, as the NAZI's said. Take a look at this photo again. Can anyone who looks at this photo really believe that Cardinal Timothy Dolan truly considers President Obama to be his opponent in such a deadly struggle? Of course not. And this begs the next question: how can His Eminence himself possibly believe that abortion is actual murder, on the grandest scale, if he can behave in such a manner - guffawing with such obvious delight and the purest joy at being in the mere presence of the most powerful person in the country, a man who has made abortion rights the cornerstone of his political life? His Eminence Cardinal Timothy Dolan, a Prince of the Roman Catholic Church, also let the power elite know that he was one of them: he proudly informed the well heeled crowd that Mort Zuckerman's private jet was at his beck and call, to whisk him back to Rome without a moment to spare so the synod of bishops would be able to continue... Like a number of his predecessors in his prestigious post, but even more so in his case, Cardinal Dolan has sadly fallen for the tempting trappings of wealth and power. Pray for him; pray unceasingly for all our bishops - but most of all, please pray for the millions of slaughtered, innocent unborn children and their complicit mothers, the innocents caught in the most terrible bloodbath in human history - Satan's victorious delight.

  52. Anonymous11:26 AM

    The colour worn by Cardinals is supposed to symbolise a readiness to spill one's blood for the Faith. In the long history of the cardinalate there has only been one of their number martyred. This was St. John Fisher. "The fort has been betrayed even of them who should have defended it".

  53. Martyrdom.

    Has it come to that for us here?

    A Pope rode out to the gates of Rome to meet a barbarian.

    Perhaps he should have sought martyrdom.

    He did not.

    May God grant that those who speak of martyrdom receive the graces to persevere in the face of it.

    May God grant the Shepherds of the Church to be very wise and prudent in the discernment of the signs of the times.

  54. Wow. That's a great shot of Cardinal Chamberlain--oops! Who is that? Oh, DOLAN. That's right. My bad.

  55. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Please, stop attacking Cardinal Dolan, just for a moment! I too wrote to His Eminence begging him to rescind Obama's invitation to the dinner for all the same reasons many other bloggers state. However, when I watched the speeches by Obama and Romney,it became perfectly clear to me what +Dolan's intent was. He is the consummate political animal. He wanted to showcase Romney and put Obama in between a rock and a hard place. Romney was overwhelmingly greeted by the crowd. He pledged his friendship and support to carry the same set of values as we Catholics should be proud to carry. Obama came across limp and scared he be hit by a bolt of lightning. He knew he wasn't in among his august element and it clearly showed by the tenor and delivery of his speech. His Eminence won by subtly putting forward the man who he thought would best respect, honor and defend the Catholic Church for the next four years by juxtapositioning him with Satan's henchman. Cardinal Dolan's reference to religious liberty again was a subtle slap in the face to Obama's Healthcare Mandate. 'Viva Christo Rey!" Please catch a You Tube or whatever replay of their respective speeches.

  56. Dolorama5:23 PM

    "Everything old is new again and when the people have nowhere else to turn they'll turn to the Church. Lets hope the Church is there for them and not some gummint office."

    Peterman, we must be looking at different pictures. Both the church and gummint represented in this photo are morally and financially bankrupt and in deep (holocaust) denial.

    God (the All Mighty) is a believing peoples' first resort - not its' LAST resort when all else fails.

  57. Patrick6:18 PM

    I realize that the city of New York has a decidedly Irish flavor in its hierarchy's approach to politics and politicians which I find, besides being very sad also, decidedly profane and vulgar. In these critical times to see the corpulent cardinal archbishop of New York guffawing with Obama tells me all I need to know about the old boy leadership of the church in America. Frankly I never saw what all the hysteria was about when Dolan was installed and gave that silly sermon.

  58. Mr DeLano states: "A Pope rode out to the gates of Rome to meet a barbarian."

    That is true. But what did that Pope say to the advancing monster? Did he trade amusing stories with him, or did he try to convert him, using the force and power of the grace of the Papacy? He showed his full God-given authority to this barbarian, and the barbarian backed down. No, your comparison does not hold up.

    Today I learn that the Holy Father has appointed this same Cardinal Dolan as some sort of peace emissary to Syria. When I read things like this I simply want to give in to despair. Such a critical, delicate mission requires a man with a knowledge of the whole situation there, a deep thinker, a serious man, a man who appreciates the catastrophre of what is going on there, particularly the fact that it is the USA itself which is backing the rebels who are in turn attacking Christians.

    And Benedict sends a man like Dolan? What could he be thinking? A more shallow and uninspiring choice would be hard to imagine. I have given up trying to understand the mind of the Holy Father.

  59. We know that millions of Catholics will vote for President Obama.

    Now, let us suppose that President Obama had not been invited to the Al Simth Dinner.

    Would the Catholics in question have changed their minds in regard to their support for the President?

    I doubt that.

    Catholics, and for that matter, non-Catholics, who intend to vote for President Obama will cast their ballots for the President.

    People will do as they please.

    In regard to the teachings of The Faith, countless Catholics couldn't care less as to that which Holy Mother Church teaches.

    Catholics — as is the case with human beings — think and do as they please.

    Catholics who plan to vote for this or that candidate will do so.


  60. I believe that Mitt Romney favors artificial contraception and abortion.

    Was there an outcry to have disinvited Mr. Romney from the Al Smith Dinner?

    I am unsure. My question is sincere.


  61. Peterman12:38 AM

    Dolorama governments fail, especially Godless/Anti God ones that promise the world to everyone. It's inevitable. The Church as we know won't fail though many faithless men within it will fail.

    So just as Father Solonus Casey handed out trays of food to hungry people during the Great Depression, lets hope the Church still has the means to feed the poor when the government cash cow inevitably dries up.

    Does anyone believe nationalized healthcare will work? It won't long term and we'll go right back to the Church run hospitals as it was and as it will be again.

  62. The priest is not ordained to be a politician and utilise the skills and tactics of a politician. There is no justification or excuse for an ordained minister- - whose duty is to save souls - to honour a deliberate persecutor of the unborn child, marriage, family, conscience, religion, no matter what political points may or may not be indirectly scored. (Yes, I found some of the jokes very funny, cleverly revealing, etc. but that is irrelevant to the issue - that can be achieved in other ways if desired, there being nothing wrong with that aspect of it, per se.) The priest and Bishop is always and everywhere the representative of Christ and his Church, our spiritual and moral leader who battles evil on our behalf. If one accepts that it is morally neutral for the Church to invite Obama to be an honoured guest and to speak at a Church-sponsored public function in the actual situation prevailing, one is iinferring that there could never be any circumstances in which it would be morally wrong to so invite and honour Obama. If one can imagine any circumstances in which it would be morally wrong, then it must be morally wrong in the actual circumstances. President Obama could not be imposing policies and laws that are more unjust and evil. As for Romney supporting certain intrinsic evils - it is the positive introduction or imposition of intrinsically evil laws or policies that Obama has effected or intends to effect, that is the issue, not current laws that Romney (however, wrongly) is not aiming to revoke for whatever reason, which could include futility. Although there could be good reasons given for not inviting Romney either, there is, objectively, no moral equivalence between the Obama administration's platform and that of Romney and anyone who tries to persuade others that that is the case, is not adhering tof the objective moral law espoused by the Church, with the authority of Christ.

  63. xavier rynne1:48 AM

    Look the point is, all the hale fellow well met stuff is fine and dandy, but his speech was horrendous, weak, ambiguous. Cardinal Dolan, get up and state: abortion on demand in the United States is an evil the world has never seen before. Just say it. Forget about your private jets and intoxicating participation in the next conclave. the Unborn don't care. we don't care. God doesn't care.

  64. Shame on the three of them for compromising themselves. Cardinal Dolan is suing the government and the president he eats and drinks with in this photo. Cardinal Dolan has much to explain. Any Catholic seeing this has much to angry about.

  65. I have the impression that various posters are upset that Timothy Cardinal Dolan isn't a strong-willed traditionalist-type who would lead the charge to extricate the Church, at least within the United States, from the crisis of faith in which She is engulfed.

    Forget that. You would save yourself heartache if you accepted that the Cardinal is pretty much par-for-the-course among Churchmen.

    I believe that Timothy Cardinal Dolan's (then-Archbishop) August 16, 2011, column, in which he discussed the tremendous importance of "external markers" to religions, informed us that he isn't the answer when it comes to ending Holy Mother Church's crisis of faith.

    In said article, he noted that the Church had discarded several external markers such as Friday abstinence during the past few decades.

    He asked "...what are the external markers that make us stand out?

    "Lord knows, there used to be tons of them...but, almost all of these external markers are now gone.

    "Some applaud this; some mourn it. I guess some were helpful, while others were not.

    "Besides the black smudge on our foreheads on Ash Wednesday, is there any way we Catholics “stand out” as distinctive?

    "Debate it you may. But, the scholars tell us that, without such identifiable characteristics, any religion risks becoming listless, bland, and unattractive."

    Incredibly, after having established the vital importance of external markers to religion, he then stated the following:

    "I’m not saying we should re-introduce any or all of these markers.

    "The toothpaste is probably out of the tube.

    "I’m just suggesting that this is a conversation well-worth having."

    Unfortunately, with few exceptions, that is about the best that we can expect from our Churchmen.

    They will acknowledge that the Church has been turned upside down.

    We have shattered our most important Catholic "external markers."

    But the "toothpaste is probably out of the tube."

    The crisis continues...


  66. Edward5:04 AM

    Some people may find this interesting.


    Friday, October 19, 2012 – By Judie Brown

    Just yesterday, the Al Smith Dinner, which has been the focus of many efforts at American Life League in our quest to encourage Cardinal Timothy Dolan to disinvite President Barack Obama, took place with the totally pro-abortion president attending and in excellent humor—as was the cardinal.

    In his defense of the invitation, the cardinal wrote in his blog, “In the end, I’m encouraged by the example of Jesus, who was blistered by his critics for dining with those some considered sinners; and by the recognition that, if I only sat down with people who agreed with me, and I with them, or with those who were saints, I’d be taking all my meals alone.”

    The cardinal apparently abandoned his former rules for choosing dining companions.

    I say that with all due respect because his statement takes me back a few years to the annual Pro-Life Wisconsin banquet which, in 2009, was scheduled for October 3.

    I had been invited to be the keynote speaker.

    Then-Archbishop of Milwaukee, Timothy Dolan, had been invited to sit at the head table with me as well as members of the Pro-Life Wisconsin board.

    He was asked to offer the opening prayer and reflection.

    When the archbishop discovered that I was the keynote speaker, he sent a letter to Pro-Life Wisconsin president Peggy Hamill stating that he had to decline the invitation to attend the banquet because Judie Brown was involved in the public castigation of bishops!

    Personally, as I look at what is occurring today regarding the Obama situation, I find this troubling to say the least.

    On the one hand, he found it problematic that I led and continue to lead a campaign to beseech Catholic bishops to obey canon 915 and deny Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians.

    On the other hand, he finds it Christlike to dine with the most pro-abortion president in the history of this nation.

    The media is having a field day with the Dolan/Obama encounter, just as we predicted it would.

    Even before the event one New York Times headline read: “Dolan Will Let Obama and Romney Joke it up at the Al Smith Dinner.”

    An Associate Press headline read: “Cardinal suing Obama invites him, Romney to dinner.”

    I am not attempting to suggest that dining with me in Milwaukee should have garnered any headlines at all, but I am suggesting that Dolan has changed his dining partner comfort zone over the past three years.

    When Dolan wrote, “If I only sat down with people who agreed with me, and I with them, or with those who were saints, I’d be taking all my meals alone,” perhaps he didn’t really think it through.

    Or could it be that he, unlike Christ, would prefer to be the darling of the media elite instead of emulating the good shepherd who, by His teaching and His very presence as the Son of God, brought people to their knees in repentance for their sins?

    I cannot answer that, but I remain not only concerned but curious about the double standard. “No Dinner for Obama,” Your Eminence, would have at the very least been consistent with your 2009 mantra, “No dinner with Brown.”

  67. Would a kind soul clarify for me : Is His Eminence actually entitled to be considered as a worthy successor to Saint Peter when Papa Ratzinger leaves this vale of tears ? I know things have changed, but this has me wondering muchly and fearing for my sanity.

    Can anyone help me to think of any other pope, or Archbishop, nay, Bishop even, who could have allowed his photo to be taken enjoying such an obviously wonderfully raucous time with President Barrack Hussein Obama ?

    Now, just where did I leave my faith ?

  68. Jeremiah Methuselah said...

    "Is His Eminence actually entitled to be considered as a worthy successor to Saint Peter when Papa Ratzinger leaves this vale of tears ? I know things have changed, but this has me wondering muchly and fearing for my sanity.

    Can anyone help me to think of any other pope, or Archbishop, nay, Bishop even, who could have allowed his photo to be taken enjoying such an obviously wonderfully raucous time with President Barrack Hussein Obama?"


    Fall fall
    Fall the leaves
    As the blood-red Autumn
    Sighs and grieves

    For in the gentle
    Blood-fed womb
    Leaves are crushed
    An Autumn tomb

    “And the Word made Flesh”
    For “excommunication”
    But flesh wouldn’t say…
    So exoneration.

    Nor did flesh demand
    Or articulate
    Only “morally-bankrupt”
    Not “excommunicate!”

    So fall fall
    Fall the leaves
    The blood-red Autumn
    Sighs and grieves

    In the land of the blind
    One-eyed man’s king
    But on his head
    Autumn blood will cling!

  69. NonPartisan11:04 AM


    Your question about Romney being disinvited was a good one.

    Unfortunately, some of those who pressed for Obama to not be invited were engaged in the usual moral contortions to provide cover for Romney.

  70. We cannot turn our back on the outside world. Our Bishops must be able to talk with people who hold opposing and detrimental views.

    "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"

  71. Lynda1:25 AM

    The issue is not one of talking to your "enemies"; the Church tries to enlighten her enemies all the time.


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