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You Suggest: New summer school in London - pursuing wisdom through learning

The following report is from a reader: 

Benedictus is a new Liberal Arts initiative in London, England. This project runs a two-week programme during the month of August.

This Summer there will be an amazing opportunity to explore Christian civilization and the great search for truth of which Catholics are the heirs. During the two weeks of the Summer School the group will participate in the continuing conversation of Christendom -- a living dialogue with its greatest thinkers, writers and artists.

The Benedictus Summer School is rooted in the classical and Catholic intellectual tradition, and its principles centre on the development of the whole person, through the joyful pursuit of wisdom.

The Summer School will take place in London from Sunday 2nd August - Friday 14th August 2015, and is open to those aged 18-25.

Click here to visit the Benedictus website to learn more about the Summer School. To watch a quick video, see below: